Fabian Nuñez for CA State Treasurer?

February 24th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Former California Assembly Speaker and current partner in Mercury Public Affairs, Fabian Nuñez has pulled papers to run for state treasurer in 2014. He also filed paperwork to run for the State Senate for this year, but everyone pretty much attributed that move as a means for him to park his campaign cash. Nuñez has about $5 million in campaign cash left from his time as an elected official.

I think that whether Fabian Nuñez makes a run for the state treasurer in four years will largely depend how the murder trial that his son is involved in turns out. The trial of Esteban Nuñez is scheduled for April of this year after being rescheduled. If you all remember, the younger Nuñez displayed a very interesting myspace page that has since been taken down. I’m still bothered when I look at the pictures of young Esteban Nuñez. What does this say about his father and his agenda in the public sphere? Tell us what you think. Should Fabian Nuñez return to public life or should he stay in the private sector? I personally think that he shouldn’t even be in lobbying because he represents part of what many people loathe, the revolving door where electeds become lobbyists and continue to feed at the public trough. And Nuñez is certainly young and resourceful enough to reinvent himself.

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