“That one” wins the last presidential debate!

October 17th, 2008 · 4 Comments

Again, the network pundits and polls have come out in favor of Barack Obama’s performance earlier this week. It doesn’t appear that John McCain delivered the knockout punch that many were anticipating.

I was able to catch most of the debate, and what struck me was John McCain’s discussion about how Sarah Palin knows about the struggles of children with autism. Even though reports are coming out that there are children in Palin’s extended family who suffer from autism, it sounded as if McCain was confusing Down syndrome with autism. Palin’s infant son suffers from Down syndrome, as many of you know. It just seemed awkward the way he presented his case about autism. Hat tip to the Momocrats for pointing this out:

I also liked how Obama addressed the whole Ayers and ACORN issues. I think that he effectively put these issues to bed, especially when you consider that Dr. Ayers has long ago left his radical lifestyle for a life in the academy and that ACORN has taken steps to remedy any fraudulent voter registrations. One real obvious issue with the fake ACORN registrations is that if someone registered a name like Mickey Mouse or Goofy or even Paris Hilton, the fraud would likely be tagged by the election workers who are trained to catch such issues at the polls.

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  • 1 MacDaddy // Oct 17, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    Is this all they’ve got? Is this their October surprise? It’s not just about the non-vetted, poor decision to put clue Gov. Palin on the ticket. The McCain campaign has no central theme, no discipline, and no integrity– despite McCain’s promise to run a clean campaign. Now he’s using the same firm that smeared him in 2000 to smear Obama. Pathetic.

  • 2 PABLO // Oct 17, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    Dose it seem to you as if McCain might have given up?

  • 3 HispanicPundit // Oct 18, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    I have to agree with you. As a conservative myself, I have to admit that Obama comes across as much more honest, knowledgeable, and level headed.

    McCain comes across as temperamental, dishonest (always trying to paint Obama in an unfair light) and frankly, a bit dogmatic.

    I predict an Obama win come November.

  • 4 Reyfeo // Oct 18, 2008 at 6:33 pm

    I disagree with your assessments. Latinos, continue to fall into the “goofed not by slight of hand but by slight of words” category…unfortunately Latinos often associate these debates as popularity contest and render the winner the one who has the best comeback…
    …that said, I believe this debate gave us more of the same from the first two debates; simple talking points by both candidates.

    Look folks, Obama is no Clinton! Thank God! The 90’s aren’t coming back…security, good sound fiscal budgets and someone like McCain who has a proven record of fighting pork and useless bills is the way to go (long for small Government). Did I mention experience?

    But I digress and so here’s how I see it based on the debate as a finality on three key points:

    Abortion: If you believe in killing unborn babies, Obama is your man…don’t care how you paint this, you are killing babies, If words like Pro-Choice help you sleep at night good for you, but you are Pro-Abortion not Pro-Choice. Obama by the way voted against a bill to rid late term abortions…What is it that you say? Woman’s Rights? Pro-Choice? Call it what you want, your killing babies and what I can’t figure out is why Latinos aren’t against that…it would be wrong for me to assume that most Latinos are Roman Catholic as I my am not (although I was raised Catholic) and further assume they are at minimum of Christian faith, a faith that clearly states, abortion is wrong.

    Taxes: Sen Obama has repeatedly called on Taxes for the rich, or as he loves to say it, the “top 5%” and the now infamous talking point “tax breaks for 95% of US families”. Unfortunately this rings of unionization over kill of the past, where Unions kept asking always for more to the point they bankrupt the hand that fed them…just look at Detroit! No longer the formidable automobile builder city, much less a seller of. My point being that if Obama insist on Taxing the rich to distribute the wealth to the poor (to include those who don’t even pay taxes at the lower brackets!), how soon before they (the rich, that is) take their money offshore, or their business’ for that matter (as we have already seen) elsewhere, like say Mexico, Thailand or China…AND, what does that say to my young Latino brethren…”go ahead do the minimums, ultimately your mediocre and barely adequate work ethic is going to give you the same as the guy that worked his tail off”…GIMMME A BREAK! Really is it me or is this some San Francisco/California thing? Our proud parents and grandparents didn’t teach us this…and I certainly don’t want Obama giving me someone else’s hard earned money. And BTW Obama is in favor of letting the Bush Tax’s Cuts expire, which ultimately raises all OF OUR TAXES! Is this really what you want in this economy?

    Honesty: “no integrity”, are you kidding me?…McCain has served this country with distinct honors! Your dis-agreement with his policies are okay, but to then disparage the man with negative words like “no integrity”…This seems out of line to me as the man has been imprisoned for our right to free speech on the website. And YES, questioning any “potential” leader of the free-world’s greatest nation on his/her associations is in my opinion fair game. To date, Obama has not been clear as to why he was even associated with the likes of Wright and Ayers. I truly don’t believe Obama answered the ACORN and Ayers issues in this debate…I and many others aren’t clear as to why we would even consider a person as a potential presidential candidate at all with associations of the likes of Ayers…is he really a reformed domestic bomber? Yeah right! Please at least try to remain unbiased when writing your articles.
    Look folks, Obama is no Clinton! The 90’s aren’t coming back…security, good sound fiscal budgets and someone like McCain who has a proven record of fighting pork and useless bills is the way to go.

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