More Observations of Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis

August 16th, 2010 · 11 Comments

By “Michaelr”

On August 14, 2010, at the Los Angeles Trade Tech College in room 221, I engaged with the 25th U.S. Secretary of Labor, the former U.S. Congressional Representative of California’s 31st District, Hilda Solis.  Although our conversation was interrupted by an irate middle-aged woman seeking amends for some incident that hardly seemed public, Hilda Solis transcended the moment by taking the time to fully understand the compliant and address it right then and there.  I knew at that moment that I would never have to worry about Hilda Solis spending thousands of dollars to send annual egocentric Christmas cards to every registered voter in the State of California or waste Capitol Hill time authoring House Resolutions to honor the Anaheim Ducks and Luciano Pavarotti.  Although her public history has firmly conveyed the seriousness of her political agenda, this moment told me she has the will to see it completed.

American politicians feeding from the public trough so rarely display the character emulating from Hilda Solis.  It is now fairly obvious those GOP Senators sitting on the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee felt threatened enough by the changes and importance Solis was sure to bring to the U.S. Labor Department, that for a lack of skeletons in her closet, they shamelessly attacked her husband in an effort to discredit her and destroy her spirit. Having survived that debacle, I am sure the candle is burning brightly in Industrial American boardrooms on strategies to avoid the comeuppance sure to follow after thirty years of abuses to the American worker and the American middle class.

We must do our part to support Hilda Solis and her agenda for the U.S. Labor Department.  Her efforts to create new jobs by expanding and updating the manufacturing base that has been decimated by thirty years of union breaking, wage decreases, and mega profit-sharing onslaught assisted by the Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush 2 administrations.  This must be echoed loudly and clearly to the American working class, who has seen their jobs crawl across the border to Latin America and then drift away to China.  President Obama’s appointment of Hilda Solis proves he shares this vision and wants it to succeed.

It was my pleasure to feel the strength of your character this past Saturday.  Thank you Secretary Solis for your public service and the example you have set in your public life.  You are proof that the political career doesn’t always corrupt, and corruption doesn’t have to exist in political change.  I just hope that there are others who feel like I do and are committed to do their part in supporting you.


LatinoPoliticsBlog was in force Saturday, August 14 at the Los Angeles Trade Tech College on South Grand Avenue in room 221, for what was advertised as an intimate meeting of 70-80 Hilda Solis supporters.  Although Secretary Hilda Solis headlined the meeting, and it’s a good thing that she did, the other two speakers, especially the first overstayed their moment in the spotlight and ran up the heat in the small classroom.  Here’s our take:

In his hot pink top unbuttoned casual party shirt, minus any undershirt, the Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (aka Villar) attempted to wing an introduction to U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer and associate himself closer to the main attraction U.S. Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, claiming to be a vital part of the Civil Rights movement that has opened public paths to both Barbara Boxer and Hilda Solis.  His appearance probably nixed a showing of Gloria Molina, the powerful Los Angeles County Supervisor who was instrumental in mentoring Hilda Solis early in her public career and denied the 70-100 Solis/Boxer supporters a feminist troika event that would’ve been talked about for years.  Instead the Mayor fell all over himself, repeatedly calling Barbara Boxer and Hilda Solis his “sisters”, and reminding all of us of his intimate political association with Dolores Huerta.  Had this not been a feminist gathering of sorts, he probably would have spent more time publicly romancing fact and fiction trying to further his association with Cesar Chavez as a supposed fifteen-year-old Civil Rights activist.  When the Los Angeles mayor obviously overstepped his boundaries trying to swallow the limelight from the main event, he suddenly stopped showboating, crawled back to the corner of the classroom, began interacting with one of his beautiful female aides, and then sought attention from the crowd by playing franticly with his left arm.  It was all-so…Villar.

The U.S. Senator from California, Barbara Boxer followed Villar.  She was timely and at times impressive following the Mayor.  She displayed such intelligence and confidence at the podium, that she was able to absorb comments from her gang of Westside activist-supporters and incorporate them into her speech.  And unlike her GOP opponent Carly Fiorina, Barbara Boxer refrained from telling lies and instead made light of Fiorina’s well-known CEO tenure at Hewlett-Packard and the board of director’s dramatic efforts to get rid of her.  Listening to Boxer reminded me its time for Dianne Feinstein to quietly stroll into the sunset.  With the eighth largest economy in the world, California needs to be represented in the U.S. Senate by people who are coherent and assertive. Feinstein doesn’t seem to be physically alive or ideologically, politically coherent.  Goodbye, farewell Senator Feinstein — you’re welcome to that fat Congressional retirement pension fleeced from the middle and lower classes of America.

Villar’s self-promoting introduction to Boxer cut into the Senator’s structured tit for tat with her political support group leaders and left a fraction of the allocated time for the main event, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis.  Nevertheless, Hilda conveyed a graciousness that will be long remembered by this blogger.  Her tone, her energy, her intelligence and that organizational management mind condensed her obviously prepared speech and  rapidly segued to a rally dialogue for Barbara Boxer’s U.S. Senate reelection.  With the classroom buzzing with excitement, Hilda made her way along the rows to interact and shake hands, something Boxer momentarily started doing, and Villar evaded doing altogether.  Michaelr began a quick conversation with Hilda, but was interrupted by an irate middle-aged woman with some grievance.  Sensing this was trouble, one of Hilda’s aides placed herself between the parties trying to shield the Secretary from this woman.  But Hilda heard her grievance and addressed it, all very professional and genuine.  It was obvious Loretta Sanchez’s social/political skills weren’t an influence during the time they spent on Capitol Hill together. Solis’s direct interaction with her constituents and the concern and commitment she conveys to them exemplifies why she is a class act.  The Latino community needs gather together its political momentum and get behind this amazing civil servant.  Hilda Solis is truly the right person at the right time.  And she needs all our help in tangling with the destructive nature of Industrialized America, their minions in the GOP, and their efforts to run roughshod over their lower tier employees while abusing the environment.

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  • 1 El Cholo // Aug 16, 2010 at 4:14 pm

    So Michaelr was right all along in analyzing Hilda’s public service from databases alone. Now once Raul Grijalva is pushed into leading the Department of Interior after they fire Ken Salazar, they’ll be no one in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus worth two cents. That’s a sad a reality. It will be all image awards events and parties for them.

  • 2 theKaiser // Aug 27, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Hopefully her public career doesn’t end with her tenure as U.S. Labor Secretary. She is a shining example to all those whores on Capitol Hill.

  • 3 pegw // Sep 1, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    Delores Huerta who was the Honorary Chair of the American Democratic Socialist? The alternative to capitalism is Democratic Socialism? This is what you allow to indoctrinate our children? This woman who likes Hugo Chavez is allowed to even speak to our high school children. How can you let her to do this? Rep Raul Grijalva from Arizona, Martin Sheen, Jodie Evans from Code Pink, Bill Ayers wife, who also, belonged to the Weatherman that didn’t do enough, Ayers said in setting bombs & killing that police officer & of all people, Carlos Santa. Here I thought he was a good American. Then Obama sends a tape to congratulate her on her 80th birthday. My, my Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis aren’t you the good American to be proud of. You are just another evil person trying to destroy the best nation in the entire world. If you like living in socialism, communism, Marxist or Fascism please move to Venezuela ASAP. We do not need or want you here in our country.

  • 4 formerStaffer // Sep 3, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    I was there in the back of the classroom and Michaelr makes a valid point about Villaraigosa’s attempt to force his way into the limelight of Hilda Solis. The whole character issue becomes so obvious when you see the Mayor engage alongside even Barbara Boxer. It’s surprising the Latino voting community doesn’t seem to recognize character as a viable behavioral trait for a politicians. Maybe the cultural aspects of the Latino political community are so stuck on Spanish surnames, they don’t recognize character. But the Mayor is so incredibly superficial, and it really shines when he stands next to Hilda Solis. The Latino political community needs more character-driven politicians to represent them. And they must be out there. Raul Grijalva has character. Why is it just Hilda and Raul? Thanks Michaelr for writing about this.

  • 5 Bearguez // Sep 3, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    That’s an excellent point…why aren’t there more U.S. Latino politicians with character? Gloria Molina belongs in that group. She isn’t confused on whom she serves. Hopefully this is a trend that will influence Latino leaders to rise above the petty self-service behavior that has marked Villaraigosa’s public career…and Fabian Nunez’s public career…and Jose Huizar’s public career…and Loretta Sanchez’s public and private career, and Joe Baca’s public career, and Ken Salazar’s public career…and a host of other politicians with Spanish surnames too numerous to name. There is a reason the Latino community is constantly looking up at all the other ethnic groups prospering in America, and why Arizona is the new Mississippi, and racist WASP organizations always have a field day blaming all the U.S. economic and criminal woes on Latinos. Character…where are the rest of those Latino leaders of character?

  • 6 DoctorH // Sep 5, 2010 at 2:43 pm

    I think it’s apparent that Hilda Solis and Raul Grijalva are political anomalies. We can agree that Villaraigosa, Fabian Nunez, Jose Huizar, Joe Baca, and Loretta Sanchez are all individuals of low character, and public thieves of a varied sort. The Latino community doesn’t support politicians of upstanding character, mainly because they so rarely surface. I think the fact that Gloria Molina has remained in office so long, signifies there is a part of the Latino community intelligent enough to recognize this. And then you have those moronic opinions of that Latino Apologist, which represent the fringe element for support for any candidate based exclusively on a Spanish surname, regardless of their past, their performance in office, or their character. Listening to Villar rant about his contribution to the Civil Rights Movement reminded me how low these public thieves will go to enhance their public stature. And the fact that he did that shows how desperate he is to align his image with a politician of character… Hilda Solis.

  • 7 Wondering Who Seneca is? // Sep 5, 2010 at 3:10 pm

    That is quite a glowing endorsement of Hilda Solis from Michaelr. Who never seems to write anything positive, or have something nice to say about anyone sitting on Capitol Hill, except maybe, Raul Grijalva, Dick Durban, the late Henry B. Gonzalez, and of course Barack Obama. The fact that Hilda Solis has passed the Michaelr litmus test says a lot about Hilda Solis, her public character, her political agenda, and how she approaches her public. It also marks her as a target of Industrial Corporate America, their elected whores on Capitol Hill, and all those ignorant citizens who still fantasize we live in a democracy. Thanks for posting his account of this event.

  • 8 No Shrimp This Year // Sep 6, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    I wonder if Hilda Solis’ efforts to instill accountability within the U.S. Department of Labor will reverse Ken Salazar’s mismanagement of the Department of the Interior, or at least put the spotlight onto his staff of former and current oil lobbyists. These are two Latino politicians with completely different definitions of civil service. Ken Salazar’s stereotypical self-serving public behavior is obviously lining his pockets in his efforts to protect the Oil Industry from regulation. And you wonder why the media in general, especially after BP’s fiasco in the Gulf of Mexico hasn’t turned on him. Could it be his close ties to the Oil lobby?

  • 9 Michaelr // Sep 19, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    We haven’t had a free press in this country since the Reagan Administration rewrote the rules for the FCC. So you can bet little light will be shed on Ken Salazar’s activities at the Department of Interior protecting the interests of the Oil Lobby, or Hilda Solis’ efforts to make Industrial America’s workplaces safer for workers. Idealist politicians (Hilda Solis, Raul Grijalva, Dick Durbin, Jerry Brown, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, and the late Ted Kennedy) will rarely get media attention, unless of course they can be blamed from something public. You have a public example like Hilda Solis who clings close to principles that are no longer practiced by Congressional or state politicians. And her example threatens the lifestyle and the fiscal enrichment of the vast majority of Congressional politicians. So when the media begins printing negative press about Idealist politicians…consider the source.

  • 10 the Kaiser // Sep 19, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    The mainstream media should always be questioned. Small print media like the LA or OC Weekly need to be taken more seriously for their content. Notice how the mainstream media ignores Loretta Sanchez’s self enrichment, self service, lackluster representation in Congress, but the OC Weekly doesn’t. And how they ignore Hilda Solis’ efforts to make the Department of Labor accountable to the blue collar worker. Mainstream media is just another propaganda tool for the top 10% of the American public to keep the other 90% inline.

  • 11 Roger Taylor // Apr 14, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    What do you have to say about Loretta Sanchez’s racist statements about newly elected Republican members of congress? The silence coming from the Liberal Latino Community is deafening.

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