So much for the black-brown divide, more commonalities.

April 13th, 2008 · 52 Comments

Today the LA Times had an article about the Costa Chican community. Costa Chicans are black Mexicans from the coast south of Acapulco, extending over the states of Guerrero and Oaxaca. They are descendants of Spanish conquistadors and African slaves, and I wouldn’t doubt that they are mixed with indigenous Mexicans as well. Of course, there are also some theories floating around about an Olmec-African connection, but The Times didn’t delve into that research.  

The article goes on to describe how Costa Chicans have settled in Pasadena, various other cities in Southern California, Winston Salem, NC, Joliet, IL, and even Salt Lake City of all places.

Afro-Mexicans currently have little interaction with African Americans because of language and cultural differences. Connections to other Latinos are often limited by regional and racial preferences. The relative isolation of the Costa Chican community in relation to African Americans and other Latinos in America saddens me because there is a real opportunity to build relationships here. Many Costa Chicans eat barbacoa, listen to Cumbias, and have strong familial ties. These activities certainly don’t sound foreign to this US born Latina.

So when I continually hear about the black-brown divide and political pollsters like Sergio Bendixen say, “the Hispanic voter — and I want to say this very carefully — has not shown a lot of willingness or affinity to support black candidates,” I wonder in which category he would put the Costa Chicans.

The LA Times article also fuels this notion that Afro-Latinos are an oddity by giving this article the following title, “An unusual blend of cultures: Mexican and black.” There has been mixing of races and ethnic groups throughout history. What is so unusual about the blending of Mexican and black cultures? Costa Chicans most certainly are every bit as Mexican as Mestizos from Chihuahua or as Mexican as the light skinned Peninsulares holding political office in Mexico City. This same LA Times covers baseball players of Afro-Latino heritage, but I don’t know if they are still referring to these talented athletes as being an “unusual blend” like they are some exotic coffee beans.

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  • 1 Michaelr // Apr 13, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    Unusual? The Slave Trade has connected all of us…literally. It is so ignorant to think that the Mestizo is exclusively Native American and European. For those of us who continue to pretend that those Spanish-speaking Major League baseball players are cultural anomalies…open your eyes and then open your hearts.

  • 2 Paul // Apr 15, 2008 at 9:27 pm

    Does anyone know anything about early MesoAmerica? Look at the features of the Olmecs – tell me these Costa Chicas aren’t indigineous? Guess what, Costa Chica ain’t that far from La Venta.

  • 3 Irma // Jun 18, 2008 at 4:02 pm

    Please , just because we have some black Mexicans doesnt mean Mexicans have ANYTHING in common with African Americans. We are a race of mestizos of various mixtures. We are united by our language and culture. Lets not be like African Americans who focus on external features as definitive of who they are. We all came from a
    country that has an American Indian/European
    culture. No, we aren’t BROWN anything.
    Somos simplemente Mexicanos.

  • 4 Michaelr // Jun 19, 2008 at 12:15 am

    Obviously, you’ve never seen the Olmec statues in Mexico. From an American social class distinction, we have numerous similarities. We produce children out of wedlock, experience high incarceration rates, and dominate the population on death row. We also have issues with access to education and healthcare; except of course we are more content being politically and economically repressed than African-Americans. Now that we are the largest minority class in the United States, we still do not have any political clout. The U.S. Congressional Hispanic Caucus is a running joke, populated by self-serving politicians with idiotic agendas, and personal spending habits. Only Hilda Solis seems to do her job effectively, and I truly miss Henry Gonzalez from the 20th District in Texas. The Cubans run the Miami courthouse and City Hall, but our Mayor in Los Angeles in only interested in making promises he can never deliver, chasing pussy and having photo ops. There are no Latino run colleges in this country. There are over two hundred Black colleges in this country, and that has firmly established a strong Black middle class. We have been indentured servants to Europeans and WASPs for the last 500 hundred years. And thanks to the Mexican social caste mentality, it looks like we will continue along that path for the next 500 hundred years.

  • 5 Irma // Jun 19, 2008 at 9:57 am

    I dont need Latino run colleges
    in the United States. In Mexico,
    all the colleges are run by Mexicans that is good enough for me. We have NEVER been indentured servants to WASPs
    in America. They have a history
    of giving us almost no pay but
    no we have never been indentured servants. Mexican
    social caste mentality? Wrong!
    I am not interested in the genetic
    makeup of Mexicans. In my
    view it is our culture that defines
    us . As for a Mexican middle class in the US.- we exist. The
    reason we are not as prominent
    as the black middle class is that we tend to integrate ourselves into society instead of socializing
    into tightly knitted groups.

    Olmec statues? Please , the American Indians were nomadic.
    Who knows where those people came from . And by the way – the Olmecs look Asian to me as most
    American Indians do.

    Political clout comes in part from sticking together. Alas, that is what our people tend NOT to do.
    The Chinese, Jews , African Americans are quite loyal to their
    respective communities. Without ethnic loyality there can never be political clout.

    Are you aware of SACNAS?
    ie. The Society for the Advancement of Native Americans and Chicanos in Science ?

    There is a growing Mexican
    middle class in the US that consist of scientists, mathemeticians and teachers.
    They include a number of prominent people. Did you know that Joan Baez’ late father was
    Mexican? That right, a Cal
    tech physicist. I met him once –
    he was a great guy.

  • 6 webmaster // Jun 19, 2008 at 10:45 am

    Irma, I know that Joan Baez’s dad was a physicist. And I’m aware of Latino science and medicine groups. At my own college, we had Chicanos for Creative Medicine.

    As for Mexican colleges, why do the Mexican elite go to college in the US? Did you attend a Mexican college? Also, why are so few Mexicans in college in the first place? I think that there are a variety of reasons for this, but that too long of a discussion to entertain in this response.

    Why do you think that Mexicans and Mexican Americans don’t stick together? I have been to tacquerias owned by Koreans and Chinese. We don’t have our own banks and other institutions.

    In the eyes of many in America, we are the maids, the gardeners, the janitors, etc. While there are some Latinos who have made the leap to the middle class, but look how many lag far behind. The traditional media and even the film industry perpetuates these stereotypes.

    I agree that political clout comes from people sticking together, but Mexicans in Mexico don’t even do that. Look at how the politicians treat the masses there. The Latino Caucus here in America can’t even get its act together either.

  • 7 Irma // Jun 19, 2008 at 11:37 am

    Exactly, Mexicans in Mexico or elsewhere dont stick together. And by the way – only rich Mexicans go to college in the U.S. I have a good friend who got all her education in Mexico.
    She is a geneticist and works in the U.S.
    No Harvard for her, she had to help her family
    and her 11 siblings work on the farm. If her education is representative of Mexico ( UNAM)-
    i think their schools are first rate for public

    Why dont Mexicans stick together ? Wow, I wish I knew. I will say this, we are people who have a jealous nature. If one of us succeeds, they get
    accused of being a coconut, showing off, trying
    to be American etc. Instead of being proud of
    our successful members, we tend to diminish their accomplishments. This is a cultural flaw in our people and is holding us back.

    Take my experience as a junior high school student. My parents were from Mexico, they didnt want my brothers and I to speak English with a Mexican accent , they thought it would bias people against us. So, they only spoke English to us (no Spanish). I could
    understand Spanish at the age of 13 (the relatives spoke it), I could not speak it. I cant tell you how much grief I got from Mexican
    American kids my age about the fact that I
    did not speak Spanish. They told me that
    I was trying not to be Mexican! Of course, these
    students didnt actually speak Spanish themselves – their “Spanish” was grammatically incorrect for the most part as I learned later after taking Spanish language
    literature classes in the university. Indeed, my parents forbid my attempts to speak “pocho.”. My father indicated that Spanish could stand on its own without any English to fortify it. My point is that Mexicans learn at an early age to knock each other down. I was ridiculed because I used “big words.”. They should have been proud of the fact that a Mexican could speak English as well or better than a gringo.

    The fact of the matter is that the “stereotype”
    is actually true. Most of us are maids, gardeners etc. My family was as well. Now, we are accountants, nurses, scientists, airline pilots
    and soldiers. It took one generation and the
    idea that we could it. Mexico was held as the proof – when I was growing up. There, my
    father reminded us – the President, judges, lawyers, doctors, teachers, bankers etc were
    ALL Mexican. In our family -we never bought
    into the stereotype that being Mexican meant
    being stupid or poor. It is a matter of
    believing in yourself and yes remember that we have a country where the President is Mexican.

  • 8 webmaster // Jun 19, 2008 at 11:59 am


    I see where you are coming from re: envidia (envy). I think that those feelings are typical in the third world. Think about how much emphasis is placed on consumerism and buying things instead of learning.

    Culturally, at least in the US, I think that many Latino and Mexican-American kids do not value academic achievement because they perceive it as “acting white.” (note how many African-American kids feel similarly too) I wrote a blog post about this not too long ago about the need to convince our youth that school is cool.

    I would love to see more Latinos enter the sciences, but sadly, when I cruise around many Latino neighborhoods, I don’t get the impression that the kids are carrying around science books and lab coats. Spanish language TV doesn’t help with encouraging achievement either.

  • 9 Michaelr // Jun 19, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    Mexico is a third world country by choice. Its efforts to join the first world have been sabotaged internally by the lack of cohesive industrial infrastructural building wrought by social class (caste) infighting. Mexico is economically controlled by 37 Mexican families closely aligned to Fortune 100 multinational companies. Over sixty-eight percent of Mexican citizens live in abject poverty. Why is this the case despite being directly across the border from the U.S.? Despite extensive natural resources, Mexico’s GDP is horded by less than 3% of the population. Why such greed practiced at the upper levels of Mexican society? After NAFTA was put into effect, the vast majority of the U.S. manufacturing base opened factories and distribution centers in Mexico. Less than ten years later, those same U.S. manufacturers have now moved out of Mexico and relocated themselves in China. Why do you think this happened? And it happened at great expense to these companies. Could it be that the vast economic disparities promoted by the Mexican social caste mentality limited opportunity? For all your arrogance regarding Mexican Presidents, judges, doctors, lawyers, and teachers, I don’t see any of them taking on political corruption, establishment of the rule of law, curing diseases, protecting the rights of the disenfranchised, and mandating public education. The thirty-two months I spent working in Monterrey and Mexico City were an eye-opener. Maybe you should try and emulate Joan Baez’s father and stick to what you were taught, rather than pretend you are a sociologist.

  • 10 Irma // Jun 19, 2008 at 2:59 pm

    Stop the blame game. We should learn from the
    Jewish community. Until recently they had no country. They stayed in countries and left when they were persecuted. Despite this suitcase culture, they figured out a way to give the
    world scientists, educators, writers, sociologists,
    psychologists etc. All without wasting time BLAMING the status quo. This besides envy is another problem, some people in our culture have. I say some, because MOST like my family
    look for opportunities elsewhere if current
    circumstances werent acceptable.

    I dont see why stating the obvious that Mexicans
    do everything in Mexico is arrogant. Its a fact –
    they have criminals and deadbeat dads too.
    My point was that Mexican Americans are insecure and somehow need to see proof in the
    US that Mexicans can succeed and ARE not stupid. We have plenty of positive role models in Mexico – we shouldnt forget about them.
    Yes, it is true that the Mexican middle class doesnt concern it self with the poor. Why?
    Again – our culture is basically SELFISH.
    The middle class in most 3rd world countries are. They are afraid of becoming poor again.

    32 months in Mexico doesnt make you an expert on Mexico. I know lots of Mexicans from poor
    families that are now middle class. They didnt
    sit around waiting for someone to give it to them.

    And hey- Stop with the personal attacks.
    Surely, you can make a point without having to
    suggest that I dont know what I am talking about. We dont have to agree on everything to have a discussion.

  • 11 webmaster // Jun 19, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    Irma, I don’t think that Michaelr is playing the blame game. There are many reasons why Mexico isn’t a first world country. I know that he will admit that there are many cultural flaws in Mexican and Mexican-American thinking.

    From what I know, the Jews value education very much at all levels. The Jewish kids that went to my high school even went to Jewish pre-school. When was the last time you saw a Mexican run pre-school or a Saturday Spanish language school to teach kids proper Spanish much like Jewish schoolchildren are taught Hebrew?

    I think Michaelr spent summers in Mexico as a child as well, so he has more experience in the country beyond 32 months of work as a professional.

  • 12 Irma // Jun 20, 2008 at 7:58 am

    Webmaster, yes when one has to actively preserve
    your culture – it can be a very good thing. Mexican
    culture does not have self preservation instincts.
    The language of the Mayas was dead for centuries until a guy from Harvard figured it out. The Jewish people kept Hebrew alive despite thousands of years of wandering and persecution. It was a good thing for them and
    the world – the old Testament was kept in
    intact for everyone to enjoy. I cant put my finger on why we dont place as much value on our language and culture. I believe that therein lies the KEY to leaving our third world mentality behind.

  • 13 LetsBeHonest // Jun 20, 2008 at 9:26 pm

    Really? I had to google Afro-Mexican to see what one looked like. I’ve never seen or head of Costa Chicas one during my 50 years and I live in Texas. This community you’re referring is too small to serve as an example of solidarity between blacks and hispanics. Let’s be honest here. There is a black-brown divide and we’re seeing it played out in the election. Hispanics, regardless of their color, refuse to vote for a black man, and that’s just pathetic. I don’t know why and I don’t care.

  • 14 webmaster // Jun 20, 2008 at 9:33 pm


    Welcome to the blog.

    I know a lot of Hispanics who are going to vote for a black man this November. Don’t rush to judgment so quickly.

    As for solidarity between the two groups… well, sometimes social movements start in small groups. I wouldn’t dismiss the Costa Chicans altogether.

  • 15 Gloria // Jun 23, 2008 at 12:27 am

    Irma, you are obiously a person who does not respect or value the presence and contributions of people of African Descent in Mexico! Whether you like it or not, it is a proven fact that the Spaniards (a.k.a.European/White People) participated in the slave trade from Africa to Mexico. These Spaniards whom you seem to be so proud of, enslaved not only the Africans but they also enslaved the indigenous people (Native Americans) of Mexico. You mentioned that African Americans and Mexicans had nothing in common. You feel this way, because you obviously hate African Americans and feel superior to people of African Descent in general.

    We have sooooo very much in common! You mentioned that Mexican people are of various admixtures; so are African Americans! Do you really think that African Americans are pure blood Africans? African Americans are mixed with European and their are a significant amount, that are mixed with Native American also! Several African Americans such as myself, have received benefits and acknowledgement from federally recognized tribes in the U.S and Canada! African Americans don’t focus on external features, we acknowledge our West African Blood, something that you obviously are too Afro-phobic to do! Maybe you are afraid of finding out that you have African blood! I’m sure that would devistate a racist such as yourself! African Americans come in such a variety of features, skin colors and hair textures, it would be impossible for us to simply focus on features. Chica are you crazy! Their are African Americans who look white and are mulatto and mestizo, (just like mexicans) and we are still very proudly considered African American. You need to do some research and educate yourself about history,science and sociology, before making such ignorant comments! And where do you get off saying that Mexicans don’t stick together!? You are stereotyping your own people! My husband is from Guerrero, Mexico and he, his family and friend are very close and supportive of each other, as well as supportive of myself, our children and yes even his African American friends! Neither of us know all Mexicans or all African Americans and neiteher of us have the right to stereotype any group of people, even our own! The fact that African Americans speak English and not Spanish doesn’t make us so different than Mexicans. All Latin American countries (including Mexico) participated in slavery! The mixture of (Spaniard)European blood that everyone seems to be soo proud of, is largely due to the rape of the poor indigenous and African women that were slaves of the Spaniards. The same thing happened in American! WTF? Can’t you see, “Same Ship, Different Trip!” Latin American was “founded” through slavery of Africans and Indigenous people by Spaniards. Since the abolition of slavery in Latin America, as well as in the United States and Canda, a HIERARCHY of suppremacy has been established as follows: EUROPEAN/WHITE= TOP, INDIGENOUS=MIDDLE and AFRICAN/BLACK=BOTTOM. The Spaniard, English, Portuguese and French slave masters took Africans from their homeland across the atlantic, and in an effort to keep Africans enslaved and Europeans in power, they established black/african to be the worst thing that you can be. Presently, our societies and governments have attempted to make Afro-Latinos and African Americans forget about the past by teaching them to “define” their race by the name of their country! If the Europeans in power assimilate us and make us forget, they don’t have to change the society’s hierarchy, and can continue to discrimminating against people of African Descent in their own country. This hierarchy still exist today in Latin America, America, Canada and unfortunately all over the world, due to Europeans (including Spaniards)who have thrived off the oppression of African and Indigenous people all over the world! It is fine to be proud of the country and culture in which one comes from, but the descendents of mistreated/enslaved people should NOT ignore the past or the blatant discrimmination (like your’s) that still exists today in Mexico and in America. Everyone wants to be associated with the people that are in power, (Europeans) which is why people like you fight so hard to devalue the African presence in Mexico and why people like you try so hard to disassociate yourself with African Americans! Quite simply, you see that people of African descent in America (and all over ther world, including Mexico) are looked down upon, so you look down upon African Americans. If African Americans and black people from other countries were in power, you and others like you, would not hesitate to acknowledge and attempt to associate yourself with black people in Mexico and in America. Think about it, in history, African or Black in both Latin America and the U.S. was simply harder due to the immoral and satanic hierarchy that the Europeans of both of our countries established. Because of this, for centuries, people of color, such as black, indian,mulato etc. have tried to “pass” for people of a different race so that they would not be treated as cruely as people who were obviously of African blood or self-proclaiming Africans! Years ago, African Americans, fought back and refused to be assimilated as simply Americans because of the pride in our African blood and as a protest to a country, who still today discriminates against people of African descent. This may be the only difference between African Americans and some (not all) black people of Latin American Countries. We refused to be simply called Americans first, because we are Africans first and we are still being mistreated…….So are the Black people in Mexico and in the rest of the world! If Mexicans are “All simply Mexican” why the hell are the Afro-Mexicanos descriminated against!? Even the indigenous Mexicans who are darker skinned are discraminated against! Where the hell is the unity in that, oh I forgot, you claim that there is no unity between your people…..Actually in the first paragraph you stated that “we are uninted by our language and culture”. It seems you tend to contradict yourself when you write! I am half Dominican, and I know for a fact that being black or of African blood is definanely looked down upon in Latin Ameerican as well as every country in the world. As far as complaining about African Americans, you need to keep in mind that if it weren’t for the struggle and the resistance of racism (such as the civil rights movement) by African Americans, you and other immigrants (including my father, who is an Afro-Latino), regardless of their race, would not have the opportunity to come to America to live. Without the African American resistance to slavery and racism, you and others like you would not have the opportunity to come to this country and complain about African Americans! Before African American resistance, any black or brown (regardless of how indian you look, how light your skin or how straight your hair) person walking the streets of America, including YOU, would have been legally murdered, raped or sold into slavery! HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT AND STEREOTYPE AFRICAN AMERICANS!!!!!!!! Do the research Irma and yes, you will see that their ARE indeed African Olmec heads as well as Mexican Indian Olmec heads, and they are both beautiful and both deserve to be acknowledged! The African Olmec heads can be found today in Mexico City and they are obviously and distinctly African Features and Hair carved into stones that are large enough to stand as tall any adult. If you go to google images, and type in “African Olmec Heads in Mexico” real life, current pictures can be found. I know people that have actually visited and taken pictures with the African Olmec heads in Mexico! I know that you will respond to my blog with lots of hatred and possibly some racial slurrs, but keep in mind that God made all people equal and that we are all part of the human race. Technically, race is a human term and NOT a scientific term that was made up to describe the differences in our appearances. We simply look different because of the regions in the world that we come from. Some ignorant person who didn’t understand human migration, science or God’s plan for us, decided that there should be a hierarchy in the world. No human being deserves to be descriminated against! If you take the time to really research, you will find that civilization has been proven to have begun in Africa. Like it or not, this is where we all came from! Please stop being such a racist! If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, and people who think like you are continuing the struggle of racism for the rest of us. Thank God all Mexicans don’t think like you! Peace!

  • 16 XP // Jun 23, 2008 at 7:17 pm

    I would like to add to what Gloria said. Irma, I understand your need to think nosotros somos únicos, with the idea that our blood is that of the indigenous and the Spaniard. However, your racial amnesia really troubles me not because you would rather denial your African roots, but you also are exhibiting self-hatred, especially if you truly believe that the “Mexican
    culture does not have self preservation instincts.”

    However, I will like to point out to you since your such a big fan of research to prove you point. That is OK so do I.

    Spain’s possessions included Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Florida, and Louisiana. And in those possessions the Spanish did have slaves. The only difference between the Anglo and the Spanish, the law of the Catholic Church and the Spanish legal code (the 13th century Siete Partidas of King Alfonso X) treated slaves as humans rather than as property. he Partidas guaranteed protection of slaves from abusive masters or freeman and allowed slaves to testify in court against their masters. Additionally, because the Catholic Church treats marriage as a holy sacrament and views the family unit as sacred, slave owners could not split up a family by sale. During that time, the majority of slaves brought to their possessions were male. Who do you think they married?

    Source: Encyclopedia of African American History

  • 17 Irma // Jun 26, 2008 at 9:05 am

    I am culturally Mexican. This is what being Mexican MEANS. DNA is irrelevant but it is a fact that MEXICANS are mainly some kind of American Indian and Spanish gene mix. This is not to say that other groups didnt contribute. This means that some Mexicans may have African genes – others probably do not. Why anyone would want to find out is
    beyond me. What purpose does it serve?
    It is also likely that some Mexicans are part
    Chinese. There were some workers brought into Mexico to build railroads. I suspect that
    I may be of this lineage – due to a temporary birthmark that is present in many Asian children when they are born. No one remembers, it doesnt matter to me.

    And why focus on the African gene contribution?
    The Spanish are a complex mixture of various type of Europeans, Arabs and Jews. And so on and so on. It is racist in my opinion to obsess about any particular gene combination.

    I know a bit about African Americans. I went
    to historically black college for a Master’s degree and I lived in the dorms. I lived there for one year. I was the only non black resident . So, I learned a lot about African American culture and their American experience and history. They are generous and kind people. I have to say that I felt more welcome there than I do in this forum. You know most African Americans arent as obsessed with this issue as a lot of the members of this forum. Its who they are and thats it.

  • 18 Irma // Jun 26, 2008 at 10:03 am

    Reply to this:
    Without the African American resistance to slavery and racism, you and others like you would not have the opportunity to come to this country and complain about African Americans!

    I am in the United States because my maternal
    grandparents swam across a shallow part of the Rio Grande and my father did the same about
    20 years later. African Americans had nothing to do with MY being born in the United States.
    When my family came here, they started off picking cotton – together with whoever else wanted to work for nothing.

  • 19 Gloria // Aug 7, 2008 at 11:16 am


    I NEVER said that African Americans had anything to do with you being BORN in the U.S.
    What I said, was that the revolts and protests, such as the civil rights movement of African Americans against slavery, murder and discrimination, have greatly contibuted the progression of equal rights for people of color in America. This country has a history of discriminating against people of color, so common sense should tell you any people of color, who lived, fought against discrimination and died for equal rights in America,helped lesson the discrimination of all people of color!!!In America, less discrimination by White Americans, means more opportunity for all Non-White Americans, this includes immigrants of color as well!! You should know that blatant discrimmination and murder of all people who were not White American, would still exist today if people, such as African Americans HAD NOT GIVEN THEIR VERY LIVES to protest the discrimination and murder of people of color. Any group of people (regarless of race, culture or gender) who protests against discrimination of any kind in this country, has greatly contributed to the freedom and equal rights of all Americans, including the rights of immigrants. My grandmother was also an immigrant and she knew that she would have NO FUTURE IN AMERICA IF SLAVERY STILL EXISTED AND THAT THE MURDER OF ANY PERSON OF COLOR, by White Americans WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN AGAINST THE LAW IF THERE WAS NO CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT!!! If you don’t believe me, then show up at a Klu Klux Klan meeting and see if you would be considered to be a welcomed guest of honor! If the African American, Native American, Quakers and even women’s rights activists of this country had not suffered, given their lives and fought back, people like you and I would have NO OPPORTUNITIES IN AMERICA AS WOMEN OF COLOR. Our family members who immigrated to America would have either been enslaved, murdured or severely discriminated to the point of no opportunity, once they reached America Soil. African American have made many contributions to this country. There are even inventions created by African Americans that EVERYONE uses today like: the stoplight, which was literally CREATED by Garrett A. Morgan in the 1920’s or the first American clock that was invented by Benjamin Bannaker. I have no doubt that your family who immigrated to America worked very hard, but hard work and determination is never enough in the eyes of racsim and descrimination. You need to learn to appreciate the contributions of those who came before you, regardless of the race, culture or gender of those who contributed to making America less discrimanatory and more opportunistic than it used to be. I pray that you will become more open minded. The world has no more room for discrimination of any kind, by or against any group of people. Peace

  • 20 Angelita Barba // Sep 13, 2008 at 12:29 am

  • 21 NAY // Sep 16, 2008 at 1:06 pm

    Tue, 16 Sept 2008

    I just read most of the articles written by various people on Mexicans and African Americans (Blacks). That article and photo on this site made me very happy to see times are getting better.

    I want to venture off a bit. First let me start by saying that I was born Black (African American) in the U.S.A. However, in my heart I love all Latin countries and have very strong connections to Latinos, especially those Latinos from such Latin countries as Brazil, Cuba, Colombia,
    Dominican Republic, Panama and Puerto Rico mainly because that is where my African heritage is at in those countries.

    Not to mention that the music of Salsa & Merengue was a creation of my African heritage mixed with Latinos from Cuba and later Puerto Rico and Colombia. I have lived in P.R. been in Panama and Colombia several times and once to Mexico.

    Now getting on to my main point. I am happy to see that finally times have changed in America in terms of Mexican women marrying Black men.

    When I grew up in the mid 70’s. It was almost impossible for a Black man with a job, no criminal record, not on welfare, not on drugs to marry a pretty Latina from Mexico because of the prejudice and racism the Mexican women were taught by their parents.

    They were taught to move to America or if you are born in America, Only marry a White man because with a White man, you will be better off, a White man will not be in jail, not abuse the woman, not be on welfare and a black young man or older will be in jail, on welfare, on drugs, a gang member or lazy. It’s the same racist stereotype that all Mexicans
    are in America with a fake green card, false social security card and all Colombians are into drug dealing or use drugs, which I know for a fact is NOT true. We know that some are doing wrong, but certainly not all. Every country on this planet has people in jail.

    The fact is that we in American know that a lot of White men are in jail for robbery, rape, murder, wife abuse and drug use, the same as Blacks and Latino men. No one is perfect. Everyone seems to over look all the successful (non stars) but black doctors, policemen, teachers, politicians, coaches,
    and ministers.

    I was able to have one woman in my life that was from Mexico, but her parents did not know about us. But she had an open heart and mind.

    However, if I had waited to marry a Latina from Mexico, I would probably still be single in my 40’s.
    Thank God that Latinas from the countries that I mentioned above do not have racial hang ups.

    My wife is a beautiful light skinned Latina from Central America and what saddens me is in 2003-2005 when I was living in Northern California, my wife was working at a local hotel as a maid.

    Almost all of the women maids there were from Mexico. She told me of the comments that at times the Latina women from Mexico would act in shock or comment that she was married to a Black man. Another time, she was in night school studying English and again some women from Mexico or Guatemala commented to her, “Oh, you husband is Black. You should have married a nice White guy.”

    Another point that upsets me is that sometimes, Latinos from Mexico, Guatemala or maybe El Salvador will ask us the famous questions;
    “How long have you been married or do you two have kids together.” I can read between the lines on that. What they really want to know is why is with him. Is for a green card or does he have a lot of $$$$.

    It seems that some (Not All) Latinos from Mexico or maybe Guatemala think they are better than Blacks from America or complain that Blacks are lazy only because the Latinos are working in the fruit fields or being maids or butlers or gardeners.

    Well, as I said to my wife, what these Latinos do not know or realize that the same work, my African ancestors did as maids, butlers, field workers and nannies many years ago. So we have been there, done that and bought the tee-shirt and cap.

    Well, I do not have a lot of money or even upper middle class. But I am a good person and not on drugs or alcohol or a wife abuser and I am NOT in jail or on probation/parole.

    I have always loved Latina women ever since my first little high school girlfriend and I knew as a teen-ager that I had to learn all I could about Latin culture and learn Spanish too, which I love very much. However, I did not learn of my African heritage mixed with Latinos from some Latin countries until I was in college studying African history.

    So what some people many years ago meant for bad with slavery, the Holy Spirit of God turned into something great by mixing Africans & Latinos together in some Latin countries and from that came the great music of Salsa & Merengue.

    Now the good news is that now days in 2007-2008, I am seeing more Mexican women who have opened their hearts and minds are I am seeing them married to Black men and yes they have kids together. I have even recently spoken to young kids the age range of 18-25 that tell me they are half
    Black and half Mexican. The common mixed race person of course is Black-White or Black and Latin from some other Latin race than Mexico.

    In closing, many years ago in the 1980’s some company had tee-shirts that said, “Love Sees No Color”. That is so true. The Holy Spirit of God does not see skin color, but racist people do. Also, Black mixed with any other race and the kids will nine times out of ten come out looking beautiful.

    I hope to hear from you soon and welcome any and prompt response.

    Peace & Blessings,

    Nay K.

  • 22 ctoxendine // Oct 9, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    Beleive it or not, so many indigenous Mexicans and African slaves were marrying during colonial times, that the church asked the pope to issue a decree to stop it. So began the caste system. They did it because the children born of these unions were born free by laws that the Catholic church mandated.

  • 23 Phil // Oct 30, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    Gloria said:

    “We have sooooo very much in common! You mentioned that Mexican people are of various admixtures; so are African Americans!”

    It’s good that you acknowledge this, but one of the main differences between Mexican-Americans and most African-Americans is that while we see our mixed heritage as fundamental to our identity, too many African-Americans perpetuate the One-Drop Rule of the slaveowners and give their African ancestry priority over any other ancestry they may have. While this is understandable coming from people with two Black parents, oftentimes even African-Americans with one parent of another race refer to themselves as “Black”, without any recognition of the heritage of their White/Asian/Latino/whatever parent’s ancestry.

    The Mexican character would be unthinkable without its combining of the emotional complexity and creativity of the Spaniard with the perseverance and work ethic of the Indian.

    It would be interesting if more African-Americans would do as the Lousiana Creoles have done, and explore how the European and Native-American parts of their heritage have also contributed to the distinct and valuable culture of African Americans. I understand that the legacy of slavery makes this difficult for some, but people are who they are and are best served in the long run by coming to terms with all of the streams that have fed into their blood.

  • 24 Alvaro // Nov 9, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    My question to you Nay is what does the man have to be black and the women Latin? You make it seem like marring a black man is the greatest thing in the world. Like being black is the only heritage rich in history here in America. I am getting tired of all this here say about it being cool to assimilate black culture in America. My personal views is that it’s cool to be who you are, thats why we migrated to the United States, to be who we are. Every ethnicity brings their own piece of their culture to the American pie which is why we all need to assimilate and embrace the diversity in America. I don’t think about why Blacks have a middle class or why do blacks have their colleges, it’s stupid to dwell on these things. I am Latino with Mexican immigrant parents and I don’t need a kind of special help to get ahead because if their is one thing that have immigrant parents has taught me and I am sure this applies to any kind of immigrant because it is stupid to focus on one kind is that good things happen to those who work hard. I hate the fact that all I ever hear is about the black community and how they struggle……well I don’t think that they are alone in that area because everybody is struggling not only them. To finish off I firmly believe separated we fall united we stand.

  • 25 Taylor // Dec 5, 2008 at 8:52 pm

    What you say about Afro latinos aren’t exactly true. I have a ton of friends who are Afro latino who consider themselves the same race as a black person. Excepth they also say that their a little more mixed then the average black person. My grandmother and my dominican cousins think the same thing. I don’t know what other afro latinos think but the afro latinos that I know think that.


  • 26 LA REYNA // Dec 21, 2008 at 2:09 pm


  • 27 Eric // Dec 29, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    I ma a afro latino and my gramother calls me negro becuas she is mexican. My father is Cuban My mother is mexican I hate my mexican familly becuas the things they tale me. They say that they are better than me but I think they are jelais of me becuas I ma built better then they are. I also get more girls than them black, whit, mexican, and mix. My gammother hates that my father speek proper spanish and corects hre a lot.

  • 28 Katrina // Jan 11, 2009 at 2:06 pm

    Let’s give a round of applause to the WHITE MAN. He has once again managed to divide and conquer us all.
    First let me start by addressing Alvaro. A black college is not were Black people go to get a “kind of special help” for anything. The correct and technical term is HISTORICALLY Black College or University (HBCU), because it was established Blacks after slavery. They served as institutions anyone who was non-White (or even White) could get a college education, in a time when racial and cultural segregation was legal and in common practice. Everyone can attend an HBCU. Especially those young Mexican American and African American kids are that you see on the corner shooting at one another because they don’t value education. HBCU welcome them regardless of their race, ethnic identity, skin shade, or whether they speak English with a Mexican accent.
    Haven’t you heard of Pio Pico or Kalimba Marichal? Who are both Mexicans of African descent.
    Latino or Mexican is an ethnic category (and neither is African American), not a racial one… which is what I think this article is trying to get across. The reality is that there is NO set standard for how a Mexican or African American looks. There is a reason why we call African Americans or Mexican Americans, because that is the land that or RECENT ancestors came from; these terms are non descriptive of what they looked like.
    And as a scientist we should be at least interested in our genealogy because sometimes it is helpful in assessing certain genetic health factors associated with group: hypertension, sickle cell disease and diabetes for example.
    I wouldn’t put the Jewish community on a pedestal. For one they and Palestinians are to annihilate one another. Two, they share Caucasian in often phenotypically indistinguishable from their white gentile counterparts.
    As an African American who has gone to predominately Chicano school, I like to identify others in whichever way I can, because it make me relatable and feel like a well rounded person. I love to be able to hear the commonalities in our music, or see it in the way we dance; because I know that we have a similar plights and struggles.

  • 29 Alvaro // Jan 13, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    I was addressing those who were complaining about their being a black college, I honestly don’t care where you go to school, as long as you are going to school. I was addressing how you don’t need a special school designated for a certain group or groups, all you need is a good teacher and the opportunity to attend. I would like to address how many races use the words white people and hide behind it when attempting to point fingers, because the term white people is a general term. I think people are afraid to single out a certain race because the term is made up of many races. Second, there is nobody dividing nobody because I did an assignment in which I looked into the civil rights movements, and other major environmental program like world hunger , and behind every one of these issues, there was a Caucasian person getting there hands dirty. I am not trying to put nobody on a pedestal, but it simply the truth; I would encourage anybody to research it. Second, there is so much divide in this blog that is disgusting, there’s some much beauty share between all these group and all we can think about is the . I am an American first by all means, I would like to go back to my mothers land, not mine to look at my heritage and that’s it. I think we as Americans I very forgiving but people seem to forget about that. My mother loves American, or else she wouldn’t have move here in the first place, it gotten so dangerous and disgusting over because of the drug cartels that it acts like a smoke screen. I have served with every kind of person in the military and I am going to do it again. There’s a sense of divide in this blog and it’s disgusting. People are different, except it and move on.

  • 30 Learn // Jan 16, 2009 at 3:00 am

    A Mexican is not Hispanic, Latino, Spanish, Mestizo, Chicano. We are a mixture of Mesoamerican indians. We are not Latino! I had some black guy tell me I have black blood, and I can just see the hate in his eyes, and I can not stand when a person of another race tries to tell me my family background. I can trace my roots from both my mother’s and father’s side of the family, and it is mostly indigous (Mesoamerican), with the exception of my father’s mother; she comes from a very strong back ground of Spanish decent, hence my grandmother’s families hazel eyes. I have been to Mexico a billion times and never have I seen a Afro-Mexicano, never. When I am in the sun long I even turn red like an Indio and proud of my Mesoamerican background. Mexican people as a whole do not like to lose their identity as a culture, it is not because we hate the other race; we have already lost so much from the Spanish i.e. our true language. We are not taught to hate Blacks; we are taught to embrace our Mexican culture. They are two different things! Now, we are being forced to leave our Mexican culture behind. I don’t understand why African-Americans, Whites, Latinos(Puerto Rican, Cubans, etc) will not let us be Mexican(Mesoamerican indians). Let us be ourselves, our own culture within America like the Chinese. As far as racial mixing in America is concerned it will always happen. I have personally had flings with a black woman, white woman, Mexican-American woman, and a filipina woman, but my Mexican women from Mexico take better care of me and are better family women.

  • 31 Alvaro // Jan 17, 2009 at 6:28 pm

    You should really think twice about that last comment about Mexican women, now your just profiling. The comment is solely based on the person not on the group. Just because you grow up with the same culture, doesn’t mean you grow up the same.

  • 32 Phil // Mar 4, 2009 at 2:40 am

    “A Mexican is not Hispanic, Latino, Spanish, Mestizo, Chicano. We are a mixture of Mesoamerican indians. We are not Latino!”

    This is exactly the kind of garbage that La Reyna is talking about. Most Mexican nationals feel a sense of solidarity with other Latin Americans. Most Mexican-Americans feel a sense of solidarity with other Latinos. Only the poorly educated, myopic, “Chicano Power” crowd feels the need to essentialize “Mexicanness”, which leads them not only to shun other American Latinos, but also to pretend that the many groups that fed into the Mexican gene pool, other than the Mesoamerican Indians, did not exist. Frida Kahlo, THE iconic Mexican female artist was half Hungarian! What better illustration of the diversity of Mexicans’ ancestral backgrounds could there be? When a Mexican national talks about “La Raza Cosmica”, he’s referring to the way the Mexican people bring together the heritage of people from across the world, creating a Cosmic People, a global race.

    “we have already lost so much from the Spanish i.e. our true language. ”

    And here we have evidence of another of the many fallacious notions that clutter the heads of the “Chicano Power” crowd: the denigration of what, for some of us, is our primary ancestral group. In people at the extreme fringe of the “we’re not Latinos” bunch, such as the Mexica Movement Aztec-revivalist types, it’s popular to dismiss the Spanish contribution to the Mexican gene pool as being but a few drops “raped into” the Mexican people by the conquistadors. The fact is the conquistadors made a minimal contribution to the ancestry of the Mexican people. Far more numerous were the Spanish immigrants, male and female, who followed, from the 17th century right up to the time of independence. Indeed, even after independence, Spaniards continued to move to Mexico, right up to the Franco years of the mid-20th century, when there was an uptick in the number of Spanish immigrants. I’m of Mexican descent, and I’ve traced numerous lines of my ancestry back to Medieval Spain, uncovering everything from Arab traders and Jewish scholars to Basque whalers and Visigothic warriors. The Spaniards themselves are already a diverse people, and Mexicans are even more so. Why try to force on us a false sense of one-dimensionality?

  • 33 MixedGal // Apr 19, 2009 at 2:09 pm


    It is TRUE that MOST (although certainly *not*
    by any means ‘all’) of the people who are born
    to two (2) parents who are both members of the
    very specific and unique Ethnic grouping that
    is currently being referred to by the term of
    ‘African-American’ (AA) are, in fact, Mixed-Race.

    Also — the links below may be of some help in
    providing an understanding of both how and
    why it is that there are many individual people
    (and groups of people as well) that have been
    categorized as being “black” but are actually
    ‘Mixed-Race’ (as a result of their being from a
    family that is of a continually admixed-lineage).;_ylt=Al5eeK2CFwcv4rD5U5qzvEfty6IX?qid=20070527201834AAIhzhM&show=7#profile-info-CiC2JY9Maa;_ylt=AiebDu.tSshJzQ0wS5fMp7jty6IX?qid=20070623205206AANUzPN&show=7#profile-info-q1hdwifgaa;_ylt=AjwuxYj8agKY7yGgqaJ7i.Xty6IX?qid=20070704121228AA7ZMsA&show=7#profile-info-ezQwEaJLaa;_ylt=Ag4UceOKYaro21HdnN8w.mgjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20071103085813AAolWV5;_ylt=AtORF66bLNbNEjhIPDWC_6MjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20071031122504AArGj8B


  • 34 Edvin // Jun 10, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    I just wanna say all people who think mexicans are just mexicans..are so WRONG. I agree strongly with you GLORIA..and tottally disagree with you IRMA who thinks she has ROYAL MEXICAN BLOOD IN HER and LEARN if youve really been to MEXICO a billion times as you say youve clearly ever been to COSTA CHICA, VERACRUZ, OAXACA, GUERRERO and those are just some in general. This is for all you non believers my family is AFRO-MEXICAN born in MEXICO…RESEARCH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! IGNORANT PEOPLE

  • 35 jose // Jun 17, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    Ignorance is all the hostility going on in this forum, One by one people are just going back and forth ending up at the same place.F@#* everything that has been said in this forum and accept variety, accept the different views and patch up the differences. It really gets old especially when neither side or sides agree on anything. There is no hate unless you let affect you, I’ve been in many situation in which I could have used the race card or the hate card but for what, so that I can feel angry at a group for the active of on one person. My advice to you all is stop bickering and start living, you are not going to gain anything from argue on some forum and keep an open-mind because it paves the way toward unity and equality.

  • 36 T.V. // Jun 18, 2009 at 9:48 am

    Latino’s are (Black People) because of slavery when The Spianards raped African women/Black Indian women and had light skinned babies who was still considered as black kids. Anyways all Latinos are (Black People) basically the first people on Mexico’ s territory waaaaas!! African’s who was considered as Indian people other Latin countries also had Africans as their first inhabitants such as Brazil, Argentina,Columbia and etc. Until the “Whiteman/Gringo’s” came by accident thinking that it was India !?. So when people try divide BLACK’S and LATINO NEGRO’S into two different groups they need too read some history books and findout the truth theirselves whitecrakers lying to us. Now Back to what I was trying to say IF LATINO do not have African ancestry why do they come in different tone’s/shades’s of color as blacks do . Just because you speak spanish don’t means you aren’t no “NEGRA/NIGGA!!!!.

  • 37 ISEEYOURHATE // Jun 19, 2009 at 11:39 am


  • 38 Mexican breath // Sep 9, 2009 at 5:08 pm

    I dont understand? the truth is out there and people dont care.
    this is a great article that has alot oof information, alot of history about our people but the reason why people dont belive in it; is because they are program to not think that way ….. theres a saying europeans conquer the world, but most importantly conquer information about the world. Meaning the majority of things we are tought in public schools for generations have always been about how great the white man is face it people the Spanish man is white you cannot get people like my self and other dark skinned mexicans from europeans and indians is imposible that’s why I say Fuck the Mestizo race I’m a real Mexican from Mexico Afro-Mestizo, jorocho lo que me quiera llamar all you people ever done is look done at us. We are not normal in your eyes because we are not your typical mexican but one thing for a fact I’m not white, or Indian, I’m still Black!

  • 39 drmexi // Oct 17, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    black, white, brown, purple green whatever color, sry to break it to you.. but its not a race it is a color..so0o ppl lets get over this whole racism bull shit sry to break it to you guys again but racism has been around for how long?? its never going away racism has been and will always be all over the world no mater what country you are from and no matter what color you may be..yes its sad, but its the sad truth of mankind!i hate how ppl think racism comes from just one color or one country thats being very Mexican Dominican and very proud of my roots and blood i dont favor mexico nor dr i cherish both im fair skin brown eyes black afro like hair my mom is dominican light skin curly hair my father afro mexican. i was born into washington dc slums and was raised in jackson heights ny..n i feel coming from where i came from i did pretty damn well for myself so my point is its not what your ethnicity is or where your from its about your heart and if your black white mexican dominican hispanic latino asian.. just be PROUD cuz you cant change your backround just lie about it and deal wit your lies! IT IS WHAT IT IS!

  • 40 LEE // Oct 31, 2009 at 7:31 pm

    I am an African-American woman with an 11 yr old daughter. I want to move to Mexico. I am interested in living in an area where my daughter will be able to not experience too much of Irma’s point of view, although I believe we will run into quite a bit of that! I want to move to a place where there will be a large group of Afro-Mexicans that are proud of who they are. I am thinking of a place where my daughter will not feel too out of place. If there is anyone that can give me some suggestions and tips, I will be grateful. Please feel free to email me at yeessou at
    Please no nasty emails, I went to Mexico a couple of times and really loved it and would just like to relocate there and live a peaceful life with my child. Thanks for your help and I hope to meet and make some good friends.

  • 41 Jamel // Feb 19, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    I think people have their own opinions. some agree others disagree. one’s personal opinion or experience have the others asking , that’s nice but how does this relate to me. let’s just all agree that we are human beings with our own inheritance.

    and yes there are people who abandon their race and those to take pride. really there just lost and confusion. so they tend to be somebody they not. but what could we do about it. it’s the culture is fun and everybody likes it. Then everybody wants to be that race and find some feature similar just to fit in. but some take pride

  • 42 Victor // Feb 20, 2010 at 11:52 pm

    This great country we live in is unique in many postive and not-so-positive ways. I was raised in Miami, FL where the majority of Hispanics at the time were Cubans of (mostly) Spanish/European extraction. My father, having predominantly this genetic makeup (although with VERY course hair, perhaps of a Sephardic or Arab strain?) was/is generally accepted as “white” amongst that community. My mother is from the Caribbean coast of Colombian where there is generous racial mixture, hers in particular being Native Indian/mulatto/European. I pretty much of show touches of all of these, as a fair amount of Caribbean Hispanics show. I created a horrible complex of some of my facial features and the texture of my hair due to the INCESSANT taunting of friends and close family members. Cubans tend to be (perhaps like Americans?) a hypocritically racist culture. Where on EARTH did all those Cuban mulattoes come from? ;-) Also, the music, the food, the horrible Spanish spoken, the mannerisms, the pagan religous practices, the superstitions, are predominantly…AFRICAN. Sure, there are some touches of Spain/Europe in there, but nowhere near as much as, say, Buenos Aires or Montevideo. Anyway, since, of course, almost all of the wealth in Cuba, as with most Latin-American countries, belonged ( s ) to the whites, they were the ones that were able to get out and start anew, some of them bringing their skills and knowledge, others bringing their INCREDIBLE ignorance passed on from the colonial days. No matter how galactically stupid or uneducated they were, as long as they were white, they felt superior. Hmmm, sounds eerily familiar, doesn’t it? I tended to gravitate towards students of African-American descent or other Hispanics of mixed race. Yes, I wrote race. Hispanic or Latino is NOT a race, as someone eloquently pointed out earlier. We come in a wide range of races, just that we all speak (or our parents/grandparents) Spanish. I loved the “same ship, different trip” saying! I remember as a kid watching a Mexican T.V. program: “Siempre En Domingo” where there once was an Afro-Mexican performance troupe named “Gotitas de Chocolate”. They left such an impression on me, that I ran to do some research in the library (no internet then). Although quite aware of the role of Spain in the diaspora, I frankly didn’t realize they had brought African slaves to Mexico. Someone earlier mentioned an African-Bolivian culture. New to me. Thanks, I will definitely reasearch that too. I knew of the obvious ones, the Caribbean islands, the coasts of Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador. Also of the Garifuna culture in Central America, though their European ancestry, I believe is British? Please correct me if I’m wrong. Last year, a white American asked me if I was of Olmec descent. I stood stupefied, wondering…”what”? Weren’t they from Mexico? Well, I quickly did some research on them, and, let me tell ya, I could see why he thought that. They definitely looked Sub-Saharan African to me. Who knows if they made their way down to Colombia where my mom is from. Wow, I would be so proud to say I have strains of that great culture!!

  • 43 Gitana // Mar 25, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    I think all of you are right and wrong in some way, in México there was immigrants from all over the glove, but Mexicans can be ignorant, and don’t get me wrong because I’m Mexican a proud Mexican but there is no education for many of us and this may be the link why Mexicans usually fall behind of any other race. Irma is right that many are because of envy and they don’t like to see other Mexican to get smarter or have better things, what I don’t agree with Irma is that she says that we lost our Mayan dialog, in first place not all Mexican are decedents from the Mayans or the Aztecs. Is dumb to say something like that she is comparing the Jews with Mexicans, let’s just say that jews are not as meztisos as any Latin people. I’m Spanish descendent, black, French and Indian but my closes roots are Spanish and French why should I be speaking a dialog when I don’t know anything about it? I recognized that I have sambo and Indian in me but that was my ancestors. Many Mexicans do believe strongly that Mexicans are just Indians and Spaniards…So wrong, even some mulatos in Mexico believe that their color is because the Indians were dark, and they do not accept that there was other immigrants in Mexico. The Mexican say is that (soy mas mejicano que el nopal) I’m more Mexican then the own cactus. So stupid, when actually the indepandece was thanks to our black ancestry as Jose Maria Morelos and many more, Emiliano Zapata the Indian from the south, Come on he was have Indian, African and Spanish. See how wrong is every one here.

  • 44 Gitana // Mar 25, 2010 at 1:00 pm

    I think all of you are right and wrong in some way, in México there was immigrants from all over the glove, but Mexicans can be ignorant, and don’t get me wrong because I’m Mexican a proud Mexican but there is no education for many of us and this may be the link why Mexicans usually fall behind of any other race. Irma is right that many are because of envy and they don’t like to see other Mexican to get smarter or have better things, what I don’t agree with Irma is that she says that we lost our Mayan dialog, in first place not all Mexican are decedents from the Mayans or the Aztecs. Is dumb to say something like that she is comparing the Jews with Mexicans, let’s just say that jews are not as meztisos as any Latin people. I’m Spanish descendent, black, French and Indian but my closes roots are Spanish and French why should I be speaking a dialog when I don’t know anything about it? I recognized that I have sambo and Indian in me but that was my ancestors. Many Mexicans do believe strongly that Mexicans are just Indians and Spaniards…So wrong, even some mulatos in Mexico believe that their color is because the Indians were dark, and they do not accept that there was other immigrants in Mexico. The Mexican say is that (soy mas mejicano que el nopal) I’m more Mexican then the own cactus. So stupid, when actually the indepandece was thanks to our black ancestry as Jose Maria Morelos and many more, Emiliano Zapata the Indian from the south, Come on he was have Indian, African and Spanish. See how wrong is every one here, don’t tried to say that our culture is been an Indian. This seems a sort of Taboo for a Mexican not recognizing that every Mexican has something else besides been an Indian. By the way excuse my grammar but this is not my first language.

  • 45 Gitana // Mar 26, 2010 at 11:59 am

    To LEARN, I think you are an ignorant Indian. You want to make look like every Mexican out there is an Indian. Well let me tell you something that you are wrong, is not other’s Mexican faults that you are 100% Indian and now you are trying to say that every Mexican is an Indian or have to say that yes they all are Indians, the color of the skin Is not a race, my great grand mother was an Indian she was the product of a rape, A F%%%% Indian rape my great great grand mother, and you want us to be proud of the malicious Indians out there, I’m not saying that I’m a shame that I may have some Indian on me, now my grand father was Spaniard who was kill by an Indian just because he was marry to my grand mother who was daughter of my great grand mother (halfindian) Indians can be mean and stupid. Because they think like animals and they are always jealous of other race, I wonder why, but as you can see now I’m been ignorant just like you stereotyping every Indian because I know there is good people and bad people, but most Indians are ignorant just like you, I wonder if you last name is Quetzalcoatl or lopez what is that say about you? My color is triguena, with black curly hair, tall and slim, thanks to my Indian ancestors, Black ancestors, Spaniard and French I’m beautiful and unique. So don’t say that every Mexican is Indian, if you Indian good for you, by the way why are you writing in English and not in your native language???

  • 46 Cole // Jun 23, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    You assume Mexican is a race which it’s not and that the only two you can be is either brown or black. That is total BS because my grandmother is Mexican and has RED HAIR AND GREEN EYES. Have you all forgotten Spanish is a European language?

  • 47 German Acevedo // Oct 12, 2010 at 3:11 am

    I just stomp into this article about my community from Costa Chica caused so many arguments and controversy. Maybe we need to start by uniting ourselves first before we would like others to do so.

    Peace and have a great day.

  • 48 white skin chicana // Dec 5, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    This is for irma I’m not going to be racist or trying to be mean but if anything u should of learned spanish regardless if ur parents only spoke english it doesn’t make any sense to me if anything ur more mexican than I am and my family are all from california,new mexico,and texas not one is from mexico and urs are I know a lil spanish not all crazy but enough u need to stop trying to be all grenga and be what u are mexican and I’m proud to say I’m a chicana mixed with native american apache tribe and I’m loving it and about mexicans that ar negros well nimodos they are born in mexico so I consider them mexican why the fuk all u hating on blacks we are all people damn

  • 49 white skin chicana // Dec 5, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    People need to stop talking shit about blacks in mexico who gives a fuck dude we are all humans whether we are cubans puerto ricans mexicans south american it doesn’t matter all speak spanish stop argueing about it and we should unite not discriminate

  • 50 Ms Amerique // Apr 25, 2011 at 10:22 am

    I am so happy to have stumbled upon your site. I’m an African-American living in Europe, and I always like to check in on the progress of our people in South America & in Mexico. I’m happy to see that our folks in the south are resisting the media propaganda and forging relationships across our many color lines as people of the diaspora.

    We are strongest when we are united, and weakened when divided. We must keep that in mind when the US attempts to stoke divisions to weaken our collective power.

    Please keep up the great work. I’ll pass your site on to my friends.

  • 51 Phil // May 16, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    I read a comment about Mexican Negros are Mexican and that African Americans only look at The external. President Obama is as mixed as any
    biracial person but he is black. Mexico’s Vicente Guerrero era un mulato and secound ptesident Of Mexico. Mexico has isolated threes black population from the rest of the world.

    Mexican town Yanga named after a black slave
    I have listened to the Mexucan population they all
    Are proud Yo be call black although most are Afomestizo, my friend Mexicans deny having a black population and many are harassed by police
    and asked for ID ,s and accused of being Cuban.

  • 52 Garica // Jul 19, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    Mexicans like the rest of South Americans are NOT a race. There are more black mexicans, more white mexicans, more indian mexicans, more afro-indian mexicans and more mestizo mexicans and a mixture of all of this. the difference between the relationship between black mexicans and lighter mexicans is that on the most part mexicans are pretty culturally homogenous. Thsi is the case in a lot of places. All cubans share one culture, call dominicans, puerto ricans and columbians pretty much share one culture. In America extreme and legal segregation impeded that process, which is why black americans and white americans feel so separate. but when mexicans realize that black Americans are NOT a separate race but just another group in N. Africa that has more African ancestry like their own black mexicans and that that is not bad then relations will get better. The same goes for Americans realizing that Mexicans are not another race but just more mixed people of the Americas.

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