LatinoPoliticsBlog at Yesterday’s “Moving America Forward” Rally at USC

October 23rd, 2010 · 10 Comments

On Friday, LatinoPoliticsBlog attended the “Moving America Forward” rally from the vantage point of the press riser at USC. This event started about two hours late, and the crowd was estimated to be at 37,500. I was amazed at the turnout, and for me, this event pretty much reinforced that President Obama and the Democrats are still very popular in Los Angeles. The crowd was diverse in ethnicity and age, and there seemed to be a mix of professionals, labor, and students from all over the greater Los Angeles area.

The event started out with Mayor Villaraigosa, who talked about the importance of voting on November 2. He talked about Los Angeles being a leader in progressive politics and said that its a city where one can find success no matter who his daddy is, or as in his case, if one doesn’t have a daddy or even if one has two daddies. He basically got the crowd pumped up for the parade of Democrats and then introduced his younger cousin, John Perez, speaker of the California Assembly.

Jamie Foxx emceed the event with some cheers to remind people to vote for the Democrats. Candidate for Attorney General Kamala Harris spoke, and thankfully, she gave a short speech. Since the event started late, the crowd was getting antsy for President Obama by the time Harris addressed the audience. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis spoke and reminded the crowd that they need to vote for the party and for the candidates who most approximates the needs for the future. Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown spoke, and he was refreshingly brief and made a quip that the state doesn’t need Saudi or Texas oil because we have California sun. Senator Barbara Boxer followed Brown, and reminded the crowd that we need leaders who are fighting for the middle class. Boxer also stressed that “the other side” wants to take us back to Bush era policies. Finally, President Obama took the stage and spoke for about 15-20 minutes.

President Obama stressed that this upcoming election will be difficult and that the choice between voting for leaders who support his agenda vs. those who do not is a choice between hope and fear and moving forward or moving backward. Obama also made an analogy about Republicans driving the car into the ditch and said that you wouldn’t want to give the keys to the car back to people who got us in this ditch in the first place. The car analogy seemed to go over well with the crowd, but I have heard the President tell it before in other stump speeches.

Overall, this event was positive for the Democrats, but I think that the crowd logistics and event timing could have been better.

Photo credit: LatinoPoliticsBlog, California Speaker of the Assembly John Perez, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, and President Barack Obama.

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  • 1 Pablo // Oct 24, 2010 at 9:16 am

    Wow! Latino Politics Blog in the press section! Movin’ on up! Well done, A. Although, I must say I’m pretty worried about election day for the Dems. Let’s Hope rallies like this foreshadow good news a little over a week from now!

  • 2 Chicano future tense // Oct 24, 2010 at 3:46 pm

    Ah yes,the hope and change express rolled into LA didn’t they?
    They brought out the politicians and yes even some movie stars for added effect.No balloons or clowns?
    Must have been one humongous fun fiesta..verdad?
    Hell,I’m surprised Obama,Brown and Villaraigosa didn’t take a few shots of tequila,wear some big sombreros and sing a few bars of “La Cucuracha” to drive the crowd into a frenzy.
    You know there’s only one little thing that I would have found refreshing and unique to have happened at this “dia de adoracion”.
    I wish someone there would have had the guts to stand up,challenge and ask these politicians a few simple yet sincere honest questions that God forbid would have offended their highnesses ears or thrown some cold water called “reality” on their Royal road show….
    Ask mr president “hope and change” why he has the record- skyrocketing numbers deporting undocumented workers making their lives even more dangerous and miserable creating more suffering and hardship for their daily lives.. hunting them down like animals,putting them into private prisons and treating them like the Jews of Auschwitz..ask him about his Secure Communities Act-his Homeland Security prized model for fascism for Los Mexicanos.Obama can go to hell!
    And can you believe it? thousands of Mexicans cheering like maniacs,tossing kisses,adoring this man Obama and his dupes who have been extremely more efficient and successful in making their own peoples lives a living hell??

    And Latinos wonder why they never seem to make progress ..

    Ask them all why they they lied and betrayed Latinos with their promises of Immigration Reform as being their “top priority”.
    Ask why the gutless cowardly Latino CHC and other elected reps folded like cheap suits,sold out and abandoned their vows of fighting for Immigration Reform as an “iron clad” condition to be met before supporting Obamacare…que paso con nuestros guerrilleros Latinos?
    Bunch of chickens.
    Ask them all why Latinos are sinking like lead weights to the bottom of society..everyday their quality of life and opportunities sinking that much further into the abyss.Things such as Unemployment,crime,home foreclosures.. etc etc know those “pesky” questions they find distasteful and bothersome to talk about and consider.
    ..And Latinos wonder why they never seem to make progress… even though they have been given lifetime supplies of delicious free “Kool-Aid” to quench their thirst and plenty of sabroso “hope and change” asada to bite into..
    Latinos need to grow up and get wise to the tricks and games the politicians run on them all the time instead
    of being innocent little children looking to the Papa Obama’s and their obedient dupes to rescue them from the big bad “cucuuie”..

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  • 4 Anna // Oct 24, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    Jerry Brown is in favor of Secure Commmunities too.

  • 5 webmaster // Oct 24, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    Yes, Jerry Brown has mentioned Secure Communities in the debates. And it looks like Gavin Newsom will go along with this program too:

    The pro-migrant community will have to pressure Brown on this. Of course, Brown didn’t address this at Friday’s rally.

  • 6 Anna // Oct 25, 2010 at 11:47 am

    Actually, Obama is implementing this across the country and states won’t have the right to opt out.

  • 7 webmaster // Oct 25, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    “Actually, Obama is implementing this across the country and states won’t have the right to opt out.”

    All the more reason to put pressure on elected officials at the lower levels so that they can press Obama on this. Jerry Brown would have a better chance than the average citizen to influence President Obama about this. And it’s not just Jerry Brown… we have to question our congressional reps and Senators about programs like Secure Communities as well.

  • 8 Anna // Oct 26, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    Re: “I wish someone there would have had the guts to stand up,challenge and ask these politicians a few simple yet sincere honest questions ”

    I agree. Like why CA got a LOAN from the federal government to build a train from Exposition park to LAX, but Florida got 800 million dollars from the feds to build high speed rail from Tampa to Orlando.

    We have to pay our money back through a half cent sales tax increase, but Florida doesn’t have to pay their money back. Why? Because they’re a swing state.

    Frankly, Boxer should have been challenged by another Democrat in the primary. In the two decades she’s been in office, she has brought back very few federal dollars to CA.

  • 9 Anna // Oct 26, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    Remember that pipeline catastrophe in San Bruno? well, FEMA denied their request for help. Can you believe that? The whole neighborhood is gone and acording to the federal government, it’s not a problem worthy of federal help. Somebody should ask Boxer about that.

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