A July 4th Message Worth Repeating: Declare Your Independence from War via Rethink Afghanistan

July 4th, 2010 · 3 Comments

I hope that everyone had a fun and safe July 4th. And for those of you who have tomorrow off from work, this short clip is sharing via e-mail, Facebook, and/or your other social media tool of choice. While we struggle as a nation with the unemployment crisis and diminishing funds for public programs and schools, we are still engaged in a major investment in the country of Afghanistan even though we are now being told by the CIA director that there may be only 50 to 100 Al Queda members in that country. The people at Rethink Afghanistan put out this patriotic reminder that breaks down what is going on in Afghanistan this July 4th:

Also worth pondering is this commentary by Fareed Zakaria:

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  • 1 Pablo // Jul 4, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    “The Pentagon has registered 332 deaths among Latino soldiers according to the report, compared to 299 African-American and 56 Asian-American deaths. Latinos represent less than nine percent of those enlisted in the army, El Tiempo Latino reports, but make up 11 percent of deaths in the Iraq War. ”

    That was 2007. I can’t find any up-to-date stats on Latinos in either war since, and no stats at all on Latinos in Afghanistan…

  • 2 Chicano future tense // Jul 5, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    IMHO only damn fools,ignoramuses or white people would take pride in such absurdity.
    The whites are the loudest and most annoying “patriots” of them all..of course they are the inheritors of a red white and blue legacy of racism,slavery,the robbing of native and mexican lands and the extermination of native peoples…fast forward to modern police actions such as korea,vietnam,guatemala,dominican republic,chile,el salvador,haiti.. etc etc etc..
    all “patriotic” pentagon “flavors of the month..”wars against”..
    Brown,black,native peoples and asians have always been dominated,exploited and scapegoated by whites at various times down throughout American history..
    Objectively,they have no true real interests in proclaiming themselves being “patriotic” ..other than “going along,just to get along” avoid being hassled and harrased by their white bosses,neighbors and employers who control their lives..”going along,just to get along” live in peace that is..
    Too many of these obnoxious white “patriots” see themselves as having a “stake” in the American system of imperial domination and conquest..they obey and get some of the leftover crumbs the rich corporate rulers toss at them for being supportive and loyal flunkies and lap dogs..
    To me it is always has and still to this day thoroughly disgusts me to see white people yapping,huffing and puffing about being “patriotic” red white and blue and all that “America number one” crap..
    As a Chicano I consider july 4th a day of infamy, a day that presaged conquest,domination and unimaginable cruelty and oppresion of my people as well as of my black,native and asian brother and sisters..
    I say “to hell with July 4th” is a cursed day ..
    As to Afghanistan and Iraq,just ask the people there what they think of American patriotism as they bury their innocents..dead babies and children bombed and hunted down by hellish predator drones,by bombs by tanks,by insane soldiers raping and torturing them..tormenting their lives like demons sent from hell ..and especially by all those evil sanctions which has resulted in the death of millions of Iraqui and Afhani people by starving them,depriving them of food and medicine and vital supplies.. ask them what they think of a bunch of drunken obese fat white americans pounding their chests with pride and proclaiming their “patriotism” as they puke their gluttonous guts out when they see..”the bombs bursting in air,and the rockets red glare”….

    Don’t be “patriotic”..
    ..just be a good human being..


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