Sgt. Omar Mora, permanent legal resident, and Iraq war critic killed yesterday

September 13th, 2007 · 10 Comments

I found this article today about two soldiers who were killed in Iraq yesterday. Sgt. Omar Mora, 28, was waiting to be sworn in as a US Citizen in November after his deployment. Mora and his mother, Olga Capetillo, emigrated to the US from Ecuador when he was only two years old. We have yet another example of a Latino immigrant giving so selflessly of himself to the United States. When anti-immigration critics spout off about how immigrants are using up resources or taking advantage of this country, they conveniently forget to mention people like Sgt. Mora.

I think that Sgt. Mora would have made a fine US citizen. He had a spirit of public service, and he was not afraid to question the policies that cost him his life. When you think of what a good citizen should do or be like, most Americans couldn’t say that they participate or even care that much. May he rest in peace.

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  • 1 Michaelr // Sep 13, 2007 at 5:41 pm

    We will always be invisible when it comes to the dire sacrifices we make to promote the American way. Sgt. Omar Mora was good enough to die so Halliburton and Unocal Oil can make their profits, but he wasn’t WASP enough to become a U.S. citizen?

  • 2 Latino Pundit // Sep 13, 2007 at 7:45 pm

    Yeah, they use him in the war but back home everyone wants to deport him.

  • 3 Bearguez // Sep 13, 2007 at 8:15 pm

    I wonder how Bill O’Reilly will twist this on his FOX telecast? Or if he will even mention it in a positive spin. According to FOX, we’re all here illegally anyway.

  • 4 The Kaiser // Sep 13, 2007 at 8:21 pm

    Do you know if any members of the Hispanic Congressional Caucus have actually attended any military funerals of Latino soldiers killed in the Iraqi conflict?

  • 5 PMG! // Sep 14, 2007 at 3:04 am

    TK – Yes they have. I know for a fact that Hilda Solis has at least attended two, and probably many more than that, call her office to confirm. And in fact, submitted legistlation in their honor.

  • 6 Barista // Sep 14, 2007 at 4:02 am

    I served in the Marines. When you serve, you’re trained to fight. Most infantry personnel want to go to war to be battled tested. We may have our views on politics when you serve, but it doesn’t matter. You’re obedience goes all the up the chain of command to the Commander and Chief. It’s an all volunteer force, so you know what to expect before you get in. That’s your job, and while you’re serving, that means that some other American doesn’t have to. Remember, it’s an all volunteer force, and you go where you’re told. If you don’t believe in killing, it’s a little too late when you’re out in the field and someone else is trying to kill you. You just get them first. The field isn’t a place for politics. It’s just about survival, and thinking about the people you miss and love. You fight to keep yourself alive, so you can make it back to see your loved ones, the main source of what keeps you going when you’re out in the field. If we start getting into politics while we’re out there and don’t follow the chain of command, the machine starts to break down as well as our integrity as a machine, irrespective of whether our country’s views about where ever we’re fighting is right or wrong. When the machine breaks down, we break down.

    I respect that Sgt. Mora gave his life in service to our country. He paid the ultimate price to become a U.S. citizen. Nobody likes this war, or this current administration that sent us there. But the fact remains that this is an all volunteer force, and if you join, there is that possibility of going to war and dying. We all had our reasons for joining. Some service members question the war, and in my view there’s nothing wrong with that, just as long as their views don’t interfere with the job they signed up to do. It makes me proud to see latinos serving our country, and even more proud to see foreigners willing to serve and fight for the chance to be citizens our our great nation.

    Can we talk about this later over a cup of coffee? It just so happens I own this coffee house..

  • 7 Mgf // Sep 23, 2007 at 7:25 pm

    “We have yet another example of a Latino immigrant giving so selflessly of himself to the United States.”

    Exactly. If young immigrant men and women are risking their lives for this country, I believe the government at least owes them the right to become citizens of this country. Its a shame that for many citizenship is granted after they have lost their lives as well.

  • 8 Lauren // Oct 31, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    Sgt. Omar Mora was a wonderful man, a great farther and a wonderful husband. All I want to say is that I am very proud of my brother in law! Yes it does make me sad to know that when you join the army they do not make you an american citizen! Omar we love and we miss you!

  • 9 Donald Trahan // Apr 24, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    Omar was my childhood best friend and I gave his eulogy at his funeral. Most people didn’t know that Omar was the second son in the military. His brother Roger served in the Navy. Omar originally said when we were kids he would be a navy seal. His family never took any help from the government, what his mom was able to provide and later his stepdad was all from them working their butts off. And as to the recruiter pulling a bait and switch and not letting him find out he couldn’t be an Army Ranger without being a citizen, the Rangers lost the opportunity to have a good man. He always had a good heart and a good moral compass. It did not surprise me that he would be in on the op-ed piece because he was never a bully. He was one of the nicest guys I knew. At one point he even helped teach Sunday school. How many people do you know that give their time to do stuff like that. As I watch Farenheit 9/11 today for their first time today, my pain and grief surges to the forefront. This countries immigration policies suck. He wasn’t a troublemaker or a problematic person, he was hardworking honest and dedicated citizen. To be given citizenship posthumously is a slap in the face. I hope that the next child of an immigrant family thinks twice before signing their life away to this crap war because America doesn’t value their troops.

  • 10 SSG de la Cerda // Jul 19, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    I read your ranting about being battle tested, blah, blah.
    Three important things I learned in the military:
    Never look down the barrel of a loaded weapon,
    You can’t dodge a bullet, and
    Yeahbuts don’t stop bullets.
    Sgt. Mora made the ultimate sacrifice for this ungrateful nation – the price of freedom.
    If you read his bio you will learn that he faithful to his duty until the end.
    Being a soldier does not deprive you of freedom of speech. You can speak your peace, obey orders and remain a patriot simultaneously.
    Save your yeahbut.

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