Looks like Palin hasn’t been studying her public policy!

September 25th, 2008 · 9 Comments

This is an interview that Palin did with Katie Couric yesterday. As many know, VP candidate Sarah Palin is not very media friendly, and it is becoming more painfully obvious why. The best part comes at the end when Couric asks her to provide some specific examples of where John McCain has pushed for more market regulation, and Palin couldn’t come up with any.

Having studied political science and public policy, I feel that watching Palin is like watching a deer caught in headlights. She doesn’t answer the questions very thoughtfully, and she doesn’t even study her political history and policy positions other than the canned talking points that she’s taken to repeating over and over again. Palin actually seems very uncomfortable being probed about specific policies and current events.

Could this poor performance by Sarah Palin be the real reason why McCain is suspending his campaign?

If you can’t listen to the clip, read this:

COURIC: You’ve said, quote, “John McCain will reform the way Wall Street does business.” Other than supporting stricter regulations of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac two years ago, can you give us any more example of his leading the charge for more oversight?

PALIN: I think that the example that you just cited, with his warnings two years ago about Fannie and Freddie — that, that’s paramount. That’s more than a heck of a lot of other senators and representatives did for us.

COURIC: But he’s been in Congress for 26 years. He’s been chairman of the powerful Commerce Committee. And he has almost always sided with less regulation, not more.

PALIN: He’s also known as the maverick, though. Taking shots from his own party, and certainly taking shots from the other party. Trying to get people to understand what he’s been talking about — the need to reform government.

COURIC: I’m just going to ask you one more time, not to belabor the point. Specific examples in his 26 years of pushing for more regulation?

PALIN: I’ll try to find you some, and I’ll bring them to you.

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  • 1 EYES OF TEXAS // Sep 25, 2008 at 8:51 am

    How about good ole Joe Biden saying that Roosevelt was President during the Great Depression and that he spoke to the people via television broadcast? Double Duh. He doesn’t sound like the sharpest knife in the drawer either.

    Sarah Palin will learn everything she is required to know to do her job as VP under the leadership of John McCain. For Obama, if elected, it will all be on the job training as President. That is very unsettling to most Americans.

  • 2 MgF // Sep 25, 2008 at 10:21 am

    E of T~ stop defending a candidate that can’t even answer the most important questions. McCain has already admitted the economy is not his area of strength, and THAT is what is unsettling to Americans. He’s scared, his VP candidate is unprepared, unqualified, and let’s face it~ she’ll be searching for examples of his stellar track record for a loooooong time.

  • 3 Latino Consultant // Sep 25, 2008 at 10:39 am

    Eyes of Texas , hey dude! Have you seen what George Will, David Brooks and Andrew Charles have written about her? – all strong conservatives voices, all saying he is not qualified and because of that conservatives should not work for McCain.

  • 4 EYES OF TEXAS // Sep 25, 2008 at 10:55 am

    Like McCain says at all his campaign stops, America First. He has now proven that he means it and it’s not just a campaign slogan. Sarah Palin is more experienced at making governmental executive decisions that effect the lives of ordinary people because of her Governorship. Obama has spent his entire tenure as a Senator doing nothing but campaigning for office, not participating in the Senate. Sarah Palin is in the VP slot under a seasoned Senator that will show her the way around Washington and the world. The Oval Office is not the place for on the job training, which it will be if (mighty big if) Obama is elected. Even Obamas VP pick seems to realize now just how unqualified his running mate actually is.

  • 5 Sophia Lanier Lopez // Sep 25, 2008 at 11:41 am

    It is very troubling to hear how willing this country is to settle for someone who readily admits to not knowing too much about the economy. McCain sounds more and more like he is bumbling through the last of this political race and is looking forward to a good rest as president. Unfortunately that is not what this country needs. We need someone who can step in with a firm grasp of all of the issues and the energy and chutzpah to pull this country back from economic ruin, financial collapse and international ridicule. McCain is not up to the task and every time he opens his mouth it becomes amazing clear that he is too old for the job. I do not at all want to disparage older Americans but truly how many older Americans (those in their 70’s ) would honestly want someone in their age group to try and tackle the incredibly complex issues the next president will have to face. I was not an Obama supporter at the beginning of this race but I believe the Obama/Biden ticket will give this country the leadership and intelligence it needs to re-invent itself with the concept of inclusivity that will allow full participations from all of us, because that is going to be what it takes to bring this country up again. Not just an Obama presedency but full participation of the American people. I appreciate all the things Senator McCain has done for this country, he is truly a great American, but the next president…I think not. We cannot afford to have a presidents who has so much to learn, while his vice-president is still using training wheels to negotiate, domestic and foreigh policy.

  • 6 jammer // Sep 25, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    Oye ojos de tejas. In case you missed out on your news source Oprah. Roosevelt was President during the Great Depression that is why he is credited with ending that financial disaster. And, He was the first President to have his image and voice televised. Isn’t America great? It allows even dummies like you to express an opinion. As for Palin, she hasn’t sharpened up on anything since being selected as McLame’s running mate. When she can’t answer simple questions about her running mate… Que Lastima.

  • 7 reenee // Sep 25, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    Adriana, I applaud your willingness to publish so much silliness from people who apparently get their news from Rush Limbaugh. It’s quite entertaining.

    And Jammer, thanks for the added laughs.

  • 8 Hector // Oct 2, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    Eyes of Texas, admit Palin is hot and thats why you are voting for McCain. You were a former minute man..LOL.Go Obama!

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