Would General Colin Powell endorse an Islamic terrorist?

October 19th, 2008 · 5 Comments

A few months ago, one of my cousins sent me one of those forwards that was flying around the internet about Senator Barack Obama being an Islamic terrorist. I replied to him that it wasn’t very likely and that most of the message was not grounded in truth or even good journalism for that matter. So to everyone who has advanced the “Obama is radical” or “Obama has links to Muslim estremism” memes, I ask you: Would General Powell endorse an Islamic terrorist? Watch this, think, and decide for yourself:

The photo that General Powell was referring to is this one taken from the New Yorker photo essay, Service.

Photo Credit: The New Yorker

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  • 1 Michaelr // Oct 19, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    How moronic is that assumption? To think Barack Obama is a Terrorist, or even has sympathies towards Islamic fundamentalists. Of course someone’s Terrorist is someone else’s freedom fighter. But this particular accusation is all grounded in good old American racism. The Patriot Act allows law-enforcement to arrest and detain indefinitely human beings accused of aiding and abetting Terrorists, or of course being an actual Terrorist. If Joseph McCarthy were alive today, all people of color would be behind bars. I don’t think the Chicago Police Department is preparing to invade Barack Obama’s residential property and arrest him for being a Terrorist. The 18th Century British monarchy and half of the American colonists living through the American Revolution referred to George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and most of the other Founding Fathers as terrorists. The word Terrorist is now being used as just another euphemism for nigger, spick, or beaner. More dialogue and fear mongering from racist WASPs terrified of the inevitable.

  • 2 Mexitli // Oct 19, 2008 at 5:53 pm

    I do not know of anyone who thinks Obama is a terrorist.

    But to asnwer your question, Powell did endorse Bush and Cheney. IMO that’s about as terroristic as you can get.

    Also, I do not think WASPS have a greater propensity for racism than ehh, beaners et al do.

    I like Barack Obama very much. I am an old school liberal Democrat born and bred. But he is DEAD wrong on the economy. As wrong as the Republicans were on immigration.

  • 3 pajamadeen // Oct 19, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    Terrorism – the mantra of the Bush adminitration. Keep everyone in a heightened state of anxiety, to deflect attention from everything else that’s going on in this country. Fear. McCain and Palin play that same card. Practically every time McCain speaks, he talks about “fight” for this and “fight” for that. The war on terror. The war in Iraq. The war on drugs. And so forth. Fight, fight, fight. Keep everyone terrified. So, who is the real “terrorist?”

    I actually lost a “friend” over those nasty Barack Obama is a Muslim-terrorist-evildoer-blah-blah e’mail chain letters. My “friend” kept forwarding that stuff to me. Last year, he kept forwarding anti-Hispanic e’mails. This year, it’s the blacks, in the form of Barack Obama. He kept sending them, despite my requests not to do so. The third time was the charm, and I told him “hasta la vista, baby.”

  • 4 theKaiser // Oct 20, 2008 at 11:43 am

    I thought Colin Powell addressed this question with dignity and class. Behavior that is seemingly unusual within the GOP now. The further the GOP moves to the right, the more idiotic and perverse they behave. Terrorist is the new negative slant word for the 21st century, as was Socialist, and Communist was before that. People, who don’t read books, send money to televangelists and depend on network television for all their information are truly at a loss here, since they are so easily swayed to believe all these lies promoted by McCain/Palin. And the GOP was once the party of Barry Goldwater, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. It is now so difficult to associate the values of the GOP with those great men.

  • 5 Bearguez // Oct 21, 2008 at 12:12 pm

    I don’t think you can reasonably even begin to argue with Colin Powell’s statement. The John McCain/Sarah Palin Presidential ticket just took a knockout blow. Where the GOP goes from here is truly discouraging. William F. Buckley must be rolling around in his grave.

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