Donny Deutsch, Marco Rubio, and the “Coconut Incident”

February 24th, 2010 · 6 Comments

Ad man Donny Deutsch has been making the news rounds because of his use of the term “coconut” (brown on the outside, white on the inside) to refer to Cuban-American Senatorial Candidate Marco Rubio on an appearance on the The Joy Behar Show. When I heard about this yesterday, I thought to myself that this pretty much enforces the notion that many in America opt to view all Spanish surname individuals through a narrow racial lens. As I have said before, Latinos are not a monolithic group. We are multi-racial, mixed, and some may have a more direct Spanish bloodline, so many of us aren’t even “brown” or dark in complexion. Many Cuban-Americans are European, and many have African lineage. Cuba also has a diverse Jewish population from Turks to Germans. Aside from the term “coconut” being inappropriate, racially-charged, and rude, it is inaccurate. Nobody is white on the inside. Race is largely a social construct, since genetically humans aren’t very different from each other. Deutsch should know this.

I think that Deutsch probably rationalized using the “coconut” term because Rubio has expressed rather conservative views, especially in regards to immigration. But again, this illustrates that not all Latinos are immigration or pro-migrant friendly. Deutsch has since apologized for using the term. Hopefully, Deutsch will not make this kind of silly remark again. He reveals how little he knows about Latinos and the extent that the traditional media misconstrues our identities and issues.

Finally, I don’t even know if Marco Rubio would consider himself to be “dark” or “brown.” I know that some people claim to be “brown and proud,” but typically that is an idea expressed by Mestizo Latinos. Our colonial history has made us rather color sensitive. If we are going to go back to putting candidates through a skin color monitor, I keep going back to Rubio’s opponent, Charlie Crist, who seems to be sporting his own “tan,” but isn’t being compared to tropical produce. In comparison, Rubio looks pretty light in my view. What do you think?

Photo: Charlie Crist on the left, Marco Rubio on the right

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  • 1 Anna // Feb 25, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    I think what bother me about the term is that it suggesst that all Latinos/Hispanic people should hold the same political views. Would Deutsch use ethnic slurs to bash Jewish Republicans? (Deutsch is Jewish)

    On the other hand, although Cubans don’t have immigration issues, one of the appeals of Rubio for the GOP is that they think he will inoculate them from charges of racism when they bash immigrants. If Rubio refused to take on this role, would he still be as useful to them? Would the GOP still bankroll him? Probably not.

    If you look at the people in the government doing the “dirty work” for the US in Latin America, they are usually Cuban-American.

    As for racism, it really doesn’t matter what is or isn’t in somebody’s background. Many people are racist even though they may have some non-white ancestors. It doesn’t matter.

  • 2 Che Goldberb // Feb 26, 2010 at 6:21 am

    Hey Anna dontcha know that all Cuban American families are bankrolled by the CIA to carry out the dirty work to keep those brown Godless communist Indians from taking over! Not only that, but the CIA pays for everything from education for the Cuban American kids to medical care – I mean everything!

    The Cuban Americans were also behind Katrina because they basically wanted to clear the greater New Orleans area of blacks in order to level the whole place and start colonies or enclaves where a new Cuban American master race could form homelands very similar to the white ruled zones in South Africa. The Cuban Americans also planned to obtain valuable prime real estate in order to sell it back to the Federal government as well as the creation of land set aside for nuclear power plants and jails to accommodate the Bush administration’s military prison industrial complex.

    The levies and dams of New Orleans were not destroyed by natural forces but by explosive devices set off by members of the Cuban American terror group Alpha 66 commandos to further expedite the genocide and disaster. Before this could happen the Bush administration removed more than 3/4 of the Louisiana National Guard and sent them to the Middle East so they could not help out once the disaster happened.

    The CIA, Bush administration, and Miami Cuban gangsters also used the weather weapon as a way to burn Louisiana’s Democrat female governor for her pro-abortion stance and for attempting to break the United States blockade of Cuba when the governor wanted to sell produce and farm machinery to Fidel Castro. As you know, Cuban American gangsters from Miami have hijacked American foreign policy regarding Cuba, and as specially trained CIA terrorists and agit prop commandos they have unleashed many acts of revenge and terror on moderate and progressive elements who have wished to bring Cuba and the United States together in peaceful personhood.

    The Miami Wehrmacht

    Every Miami Cuban aristo male at the age of 15 is obligated to present themselves at their local South Florida chapter of the criminal Cuban American National Foundation to enlist in a super secret paramilitary militia modeled after Hitler’s Wehrmacht and Waffen SS. If the children of Cuban American aristos do not reside in the South Florida area they are advised to either travel to Miami, or report to any of the national chapters of CANF, like in Union City New Jersey. This enlistment is mandatory for all the male offspring of hard-line Cuban exiles, and if they do not report, the Cuba American Mafia has been known to send out goon squads that use roughhouse tactics on the teens and on the family as revenge and intimidation, and to sequester the youth to the nearest CANF militia processing center. Sometimes the Nazi goon squads start a campaign of rumors and lies usually saying that the male teens who do want to report to CANF are homosexuals. These rumors spread pretty far and fast amongst the patriarchal Cuban enclaves and the teen who is branded a “maricon” or faggot is basically blacklisted along with the entire family. In a dysfunctional sexist “macho” culture like that of Cuban Nazis to be called gay is a curse and it is strongly seen by the family that their sons do attend paramilitary training in Miami or New Jersey. The refusal of Cuban Aristos to send their children for military training is extremely rare, and more than 99.9999% of the youths proudly show up to do their duty as a sign of honor for whatever criminal crime family they belong to. Plus, every family that sends a teen to participate gets a bonus of $100, 000.00 or a cache of prime drugs with the same street value as an investment to start the illicit business of their choice.

    The secret Cuban America militia was created by the Bacardi Rum crime family, and a board of directors comprised of the most elite Cuban American clergy, drug dealers, CIA agents, white slave traders, arms merchants, and robber barons – basically the whole of the Miami Cuban American community.

    The Cuban Aristo militias are said to have started at the end of the Vietnam War when the United States supposedly got rid of the draft in the early 1970s. We say that the United States “supposedly” ended the draft because it is widely know that an invisible draft exists now in the corrupt American military – a military organization that dupes poor people of color into years of danger and indentured servitude with the promise of shelter, hot meals, and education but in reality sends them of to die for oil in the Middle East for a small minority of international Jewish bankers. This is the opposite of Dr. Castro’s Cuba were housing is free, nutritious organically grown food is subsidized, and education and healthcare are free for the Cuban populace. Military service is not mandatory in Cuba today, and those who join the Cuban military do so to defend the island from imperialist American and Miami mafia commandos who want to invade the peaceful island republic.

    However, the question of the chronological formation of Miami mafia SS units is a subject for heated debate as the noted Berkeley sociologist Dr. Ruth Ashanti Applebaumberg states in her groundbreaking study of Cuban American criminal military enterprises, “The Tropical Gestapo – Soldiers of Fortune in the Service of the CIA”.

  • 3 Anna // Feb 26, 2010 at 11:10 am

    Re: “basically the whole of the Miami Cuban American community”

    You can be sarcastic, and try to make it seem like I said something derogatory about all Cuban-Americans, even though I didn’t. Most Cuban-Americans are good, law abiding, hardworking people. OK?

    That doesn’t detract from the fact that the people who tend to do the dirty work for our government in Latin America are usually Cuban-American.

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  • 5 Manzano // Mar 5, 2010 at 6:19 pm

    It is highly presumptuous and condescending for a non-Latino to impose his cultural litmus test to a group to which he does not belong. Assuming that Latinos even have some authenticity evaluation scheme that we apply to co-ethnics — that would be rooted in partisanship of all things — reveals ignorance about contemporary Latino life in America. Dude, mix in some Univision (highly rec Al Punto con Jorge Ramos) now and again and take notes.

  • 6 Michael // Apr 16, 2010 at 11:07 am

    Che, your fantastic imagination greatly bleeds over into your logic. You tell another culture not to judge yours, yet at the same time you judge that other culture.

    “Che” indeed. Same result…. Flash and fizzle.

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