Fallout from the Mirthala Salinas affair continues.

August 4th, 2007 · 4 Comments

Well, it has been about a month since Mayor Villaraigosa revealed to us his affair with Mirthala Salinas, and he still faces an onslaught of questions from the media wherever he goes. The latest happened yesterday at an event at the Port of Los Angeles, where he was to speak about Target’s cleaner burning trucks. A few weeks ago, there were media reports about how exposure to traffic pollution is harming us. Given the traffic scenario in LA and the amount of time people are stuck in it, I would rank this issue as being pretty important, but as expected, the Salinas love affair took center stage. People love to watch a train wreck, and recent surveys indicate that as many as six in ten married couples have had at least one unfaithful partner. Misery loves company, and if people are more drawn to these scandals because they are reflecting on their own infidelity issues, then expect to hear more about the Mayor and his soap opera love life. It is good for ratings– it gets people talking, but we pay less attention to the public policy issues at hand. This latest episode with the media perfectly illustrates this and is yet another reason why I wish the mayor had stopped his skirt chasing ways.

At the same press conference, Azteca America reporter Alicia Unger Kaza was pushed into a container by a plain clothes officer, as she ran into a restricted area of the Port to chase after the mayor. Here’s the video. Ok, she wasn’t supposed to be in that particular area of the Port, but there was no need for the officer to shove her as he did. And did you see his silly grin when he tries to block her off along with the rest of the reporters? No wonder people have been calling the cops pigs for years, it is almost as if he gets off by shoving that woman. This officer has been reassigned to an administrative job, while the Port police investigate his actions. We all know that there wouldn’t have been a paparazzi-like chase after the Mayor had he not been screwing around. Come on now, he’s not that magnetic.

Added the the fallout, Salinas and the KVEA news director Al Corral have both been suspended for two months without pay. KVEA’s general manager, Manuel Abud has lost his job but may be reassigned. Telemundo’s highest ranking executive was also given a formal reprimand, and two lower level employees were suspended for a week. And according to the LA Times, Telemundo isn’t addressing who knew what and when in its findings regarding this conflict of interest matter. So we will never really know whether these punishments and reprimands are appropriate. I’m disappointed that they didn’t fire Mirthala Salinas and the news director. She clearly crossed the line, and the news director allowed her to continue reporting on the mayor. Supposedly, the whole news room was aware of this affair for over a year, but they chose not to distance Mirthala Salinas from the mayor in her professional capacity. For a station that broadcasts to a largely Latino audience, I find this especially apalling in the United States. Most Latino immigrants come here in hopes of leaving behind places where impropriety and ethical questions with politicians and the media run rampant. And what does Telemundo do? They adopt a third-world code of ethics.

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  • 1 martha Simenthal // Aug 6, 2007 at 2:07 am

    Franqkly, we are not talking about a reporter “news reader”, we are talking about a TRAMP, jumping from politcians bed, to another and then another. Fabian Nunez, Alex Padilla, then Mayor “Villa-rriesgoza” ( risky Village ) Who is next…??
    First she was at KPHX Radio in Phoenix Arizona, where she had some affairs with local politicians. Ask Freddy Morales, KPHX Owner and operator, there. He can tell you.
    Salinas, Corral (KVEA 52 News director) need to be fired, nothing else.

    Besides, Telemundo owes an apology to the community of Riverside California. For your information KVEA Telemundo obtained a liscense to operate from the City of Corona, Riverside County. They DO NOT have a local office, or a local acces phone number, or a news reporter, in the City they are liscense to operate from, Shame on you Telemundo / aka NBC

    When Telemundo involve themselves in promising to legalize foreing workers at their staff in return for their services, what they get is TRAMPs like Mirthala Salinas and others like her.

    Besides Telemundo NBC , DOES NOT PAY the same salaries to an anchor or reporter as they do with NBC, perssonal. Why,….???
    Because the Telemundo staff, DOES NOT HAVE EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIAL, Journalistic background or simply a High School diploma. NBC can not afford to pay AFTRA pay scale to uncultured, undocumented Salinas and the ones like her.

    Martha Simental

  • 2 webmaster // Aug 6, 2007 at 5:09 am


    Thank you for posting. What I find interesting is that Mayor V could have easily found out what kind of woman Mirthala was. Isn’t he friends w/ Fabian Núñez? He could have asked him what this woman was like or had one of his assistants dig up some info on her. Being involved with her seems rather risky for a number of different reasons. It is all so odd, considering that his soon to be ex-wife seems to avoid scandal and take her job as a teacher seriously.

    I did not know that KVEA was licensed in Corona, CA. Very interesting indeed. They probably wanted to avoid any fees or taxes in the City and County of LA.

  • 3 Daniel // Aug 22, 2007 at 5:45 pm

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  • 4 ERS News // Sep 25, 2007 at 7:40 am

    If you want the true story .. broken first by ERS News over an hour before the LA Times (they read ERS News a lot)

    go here:

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