Bill Richardson – our celeb politico!

November 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment

If you are a fan of film or have watched any of the modern Westerns such as 310 to Yuma or Appaloosa, you will notice the New Mexico scenery in the background. Governor Bill Richardson has been instrumental in expanding the film industry in the Land of Enchantment bringing with it plenty of dollars to pump into the state’s economy. If you need mountain terrain, desert scenes or Spanish colonial or Native American structures, New Mexico is your location.

Last weekend, Governor Richardson hosted a dinner party for some of the Hollywood elite at the governor’s mansion in Santa Fe. In thanking the Hollywood folks who have brought business to his state, Richardson lays the foundation to further cultivate these people for campaign donations down the line. As Seneca has wisely pointed out, Bill Richardson is our only celebrity politico — he can effectively interact in both worlds with a certain flair and style without being boorish.

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  • 1 Mexitli // Nov 29, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    “…he can effectively interact in both worlds with a certain flair and style without being boorish.”

    He needs to cut down on the steaks.

    Richardson in some ways is like Obama. Clearly, Richardson could not have won the governorship without the white male vote. Neither would have Obama.

    But the vote came because of being marginally Mexican and marginally Black.

    Marginally meaning on the increment.

    Like Achilles, Richardson was only dipped up to his heels. ( A joke). Likewise, Obama was not raised African American. He is the son of an immigrant. But his father was not the descendant of African American slaves. Obama is Black, no doubt about that, but he was raised white.

    They both blend in both in (their respective) worlds.

    But the comparison ends there.

    “America” has a minority, and it isn’t the Mexicans.

    That’s only in the So. West, we are sometimes purported as ethnic cleansers, homosexual prison gang members and sub-human monsters that sell and use drugs. Not to mention blood thirsty, demon- possessed Aztec paganists.

    Yet, no matter what has been done to eliminate us, we have proven to be one of the world’s most resilient peoples.

    Europeans have tried all sorts of things to get rid of us.

    Doing it to ourselves only helps them.

    Richardson blends, but he is no vendido. And neither is Nuñez or Villaraigosa.

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