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February 12th, 2009 · 6 Comments

It’s been a busy week, but rest assured that we will be putting up new content in the next few days. I know that some people have commented about wanting a blog post on the stimulus, and I will be working on that. I have mixed feelings about the whole plan and whether it will even work as much as we hope. I do like this short blog post connecting the dots between the stimulus and banking rescue.

  • In other news, Hilda Solis has cleared the committee vote in her nomination for Secretary of Labor. Senators Roberts (R-Kansas) and Coburn (R-Oklahoma) voted no in committee. Now the nomination will go to the full Senate for a vote (hopefully today or tomorrow). The folks at the Coconut Caucus have a funny blog post about a conference call organized yesterday morning by the Latino leadership organizations who are pushing for this confirmation. I listened to most of the call, and I do wish that the Latino orgs had better coordinated with other pro-Solis interest groups. Emily’s List created a petition for people to sign to support Solis last week, and the unions are supportive of this nomination as well. It bodes better for Latino organizations to stand in a coalition in pushing for this nomination in my view. I do know that there are Asian and African-American group members who have expressed support for Solis as well. Hopefully, next time there is more coordination since we have known about the hold up on this confirmation for a little while now.
  • Here’s a good summary post about the latest and greatest from Mayor Villaraigosa. Just yesterday, he responded to some questions from the LA Times about his plans. You might want to check it out. Yesterday, he was also in DC lobbying for stimulus funds.

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  • 1 jammer // Feb 12, 2009 at 5:03 pm

    I think that the Republicans have a stratagy that they fell into accidentally. They are going to play tag team on any proposal that Obama’s administration comes up with to delay or sink his proposals. They are more concerned with republican agenda then they are with America’s agenda. The first few days of this session really demonstrates just how polarized the Congress has become. Everyone in the Congress is more concerned with their re-election, first. Their parties agenda, second. Making the other party look bad, third. Getting rich off their gig, Fourth and some where way down the list is what is good for America.

  • 2 Anna // Feb 12, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    I’m glad that he’s lobbying for funds in Washington DC. Did you know that California sends more money back to Washington than it receives in services? California gets 0.78 cents back on the dollar, while Oklahoma gets $1.36.

  • 3 DelToro // Feb 13, 2009 at 9:42 am

    Anna: I’m glad that he’s lobbying for funds in Washington DC. Did you know that California sends more money back to Washington than it receives in services? California gets 0.78 cents back on the dollar, while Oklahoma gets $1.36

    Great point Anna. Imagine if we could just get reimbursed on the money spent on education, medical and incarceration of illegal aliens. Can you say “windfall”.

  • 4 Anna // Feb 13, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    What about the wealth that they create? Agriculture is a 100+ billion dollar industry in California. Illegal immigrants plant the seeds, pick the crops, process the food and ship the food. They are involved in all aspects of food production. They receive low wages (often below minimum wage), no healthcare benefits, and no paid vacation or days off. Sometimes they die in the fields because the growers won’t let them take water breaks.

    Everybody likes to talk about getting reimbursed, and I agree that we are essentially subsidizing agribusiness by paying the healthcare costs of their workers. On the other hand, we get cheap food, so we are benefitting as well. Why do you think it’s possible to have all those all you can eat salad bars?

    As for incarceration, they are now beginning to jail people for being here illegally and holding them indefinitely. You see, prisons are now on the stock market and there is now a profit motive to incarcerate as many people as possible. If somebody’s only crime is being here illegally, they should be deported, not held here at taxpayer’s expense.

    Corporations are running amok.

  • 5 Reyfeo // Feb 14, 2009 at 9:22 am

    WOW! Anna sounds like she has a good input up until she goes over the edge and sounds like one of those conspiracy thoerist who believe the Gov’t was responsible for 9-11.
    The reality is California is broke, so people like Anna are going to have to decide, health care for illegals (and possible rise in food cost) or sink California into beyond repair. Arnold, your Govenator, is trying to do just that, with no help from the unions who still believe they can keep earning outrageous wages amidst economic crisis, all the while, helping illegals get healthcare, etc, etc…(so lets ask DC for help, since we can’t things rt in Cali)

    So before you start slinging mud at me, the question is very simple and for ALL OF US to answer. Like California, will we bail out every industry until we are blue in the face, or in the real life case, bankrupt our grandchildren’s children? Blame who you will, republicans or democrats, but the second go-round of bailouts, will be our fault for letting Reid and Pelosi get out of control with all the unecessary “stimulus” (pork to some of us) they put into this well intentioned bill.

    To do nothing is not my stance, but we needed to do the right thing…for once lets agree we needed to do something, but that we should all have held congress (it just happens to be Democratically run) for insulting our intelligence thinking they can spend our children’s future money.
    So, go ahead, give me something I can chew on, not the same ol’ rhetoric i’m going to get from ANNA about how its this republicans fault and how voo-doo economics is the original blame etc…TELL me something we can move forward on.

    Side Story: I grew up in TExas…when I was growing up a lot of my relatives went to California looking for the land of milk and honey…typicall latinos (in Texas) we all percieved they made it big when they came back in they’re 88 Royals and Caddilacs…turns out they were living the big life on credit…only now well into my mid-ages do I realize how crazy a perception I had of Californai living. It’s unfortunate this metality has hit DC and now we all have to bail someone else out. BTW most them are now back in Texas hoping Social Security can cover there retirment expense…what a sad story.

  • 6 Anna // Feb 14, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    Re: “TELL me something we can move forward on. ”

    I wish I could, but corporate/ Republican ideology is deeply ingrained now. People think Republicans want to balance the budget…they don’t. They want to run a debt/deficit because Wall St makes money on the interest payments.

    During the recall election Arianna Huffington said that Arnold was being put in by the corporations to run up a debt and deficit. Every time he refuses to sign a budget on time, interest accrues on the debt and we end up owing more.

    That’s where our tax dollars are going. By the time Arnold leaves I bet we are 100 billion in debt.

    I don’t see it changing. People don’t get it.

    The corporations want to run the former CEO of Ebay for Governor in 2010.

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