America could use more politicians like John Edwards

May 15th, 2008 · 4 Comments

Before endorsing Barack Obama today, Senator John Edwards praised Hillary Clinton’s efforts and work in this presidential primary campaign calling her a “woman who is made of steel.” He spoke at length of her strengths and contributions to the Democratic Party in a classy and collegial manner. I have come to expect this from him. In the presidential debates early in the primary season, he would often stay above the fray and the initial spats between Clinton and Obama. Many times Edwards appeared to be the most presidential.

I appreciated John Edwards for speaking out on behalf of the poorest Americans. He also is a big believer in the notion that everyone can obtain a college education, which is actually a concept that Harry Truman first brought to the national agenda with the Presidential Commission on Higher Education in 1947. Over 60 years later in America, and we are still falling short of enrolling our citizens in postsecondary institutions and assisting them with the support needed to graduate and complete degree programs that allow them to earn a decent living. As I have discussed before, Latinos are terribly under-represented in American colleges and universities.

John Edwards is still involved in the College for Everyone Program, which is a scholarship program that he and his wife Elizabeth started three years ago in North Carolina. As one of the only presidential candidates this season to really give higher education more thought than a few talking points, he used this opportunity today in stepping out on the national stage again to reach his former supporters via e-mail to donate to the College for Everyone effort.

John Edwards showed true leadership today in calling for the Democrats to come together to win back the White House by devoting their energy to campaigning against John McCain. There has been much speculation that should Obama win in November that he might consider John Edwards for Attorney General or some other cabinet level position. Wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air, especially after having to endure Alberto Gonzales (aka Fredo)? I hope that he continues to be part of the discussion and policy making process because he has some great ideas for helping the most needy of Americans.

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  • 1 Barrio Abogado // May 15, 2008 at 10:08 am

    I see the DNC leadership trying to figure out the end game strategy for Clinton to exit with dignity. Clinton wants to hold her head high and feel good about her efforts. She deserves our admiration. She ran a strong campaign. While I did not agree with her decision to go negative, we all know that hit pieces work. She was able to stall Obama’s momentum. We need to let her finish the race. I think she should pitch endorsing Obama and in exchange ask for help to pay off her debt.

    I think Obama should seriously consider her for VP. She brings women, white, Latino and rural voters. Something Obama needs in November. For Clinton it is a win, win. If Obama loses in the Fall, then she is ready to take on McCain in four years. If Obama wins, then as VP Clinton will be ready to add another four or eight years of Democratic rule.

    This election is the Democrats to lose. The results from the Mississippi congressional race on Tuesday clearly shows the country wants change. The GOP is scrambling to find a message that resonates with voters. They tried tying the Democratic candidate with Obama and Rev. Wright and they lost by over 8 percentage points. Ouch! Things do not bode well for the Republicans, but the Democrats need to get through the end of these primaries without further damaging themselves and get on with the real task at hand….beating McCain!!

  • 2 Michaelr // May 15, 2008 at 6:01 pm

    We will not see the likes of John Edwards in U.S. politics in our lifetime again. There are so many similarities in both his approach, and his political concerns for the nation as a whole with the late Bobby Kennedy, that you can’t help but see the comparisons. Hopefully, there’s a place in Barack Obama’s cabinet for John Edwards.

    John Edwards’ endorsement of Barack Obama for President signaled that its time to call an end to the indecisive wishy-washy death march of Hillary Clinton, and come together as Democrats to push the GOP out of the White House. Notice how the United Steel Worker’s Union quickly shifted its support to Obama. The blue-collar industry is now waking up and moving in the right direction. Nobody has seen and embraced poverty issues like John Edwards, and he publicly made yesterday one of the most eloquent gestures to Hillary Clinton, calling her “a woman of steel,” in his efforts to unite the Democratic Party. Hopefully her ego can see beyond her ambition, and save a nation in badly need of rebuilding after eight years of leadership that incorporated larceny, cronyism, and lies to exploit the U.S. taxpayer and steal food from the mouths of their children.

  • 3 reenee // May 15, 2008 at 10:14 pm

    Given her rabid approach towards securing the office she feels is hers to hold, I’m not so sure that HillRod is capable of a graceful exit.
    If she does somehow rise to the occasion it will be because someone like Carville has wrestled her to the ground and made her say uncle with the promise of something tangible and worth her while.

  • 4 Miguel // May 22, 2008 at 8:55 am

    John Edwards made his millions (he’s worth about 100 million)suing doctors for not giving women c-sections ,which according to him is why they have cerebral palsey. Turns out CP is not caused by fetal distress. From time to time he uses the story of his son dead Wade to appeal to the sympathy of juries. What a disgusting human being. Using his dead son to make money.

    He is an ambulance chaser. If you pay a fortune in health care you can thank John Edwards.

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