The Irony of Rep. Loretta Sanchez Delivering a Keynote Address on Dream Act Next Week

March 24th, 2011 · 4 Comments

Today I learned that Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez would be speaking on Monday, March 28 at Pomona College in Claremont, California delivering a keynote address for the Cesar Chavez Celebration titled “The DREAM Act: the Status of Immigration Reform”. Her address will take place at 7:30 pm in the Smith Campus Center, Room 208. This should be an interesting talk because Rep. Sanchez was never one of the original co-sponsors of the DREAM Act and actually did not sign on as a co-sponsor until she was publicly called out by the Orange County DREAM Team. But now, all of a sudden, Loretta Sanchez is called to speak before an audience delivering a keynote speech on the DREAM Act.

Actually, Congresswoman Sanchez has been in a position as a senior member of the House Committee on Homeland Security to probe into the detention situation, the deportation of US citizens by ICE and much more. This past summer Representative Sanchez praised President Obama for mentioning immigration in a speech and said, “That is where he really can make this an important, grass-roots base issue in many members’ districts. Maybe not this year, next year or the following year. But he’s working on it and that’s a positive thing.” Saying that President Obama is working on immigration while his administration has now set a record for the number of deportations (sometimes removing citizen children in the process) sends conflicting messages to the pro-migrant community. Sanchez is definitely in a position to advocate more forcefully for humane immigration reform and policies and has an obligation to call out the current administration when it lets enforcement run amok and when its rhetoric doesn’t match its actions.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area on Monday and follow immigration issues, I would encourage you to attend this talk and ask Congresswoman Sanchez what she is doing now in the current congress to advance immigration issues, and it would be a good idea to ask her what took her so long to get behind the DREAM Act. I wonder if all of the publicity that the DREAM activists were getting had something to do with it.

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  • 1 Chicano future tense // Mar 25, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    perceptive and insightful observation by LPG-

    “Saying that President Obama is working on immigration while his administration has now set a record for the number of deportations (sometimes removing citizen children in the process) sends conflicting messages to the pro-migrant community.

    My God!
    I think it’s a shame that the “pro-migrant communities” seem unable to see through all these so-called “conflicting messages”.

    Hey folks!
    …those conflicting messages ..if you open your eyes and ears,clear out the cobwebs from your brain you will understand who these messengers are and what their message really is…

    Clowns from hell such as Obama and Loretta Sanchez are a bunch of damn opportunists,liars and phonies who are jerking Latinos around big time using them for votes and campaign donations.Keep them waving in the wind hook,line and sinker and not delivering on their “promises”.
    Of course they’ll tell you what you want to hear so they can get re-elected!

    A time for bitter truths not fantasy,denial or wish fullfillment.For the forseeable future the DREAM act is history and so is CIR.

    These congressional clowns from hell could have made CIR and the DREAM act become a reality if they would have made the same effort- the same intensity of commitment, will and determination as they did fighting for “Obamacare”.

    Instead,our so called “friends” in order to appease conservatives,right wing racists and tea party movement,took the lead of Obama,the DNC and their little Latino flunkies sugar-coated their betrayal with lame excuses and finger pointing.

    The CHC folded like cheap suits,promising us they would fight for CIR, and if Obama,the Demos, as well as the rest of their gang didn’t put their hearts and souls behind CIR they would NOT NEVER EVER support Obamacare.That was their pledge to Latinos!

    Que paso?
    Obama and his little tutu wearing amiguito Rahm Emanuel invited their pendejos-the CHC over to the white house for a nice taco dinner,some cheap tequila and a little “fun fiesta” flight on Airforce One.What did those bunch of cheap third rate Latino polticians do after their celebracion??
    The very next morning,they were paraded by Rahm Emanuel como una manada de borregos crudos onto the White House steps for a nationally televised press conference where they announced that the CHC would “after all” and “after reconsideration” support Obamacare unconditionally !!

    Here are your leaders in action.These spineless jellyfish no tienen nada de verguenza.

    IMHO, in great part due to their cowardice and treachery you can kiss any DREAM act or CIR goodbye for many years to come..I’m gonna tell it like I see it…they are can stick a fork in em’..

    Anything these presidential and congressional clowns from hell do now is just even more BS meant to keep stringing Latinos along,keep on the blinders,dangling that ever useful “carrot” in front of them to milk the suckers (once again) for re-election..

    Wake Up Latinos!

  • 2 Felix Jaure // Mar 28, 2011 at 8:41 am


    The Dream Act, was the first step in the right direction in solving the problem of illegal immigration.

    The steps required to obtain legal status in the country for the children of illegal immigrants would require that within the six year period of temporary residence, student’s must have received a degree from an institution of higher education in the United States or completed at least 2 years, in good standing, in a program for a bachelor’s degree or higher degree in the United States,” or have “served in the uniformed services for at least 2 years.

    The bill would have provided under its provisions, immigrants that would make a significant contribution, economically, as well as militarily.

    The Dream Act was not intended to be A free path to citizenship as led to believe by the opponents of the bill, but a challenge to each and every individual involved in the program.

    Republicans who strongly opposed the bill, calling it another form of amnesty, and a reward for illegal entry into the country were successful in their opposition, not withstanding the advice given by top officials of the Pentagon who favored the bill along with various civil rights groups.

    G.O.P. constituents made their voices heard in the November elections. Top and foremost on their agenda was immigration, which included blocking any attempt in providing a path for the children of illegal immigrants to become lawful citizens. Could this have been a once in a life time opportunity for America to finally establish a blue print for all future immigration policies?

    Tensions run deep when it comes to immigration. Negative publicity on the matter has played a major role in not being able to find a practical, and logical solution to the problem.

    Immigration reform is temporally out of service in Washington. Unfortunately the innocent children of undocumented aliens are caught up in the middle of a political feud between the Hatfield’s, (Democrats) and McCoys,( Republicans) with no bipartisan relief in sight. In addition, they face a nation unwilling to take into consideration the circumstances that led to their predicament.

    We identify ourselves as a nation of immigrants, and our assessment is correct. At the present time the country seems to be suffering from mass amnesia.

    Perhaps we should all take a closer look in the mirror, It might just bring back to memory, what America is composed of.

  • 3 Anna // Mar 28, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    They were never going to pass CIR of the Dream Act with such high unemployment in this country.

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