Thursday Roundup in the Realm of Latino Politics

February 5th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Here are some items we are paying attention to:

  • Panel to Vote on Solis Nomination (Today!): I did like this article in the San Francisco Chronicle discussing how Solis’s support for the enforcement of workplace standards could lessen the likelihood of employers using undocumented workers. However, USA Today is reporting some old tax liens on her husband’s business. I think that she will be confirmed because these tax issues are relatively minor compared to those of Tom Daschle, and Ms. Solis is not a partner in her husband’s business.
  • Think Latinos are ambivalent about immigration? A commentary refuting this piece from a few days earlier about where immigration reform ranks on the policy agenda for Latinos.

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  • 1 DelToro // Feb 5, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    Hey that was interesting they got a member of one hate group Clarissa Martinez of National Council of “THE RACE”/”LA RAZA” to comment on a guy they claim is part of a hate group. Hmmmm. I wonder if there is an agenda here? NCLR+LA TIMES=Lies, propaganda and BS. Check the facts put forth by Clarissa you will find some interesting things. “Americans want the 12 million illegals made legal and to learn english and pay taxes”. Hmmmm. It is almost as if the last two parts are after thoughts. Americans want this so bad that at a rate of 70% they told congress “no amnesty”. Hmmmmm.

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