The Democratic Party’s Latino Leadership Call – Bringing Out the Political & Star Power

October 27th, 2010 · 4 Comments

On Tuesday evening, there was a Latino leadership call hosted by the DNC with former Secretary of Transportation and Energy Federico Peña, the chair of the DNC Tim Kaine, actress/activist Eva Longoria, and President Obama. The overall message was to push the Latino Get Out the Vote (GOTV) message.

The call began with Federico Peña who stressed that people should try to encourage everyone they know who is registered to vote. He also talked about voting early if possible and mentioned two websites for people to find their polling place and to vote early and These sites are basically the same — except one is in English and the other in Spanish.

DNC Chairman and former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine followed Peña. He acknowledged that this is a critical election where some races will be won or lost based on the Latino vote. He also threw in some terms in Spanish. Kaine’s Spanish is pretty good because he did missionary work with the Jesuits in Honduras while in law school. He talked about the Democrats’ support of comprehensive immigration reform, the DREAM Act, the fact that members of the party decried both SB 1070 and the idea that the constitution should be redrafted to eliminate birthright citizenship. He also mentioned that Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell said that the single most important thing for the Republicans to do would be to make sure that President Obama is a one term president, meaning that their top goal isn’t anything legislative but rather to obstruct the President’s agenda.

After Kaine spoke, actress Eva Longoria addressed the listeners reminding people who came out to vote in 08 that they were part of a movement for change and that these political participants knew that the task wasn’t easy. Longoria said that Latinos will have to turn out as they did two years ago. She basically said that the Democrats have proven that they are the ones who can move our communities forward, as evidenced by their commitment to health care reform. Longoria stressed that people have to stand with the President next week by voting for the Democrats.

Finally, President Obama got on the line, and he acknowledged that there still was a lot of work to do. He said that our country had finally reached a point where the fundamental promise of America was at risk (referring to the American dream and the pursuit of happiness). He basically talked up the Democratic ticket and the importance of voting on Tuesday. Giving a nod to immigration, he did say that when millions of immigrants are undocumented that it is not just a “Latino problem” but is instead an American problem. I thought that President Obama repeated a lot of the same themes he did at the rally in Los Angeles last week.

Overall, the Latino leadership call was a general “hype up the Democrats” and GOTV message. We’ll know next week if efforts like this have paid off in our community. On the GOP side, it looks like the Latino community is going to make some representative gains in high visibility races in New Mexico, Nevada, and Florida.

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  • 1 IE // Oct 28, 2010 at 6:31 am

    I voted Early…Did you?

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  • 2 Chicano future tense // Oct 28, 2010 at 10:01 am

    Obama says..Latinos must send a message to our enemigos come Tuesday.

    First of all,I don’t consider the GOP en masse as the enemigos of Latinos.

    Of course,the democratic party,Obama and DNC want very badly for Latinos to make enemies out of republicans..not out of principle or genuine concern about the interests and needs of Latinos but rather out of a cynical calculation of manipulation,control and exploitation of the Latino vote to keep them in power.

    Which reminds me of how the backstabbing lying two-face rats- the Demcratic party has successfuly and tacitly screwed our brother Congressman Luis Guiterrez in Chicago via a black-jewish political bloc getting behind that POS Rahm Emanuel thereby discouraging and knocking out any possibilty of a Latino Mayor of the city of Chicago.We’ve seen this same Democratic party BS in LA a few years back with the Villaraigosa candidacy for Alcalde of Los.Like it or not in too many major metropolitan cities in the US democrats don’t want a Mexican Mayor.It is here we can see the ugly face of Democratic party hypocrisy,racism and national chauvinism in action.

    As a matter of fact it can be argued within the context of the two-party sham that the GOP has been more proactive and supportive of Latino candidates.

    If the GOP hates Latinos so much more than the Democratics why are they in this mid-term election to a greater extent and not the Democratic Party promoting and getting behind Latino office seekers? It appears the Latino community is going to make more electoral gains with the GOP in important races in New Mexico, Nevada, and Florida than with the phony Democrats..

    So you see how absurd-what a sham is the cynical and exploitive two-party system electoral scam? Damn both of them.

    To illustrate this point-I cite an interesting LA TIMES blurb read Oct 26th:

    “One of the surprises of this year’s election is that the GOP has put together a stronger set of Latino candidates to run for major seats than the Democrats have. In fact, despite the traditional preference of Latino voters for the Democrats, the party has put forward no Latino candidates for governor or U.S. Senate — not one. At the same time, the Republicans have plucked three top-tier Latinos who are likely to make history on election day.”

  • 3 Anna // Oct 29, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    Re: “Of course,the democratic party,Obama and DNC want very badly for Latinos to make enemies out of republicans..not out of principle or genuine concern about the interests and needs of Latinos but rather out of a cynical calculation of manipulation,control and exploitation of the Latino vote to keep them in power.”

    Exactly. It would be foolish to isolate ourselves from any political party. We need a presence in both of them, especially because the Dems cannot fully protect our rights. I have no doubt that Obama will not deal with immigration reform, but instead will just kick the can down the road. Obama does not care about Latinos, gays, or women, and he is now using fear to keep these groups in his camp.

    Meanwhile Americans with brown skin and/or Spanish surnames will continue to have their rights violated.

  • 4 Jose Arevalo // Nov 8, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    I’m not a Republican but does anyone remember which U.S. president signed the Amnesty of 1987 into law?
    Well, it was no other than the late Ronald Reagan.

    Do I think Obama could do something similar? Yes – if Reid and Pelosi would let him govern.

    Obama is a great philosopher who would do great if he had the power that Hillary Clinton has to run over Majority Leaders.

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