You Don’t Respect Me, Huh?

March 21st, 2011 · 14 Comments

NCLR has a new campaign that was launched about a week and a half ago urging members of Congress and other elected officials to show a level of respect for the Latino community. This campaign comes in light of recent comments by Kansas state representative Virgil Peck about shooting undocumented immigrants and the continued hysteria about the immigration issue. NCLR has teamed up with the band Ozomotli for this campaign asking members of Congress to sign onto the pledge for respect and more meaningful dialogue. When the campaign was launched on March 10, only seven members of Congress had signed on, and only three of those were members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Frankly, I think that this campaign launch would have had a bigger impact if all members of the CHC had signed on before issuing a press release. Also, I wonder how much Ozomotli resonates with people. Many reliable Latino voters (meaning those who are older) probably don’t listen to Ozomotli, and even among the younger crowd, I don’t think that the group is as popular as say Pitbull or even Shakira, but I guess there is hipness factor in having a band ask for respect instead of La gran jefa Janet Murguia.

Here’s the youtube announcement. Check it out and let us know what you think:

In some ways, I think that this campaign is too little too late. Why are we only asking for respect now? This could have easily been launched when Arizona Governor Brewer was talking about beheadings last year. But I think that this effort is better than nothing, and I do hope that the campaign has a positive impact. You can ask your member of Congress to sign on here.

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  • 1 Chicano future tense // Mar 22, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    I agree with LPB’s take on this “Campaign for Respect”.
    Too little ,too late,but it’s better than nothing..

    In the first place those who do not respect you will not change their ways just because you ask a matter of fact more than likely they will disrespect you even more for begging, for being weak and pathetic..
    The USA is built upon the capitalist system which is a system of savage and ruthless competition.Everything from wars,economics to NFL football and sports,being #1 is everything, losers are looked upon with pity and contempt.Like it or not,that’s the “american way”.
    In the america,the winners are those who have won the game-money,wealth and power through ruthless cuthroat competition.
    Mathusian,Darwininan “survival of the strongest” with whites being the strongest and Latinos being the weakest with Asians and African americans holding intermediate to lower positions above Latinos in the hierarchy of capitalism.
    IMHO,those Latinos who embrace infantile fantasies of Latinos surpassing whites and others becoming capitalist “top dogs” in america are total fools..fooling themselves and fooling other Latinos.Latino capitalism is a big joke benefitting very few.

    USSBA fact: over 82% of all Latino businesses fail within the first two years of business.
    Latino capitalism is a fools dream.

    Another indicator:of the top Fortune 1000 CEO’s less than 1% are Latinos.
    98% of Fortune 1000 CEO’s are whites.

    You can look at most of the other social and economic indicators and you’ll get more or less the same results.In the year 2011 Things are actually getting worse for Latinos..not better.
    As long as Latinos live under a capitalist system this will be the capitalist “natural state of affairs”…
    in other words the vast majority of Latinos will be doomed to be always at the bottom of society.
    The only thing,I repeat the only thing,that has a chance to change this tragic paradyne and destiny would be a socialist revolution.Our salvation is not to be found in capitalism,but rather through socialism which is self-determination built upon Unity and struggle.This is the only way.Anything else is fantasy-lies and denial.
    Begging those who disrespect us will get us only contempt.We will receive respect when we become Unified,Organized -fight-back for our self-determination.
    Even an enemy will respect an opponent who is valiant enough to fight back.

  • 2 Lili // Mar 22, 2011 at 1:00 pm

    This is like a battered woman asking for the man who beats her to have respect for her
    after he’s beaten her to a pulp.

    It’s great NCLR is trying to do this, but seriously, this is being fashionably late to the party Ms. Murguia.

  • 3 Anna // Mar 22, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    Why is this group our de facto civil rights leaders? They weren’t elected and as far as I know, they aren’t backed by dues paying members. We need a real civil rights group that can harness our economic power, not some corporate front group run by people with a ranch mentality.

    So pathetic. Begging for respect. SAD!! Who in Washington would even pay attention to such nonsense?

  • 4 Anna // Mar 22, 2011 at 2:37 pm

    Re: ‘”Latinos being the weakest ”

    I don’t think so. There is a difference between having power and not using it, and having no access to power at all. Mexican-Americans have a lot of power, but don’t use it. Why do you think so many people are working 24/7 to create front groups that purport to represent us? Why do you think Cubans created the Latino category in the 60s? It’s so we don’t start our own group that actually helps us. Instead our numbers help them. Others know we have power, even if many of us don’t know it yet.

    Our boycotts shut down the pending immigration bills in AZ, and we did that without help from Hollywood, or much access to the English language media. If we had been on top of things, the bills would not have been created at all. I think the problem is putting too much faith in the political process. The system is corrupt now. Economic boycotts are now more effective. It’s still important to vote and participate in the politcal process, but that alone isn’t enough.

    We haven’t even harnessed 1% of our economic or voting power, which is why we are still underrepresented. We also have to change the attitudes towards education and wealth accumulation. Too many people have been brainwashed by 500 years of colonialism to think that poverty equals moral superiority, when in fact, poverty equals slavery. At this point people have to take responsibility, and not just claim to be powerless. That’s a crock.

    As for your other stuff, we live in a capitalist society. That isn’t going to change. Better to learn how the game works than cry about it being rigged.
    Sometimes I wonder if somebody put you in here to tell everybody that it’s hopeless. I’m sorry, but I’m not buying it.

  • 5 Wendy Carrillo // Mar 22, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    I LOVE OZO!!
    but really? NCLR couldnt invest in a teleprompter? booo

  • 6 Chicano future tense // Mar 23, 2011 at 11:14 am

    “As for your other stuff, we live in a capitalist society. That isn’t going to change.”

    Please,just don’t make empty assertions-explain to us why “capitalist society” will never change..(good luck with that one)..

    “Better to learn how the game works than cry about it being rigged.”

    “rig” means to cheat,manipulate,swindle,deceive,defraud

    …things are “rigged” all the time..
    history is made up of such “rigging” as you euphemistically call it..
    And shame on you for adopting the same reactionary anti-Mexican language of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck who constantly harp about Latinos who “cry” all the time about such things such as injustice,exploitation and institutional racism…

    IMHO,such confused rhetoric coming from a Latino reflects the workings of a backwards colonized mentality..

  • 7 Anna // Mar 23, 2011 at 1:08 pm

    Re: “just don’t make empty assertions-explain to us why “capitalist society” will never change..(”

    Do you really think in our lifetime that socialism will replace capitalism? (LMAO) If anything, it will be replaced by fascism.

    And enough with comparing me to Limbaugh. Too many liberals hear something they don’t like and start screaming Limbaugh.

    My point is that you’re not living in reality. Waiting for the so-called socialist revolution that is not going to happen is just a way to avoid facing the hard work of moving from point A to point B.

    Your type of thinking creates paralysis. Get out of fantasyland. There will be no socialist revolution or any other society devoid of human nature where people lie, cheat and steal. No matter what system is in place, somebody will be exploited and taken advantage of because that’s what some humans do. You have to gain the skills and the drive to make sure it doesn’t happen to you, not withdraw and wait for some bogus revolution.

  • 8 IE // Mar 23, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    @Anna & @CFT – It’s great watching (reading) you two go after each other. :-)

  • 9 Pensativo // Mar 23, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    Completely agree with Anna on this one: I don’t care what you call it, socialism, communism, republicanism or democracy, at the end of the day, it’s all about Human Nature. And perfect Human Beings have never nor will ever exist. In any society, throughout history, the many have always been dominated by the few. So hanging your hat on changing what you call the socioeconomic control mechanism we live under (socialism, capitalism), isn’t going to do a damn thing in the ling run. And capitalism is the most moral and appropriate type of socioeconomic system to live under: Those that work smart and out of self interest succeed, and those that leave their lives up to others don’t: as it should be.

  • 10 Chicano future tense // Mar 23, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    “@Anna & @CFT – It’s great watching (reading) you two go after each other. :-)”

    IE-Thanks for appreciating :)

    I think it’s important that political differences of view and outlook be brought out into the open so people can examine,learn and most importantly think deeply about the substance,reality and relevance of the divergent views presented …

    I welcome the challenge of presenting the case for Socialism-Why it is what is needed for Mexicans to achieve liberation-Why IMHO,it is ultimately the only road which can lead to self-determination,freedom,equality and justice.

    I’m also fully aware that there are many Latinos out there who have been indoctrinated to hate Socialism,are not aware of,or who simply do not understand Socialism and Socialist ideas.I will try to answer any questions they may have as long as they are respectful and sincere.

    Even though I understand where they are coming from,and in many cases will even agree with them on many other points,I find it necessary to respond to misconceptions and erroneous concepts of Socialism,which in this country is unfortunately the rule and not the exception..

    In response to Anna’s remarks.. I suggest she back up her many anti-Socialist opinions with some real ideas and substance instead of empty assertions.
    I’m still waiting-but,I will wager she won’t and can’t..that’s my personal opinion ..

    As for Pensativo,I can only say hermano..don’t lose hope in people.don’t let your soul die from bitter cynicism..people are by nature born good and they become evil because they are taught to do so…so don’t give up hope in the human race,because that’s exactly what the capitalists want us to do..they want us hopeless, defeated in mind,body and soul..

    I believe that both anti-Socialist hysteria and deadly misanthropic people hating cynicism are potentially very harmful and poisonous to the overall progress and advancement of Latinos,especially to the young Latino generation.

    Young Latinos are growing sick and tired of those same old prescriptions which get us no where..chasing our tails forever in a circle from “point A to point B” (as Anna suggests we do) – “just vote for the democratic party,vote Obama or Jerry Brown or Hillary Clinton and everything will be wonderful”.These are the tired ideas of Latinos whose ultimate solution is to keep us (fat,happy and contented) slaves on the Democratic Party or GOP plantations.

    Young people don’t want that BS…they want real change.And I truly believe that once the young generation understands and learns more about Socialism they will be energized and enthusiatic for it as a truly liberating force,a powerful vehicle and ideology for change.

    Of course,there are some Latinos out there who will resist,intentionally mislead,discourage and confuse young people away from Socialism,people who feel comfortable with the way things are, who preach “accomodation”to oppression, who want to keep the status quo,who support the capitalist system and who being reactionary truly hate and fear real change.

    As an example,I pose a simple question here..
    do you support a capitalist system where single women of color between the age of 36-49 have a total net wealth of $5 dollars compared to single white women who have $42,600 dollars of accumulated wealth?
    Do you support a system where single women of color between the age of 18-64 have zero or negative wealth??
    Is this the type of system you want to live under forever as Anna and Pensativo suggest?
    Maybe they are OK with that,I’m not..

    This cynical philosophy of nihilsm and fatalistic accomodation to capitalist slavery actually strengthens and reinforces those forces which oppress and exploit us.Their views are to borrow the words of Malcolm X those of the contented “happy slave”the house niggers who tell other slaves that all resistance is futile,love your oppressor,accept slavery because people are inherently evil and bad and that’s just the way it is….things will never ever change.Such philosophy is the philosophy of the truly conquered and defeated…the mindset of the walking dead..

    I reject and do not accept their “dog-eat-dog” Darwinian Malthusian philosophy which only reinforces selfishness,greed and cynicism and which discourages ,Struggle,Unity,Sacrifice and Cohesiveness as a People.

    Instead of telling the slaves to accept slavery,I tell them it is better to revolt,fight back,struggle for freedom,because that is the only way we will ever have a chance.

  • 11 Anna // Mar 23, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    First of all, I don’t have many “anti-socialist” opinions. What I said is that we live in a capitalist country. If you want to work to bring about socialism it still doesn’t exempt you from having to earn a living to support yourself and your family. You have to figure out how to survive (and hopefully thrive) no matter what. That’s the reality.

    You always post comments saying that everything is hopeless, that certain groups are at the bottom, all of which is baloney. That kind of thinking creates intertia.

    Have you noticed that some groups, notably the Asians, excel no matter what? I have a friend who is Korean-American and she buys everythig from Korean-American owned businesses. She bought her car from a Korean-Am owned dealership, buys her gas from a Korean-Am owned gas station, her clothes and food from Korean-Am stores, etc. She does this even if she has to go out of her way.

    We don’t recycle our money. We have billions in purchasing power, but we don’t spend it in Mexican-American owned businesses. That alone in a place like Southern CA where there are so many of us would a make huge difference in the ability of those businesss to expand and hire.

    Education. Read a book called The Miseducation of the Negro by Carter G. Woodson. It applies to us too. After reading this you will understand why somebody like Alberto Gonzalez has a slave mentality even after attending the best university in the world (Harvard). Everybody has their finger in writing our history and they misrepresent it for their own ends. We need to create our own curriculum so that our kids can learn about their own history both in the US and in Mexico. That’s why there is a lack of interest in school. People are not learning anything about themselves and many have internalized the message that nobody who looks like them has ever accomplished anything. In my opinion, that’s the message the schools want them to have. They want them to plant a garden, etc. but not learn about Mexican-American scientists, architects, Nobel Prize winners, writers, etc. Look at Arizona and their quest to erase Mexican-Americans from the curriculum.

    You know how the Japanese-Americans used to have Japanese school on Saturdays so that they could learn about their culture? We should do that to supplement the schools, especially in Arizona. And children need to learn English right away. They should not be in all Spanish Head Start classes. This notion that children will be traumatized if they learn how to speak English is ridiculous. Meanwhile people in Asia and the Middle East are studying English because they understand that we live in a global economy and that you have to speak English if you want to compete.

    And I hope you aren’t referring to me as the walking dead because that is not true at all. (Excuse any typos)

  • 12 Chicano future tense // Mar 24, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    Otra vez…since Anna has chosen to direct some more of her “brilliant” commentary to my posts,I will respond..

    The last thing we need is yet (another) Mexican-american full of racial self-hate and self-loathing who is always fishing to place blame on the backs of their own people,placing the onus of their oppression, directing it inwards to themselves as the ultimate source of culpability.

    The only thing such damn fools with huge inferiority complexes manage to accomplish is to advertently (or inadvertently) provide and justify rationale for racist oppression, exploitation,injustice,giving even more ammunition and plausible deniability to the ruling white power structure.And believe me that structure will use it skillfully to deflect,stifle and neutralize legitimate Mexican protest…
    …” See,even their own Mexican people say that all their problems are brought about by themselves,we have nothing to do with their situation,our hands are clean,that’s their problem”.

    Any Mexican who is always making shallow asinine subjective generalizations,odious comparisons of their own people to others,should first hold up that same mirror to their face and criticize themselves with the same criteria.
    But you can bet they won’t,because after all they are ignorant -sanctimonious hypocrites who will always manage to deflect judgment away from themselves and turn it towards other Mexican people….”Well,that doesn’t apply to me,my situation is different..I’m better…I’m a Mexican-American,I speak English,rub elbows with Hank ,Walter and Hillary..those other Mexicans should all be (almost white) like me”.

    Such stupid little people are truly disgusting and worthy of contempt.
    ….despicable,outrageous’s sickening.

    And to pull that tired old baloney about Asians this and Asians that yada yada yada..and how Mexicans should be like them does not help in any way to solve real problems.

    I’m not Asian,I’m Mexican.
    I’m sure Asians have their own problems as we have ours.
    And may I add-not all Asians are perfect human beings like Anna seems to think.In my opinion,self-hating Mexicans really need to stop worshiping and kissing Asian butt,wake up and realize some real truths- that as a matter of fact,some of the greatest number of welfare dependency,abuse,crime,gangs,drug, psychological and social problems come from the Asian community.So this Anna character is just spouting off more nonsense.

    And by the way..what’s up with this silliness?-
    ” Sometimes I wonder if somebody put you in here to tell everybody that it’s hopeless.”

    Yeah Anna,Somebody did put me in here to tell everybody that it’s hopeless.Anna,I’m actually an undercover agent from the planet Mars here to vaporize Mexican brains with my secret ray gun!

    Oh God!they do seem to find me don’t they? (;

  • 13 Anna // Mar 24, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    First of all, I didn’t say that people were the source of their own oppression. I know institutional racism exists, but people still have to figure out a way to overcome those obstacles and succeed in spite of it. That’s the reality whether you like it or not.

    You said I made “odious comparisons of [our ] own people to others,” but you’re describing your own comments in Post #1 of this thread. What I did was note what other groups do to help themselves, and suggested that maybe some of those practices could benefit us. I didn’t say that any other group is “perfect,” or without their own problems. We’re fortunate enough to live in a diverse area where we have access to different cultures, but God forbid we (YOU) learn from somebody else. (And by the way, recycling your money is not some new fangled idea, it’s common sense.) But hey, better to keep doing the same ignorant things over and over and over and over, expecting a different result. That’s called insanity. SIGH…

    I really think you need to get out of your fantasyland socialist bubble and expose yourself to different groups of people. You can try to slander and Asian-Americans, but the reality is that they are, for the most part, successful in this country despite being minorities who experience discrimination. They have low rates of crime, alcohol abuse, and they excel academically. They also have high rates of business ownership. That’s not “kissing butt.” That’s stating the facts. What’s wrong with trying to learn from them?

  • 14 Howard // Dec 4, 2011 at 10:04 am


    Obama, Holder, and Napolitano should all be in jail,
    for the illegal sale of 2,500 weapons, to the Mexican drug cartels
    … as well as the subsequent COVER UP of these crimes …
    and the murder of American border agent, Brian Terry.

    If anything, Obama, Holder, and Napolitano,
    should be held to a higher standard, than the rest of us.

    In the days of Watergate, the Press demanded, and
    got JUSTICE for the American people. Today, the
    media looks the other way, or helps in the cover up !!!

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