Some reactions to President Obama’s State of Union Address

January 28th, 2010 · 7 Comments

I was able to catch most of the State of the Union last night, and before the President even entered the gallery, I was struck by a few things. One being Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez in her “Nancy Reagan red” suit yet again. She loves red suits, and she’s always in an aisle seat for the cameras so she can get in some fame whoring. Second, Congressman Joe Baca, ironically one of Congresswoman Sanchez’s alleged antagonists, was also in the center aisle early. I guess it is nice to see the President, Cabinet, and Supreme Court entourage up close and personal, but it’s interesting that these two characters would take time out of their day to stake out a seat. It’s not like they’re tourists who have never seen the President.

But to get to the substantive parts of President Obama’s speech, overall I thought it was ok. He did what we were expecting him to do, address the middle class and their needs, while focusing on jobs.

I liked that he addressed last week’s Supreme Court decision, especially stating that elections should not be controlled by corporations or foreign entities. You will notice that Justice Alito, who sided with the majority, seemed to be mouthing “not true.”

I also liked that the President urged the Congress to finish up health care reform, but he did not give any details or lay out a path for finishing it up. I hope that he doesn’t let the Congress abandon the effort, and even if a less desirable bill gets passed in the end, I’m hopeful that we can work to build upon it to improve it.

I thought that the short nod to immigration reform didn’t offer anything concrete, and Obama pointed toward the usual securing the borders and enforcing the immigration laws spiel that he usually says. I sense that many people feel that he could have come out more forcefully for immigration reform that restores justice and humanity to the process. But in light of the last outburst by Rep. Wilson last time “immigrants” were mentioned in a Presidential address before Congress, we should not be surprised that Obama didn’t offer more on the subject. As with health care, I think that Obama is going to let the Congress take the lead and see what kind of bill ends up coming out of the Senate.

On education, I was pleasantly encouraged. President Obama wants to pump $3 billion more into education and wants to expand Pell Grants and would like to limit the amount that people pay back in student loans, tying it to a percentage of their income earned after graduation.

Overall, I will say that President Obama knows how to give a great speech, but he’s at a point now where he has to show some results on his policy agenda. Undoubtedly, people are frustrated with this economy, but the American public, for all its frustration, will not remember that it took eight years of the previous administration’s policies that brought us to the brink of disaster. Instead, the public will look towards Obama and the solutions he offers when they head to the polls this November. We have a short memory in this country and forget our historical references. And finally, I’m inclined to believe that this proposed spending freeze won’t necessarily help people’s bottom line (check book), so in my view, it’s another gimmick for the public.

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  • 1 BettyM // Jan 28, 2010 at 11:08 am

    I think Obama did a good job — unfortunately most people expect immediate solutions to long-standing problems.

  • 2 IE // Jan 29, 2010 at 8:52 am

    The amazing thing about Alito’s reaction is that finally a Supreme Court Justice showed that the “Bench” is all about political influence and not just about the law.

    When I told my girlfriend about that law being passed by the Supreme Court, even she (who by the way doesn’t care much about politics) was appalled.

    Corporations having free speech amendment rights????? Please!!!!

    Well, that’s what you get from an over priced Ivy League education.

    Corruption at it’s finest!

  • 3 Bearguez // Jan 29, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    This says everything about what is the real definition of the “Rule of Law.” This U.S. Supreme Court has said in its ruling that everything now is for sale… everything.

  • 4 chalan // Jan 29, 2010 at 3:48 pm

    it was a good speech which unfortunately was to short on specifics, we need more of those. I agree that there is to much bipartisanship and conflicting ideologies getting in the way. No one wants to be the first to blink and compromise. We need to put more pressure on our elected officials to work for the good of the country and all Americans. Not just line their pockets and get re-elected. I think the president said that loud and clear and
    Alito’s demeanor showed that the other side is not ready to do that.

  • 5 Reyfeo // Jan 30, 2010 at 6:35 am

    It is clear this POTUS is phenomenal at speech giving/public speaking. He always gets an “A+” from me.


    That said he gets an “F” for leadership, he is obviously very inexperienced…I saw no real solutions and or clear vision. In fact, I’m pretty tired of seeing him on TV with the same old rhetoric..

    IN the speech, he didn’t back down from healthcare…is he kidding? That’s the current third rail…60% of us don’t want this crappy bill and his foray of “I never give up” is crap? We don’t need a super hero moment, we need leadership.

    As always this POTUS is over paid for great speeches, with ZERO substance…so to BettyM I say, no one expects him to solve everything right now (even though he’s been in office one year) but we do expect a clear vision for the country…right now this POTUS is flailing and his State of the Union speech gave me no impression he’s got a clue.

    As for the SCOTUS comment. Its an insult for a POTUS to call out the SCOTUS like that…and it surprises me that you all think the Supreme Court Ruling comment was even correct…read the ruling, THE POTUS WAS WRONG ON THIS ALTOGETHER .

  • 6 What the ... // Jan 30, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    There is nothing more condenscending than somesone so self absorbed with himself and power that he stubbornly knows what is best for you and the country. This is someone with no track record of experience, and it shows. His feel good rhetoric has begun to burn a hole into peoples stomachs, and his nepotism of cabinet choices clearly shows his incompetance and ignorance of his surroundings. If your in the private sector, like I am, I will just have to ride it through. American ingenuity of which he hasn’t. Obviously a pawn for the exploitative labor cartels and powers that our. Ignorance is bliss and that we have in our president…

  • 7 JT // Feb 1, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    As Rep. Baca observed, Sanchez is a whore–an attention whore. She stakes out an aisle seat hours in advance to get her face and bright red suit on TV, but she has basically nothing to say on substance. The Washington Post noted that she was pecking away on her blackberry throughtout the speech–no doubt sexting all her various boyfriends (see previous blogs about that). Update on Sanchez scandal: she now lives with Jack Einwechter at his Springfield home. He divorced his wife of 26 years and left their 8 children so that he could play house with Rep. Loretta. Unbelievable. I guess he was able to overlook her infidelities with other men. Hopefully the media will shine a spotlight on this situation as we head into the election season.

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