Yet another White House Meeting on Immigration

May 3rd, 2011 · 16 Comments

Today there is another White House meeting planned to discuss immigration, but this time instead of the celebrity brigade, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus will be meeting with President Obama. Latinos who would like to see some sort of administrative relief are becoming frustrated with the President and his position on immigration, and even after last week’s “celebrity immigration reform” meeting,actress Eva Longoria said:

“We like to blame Obama for the inaction, but he can’t just disobey the law that’s written.”

Longoria then urged Latinos to register to vote and to make their voices heard on immigration and other matters, which should go without saying.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece about how the Obama administration could pursue administrative relief for the DREAMers, many of whom keep falling into deportation proceedings. And this same theme has since been echoed by a legal memorandum written by noted immigration attorneys. Obama could provide relief through “deferred action”, but right now, it seems that he doesn’t want to pursue this option.

What are your thoughts? Do you think the Latino community will accept the message that Eva Longoria and other supporters of the President are now saying in regards to immigration? Or will other issues trump this one at the voting booth next fall?

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  • 1 Anna // May 4, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    Latinos know Obama isn’t serious about immigration reform, Abby Schachter, NY Post

    “Being taken for granted by Democrat politicians is nothing new for the Latino community but if the fastest growing population in the country votes en masse for a second Obama term and gets nothing, again, on immigration reform, it will have only itself to blame.

    President Obama is not serious about immigration reform, he wasn’t in 2008 and he isn’t now. Even the Washington Post is skeptical of his recent explosion of hot air on the subject.

    Here are three reasons why the President is just blowing smoke:
    1. When he actually wants to get something done, he talks about bipartisanship. When it comes to immigration he’s blaming the Republicans in Congress 100 percent. “I know some here wish that I could just bypass Congress and change the law myself,” Obama said at a speech in Florida recently. “But that’s not how democracy works.”

    2. He’s not talking to anyone who is actually involved in reforming immigration laws. He’s talking about immigration to people who will either give him money or give him votes. He’s not asked for a meeting with any Republicans in Congress to discuss immigration reform and he hasn’t even sat down with the one senator from his own party who was last working on a comprehensive immigration compromise, Sen. Chuck Schumer.

    3. Obama hasn’t got any idea how to reform immigration. He can only talk in platitudes about how changes to immigration laws have to be comprehensive and when he does get specific it is only about one small piece of the puzzle that failed to pass the Senate last year, the Dream Act. His only reference point in the discussion seems to be those who are here illegally. This is a myopic view of the problem for someone who keeps talking about an expansive, comprehensive solution.

    On this point one can’t blame Obama alone. After all, when the Congresional Hispanic Caucus met with the President the only thing on their minds was illegals [undocumented workers]. These lawmakers urged the President not to enforce the law and stop deporting students here illegally. “We do need to seek a legislative fix, but the reality right now is it would be very difficult with the huge majority the Republicans have in the House of Representatives,” said Rep. Charlie Gonzalez (D-San Antonio). The truth is that no legsilative fix was possible when Democrats were in the majority so it is pure politics for anyone to suggest the problem is the Republican majority.

    President Obama sometimes seems to think Americans are stupid or not paying attention so that needn’t make perfect sense. Apparently he feels that way about Latino voters as do the members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.”

  • 2 Jaango // May 4, 2011 at 1:38 pm

    Here at the Chicano Veterans Organization, we are preparing a “Ten Point Marker” in which all Democratic incumbents and candidates will be expected to “endorse, support, and advocate” for the “minimum of 9″ issues, otherwise, expecting the Native American and Chicano Military Vets to “distance themselves for voting” for these incumbents and candidates, is going to occur and with NO votes being tallied in the Democratic column during next year’s presidential cycle.

    And the two “markers” relative to CIR is on a “priority basis”. Take, for example, a Priority One is premised on the undocumented immigrant parents of our “littlest citizens” and which are the kids born here in the United States. Thus, the parents are “defined and designated” as “first in line” for becoming citizens. And a Priority Two, is for the kids and students that can come together under the umbrella for the DREAM ACT.

    So, if you want to participate in crafting this Ten Point Marker, respond here at this political blog, and lead the way, so as to not have hour votes “held hostage” by either Democrats or the Republicans.

    So, let it rip and read!


  • 3 Chicano future tense // May 5, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    Por favor....
    Wasn’t this Eva Longaniza once a sopa opera actress once upon a time?
    I mean darn,she can’t seem to keep away from the spotlight.
    This actress is clearly out of her element and definitely out of her league here rubbing elbows with devious professional con men ..oops!.. I mean polticians.. such as Obama and ideological mommy David Axelrod.
    I could just imagine evesdropping in on their conversation..
    “Hey barry we got a live one here..this third rate soap opera has-been is our do the Mexicans say in Spanish dupe?..oh yeah..“Pendeja”..
    Maybe Eva cant’ stop the habit of someone directing her and writing her lines.?
    Heck,maybe she thinks Obama and Dave are directors! They just need to feed her the lines they script and bada bing..there it is Latinos for Obama in 2012!!
    This silliness just makes me want to throw up…
    Come on Latino artists..Piolin,Eva,and all the rest..( I really hope Cheech and George don’t be fools again supporting Obama like they did in 2008!”)..
    Wake up and smell the cafe!!!
    Obama is a jerk,a liar and a con-man ..not necessarily in that order..
    He has used you like a fool,lied to you,broke promises,ignored and dismissed you..
    what else do you need to know..does he need to spit in your face and kick your rear end out of the white house for you to finally “get it”…

    How many ways can you spell the word FOOL…?? because that’s the real deal here with what’s happening..

    Eva,I’m sure you look good..but sorry dear,I have to call upon the HOOK to take you off the stage..YOU’RE FIRED!

    I hate to pick on pobrecita palomita inocente Eva here but dang..she says some really dumb things..check this out..

    “We like to blame Obama for the inaction, but he can’t just disobey the law that’s written.”
    Para mi that’s really sickening and disgusting..

    Could you just imagine MLK telling black people during the height of the Civil Rights Movement,the time of segregation,police dogs and national guard troops..telling them that Governors of Alabama,Mississippi,Arkansas
    shouldn’t be blamed, because they can’t just disobey the law that’s written.

    ??? I mean what’s up with that ??

    Message to Eva and other artists who are Obama dupes..pendejos..

    Please get the hell off the stage because your show really stinks!

  • 4 Anna // May 5, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Re: “Maybe Eva cant’ stop the habit of someone directing her and writing her lines.?”

    So true. When she came out of the meeting she said that Obama discussed “his plans for Hispanics.”

    Really? His plans for Hispanics? They should have been telling him what they wanted, not sitting there like sheep waiting for their orders. Pathetic!

  • 5 kyledeb // May 6, 2011 at 7:06 am

    It’s difficult to tell if Eva Longoria pushed the President privately, or not, or how she feels she can have the most influence. I will say that her public message is the wrong one though. Latinos already voted for Obama and now is the time to hold him accountable. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll get steamrolled again.

  • 6 Anna // May 6, 2011 at 9:24 am

    Kyledeb: What I’m afraid of is that people like Congressman Gutierrez will make a scene that will create a backlash that will help Obama.

    Obama has his minions like Eva Longoria saying that he can’t “disobey the law.” So he’s setting himself up as law abiding and casting the activists as lawbreakers. That’s the same thing the Republicans do.

    (Why do people like Eva Longoria let themselves be used? I guess she likes it when a certain type of man uses her and lies to her? I see a pattern! )

    As the webmaster said, Obama has the legal power to grant administrative relief to some undocumented people, so nobody is asking him to break the law.

  • 7 Chicano future tense // May 6, 2011 at 11:35 am

    “Obama has his minions like Eva Longoria saying that he can’t “disobey the law.” So he’s setting himself up as law abiding and casting the activists as lawbreakers. That’s the same thing the Republicans do.”

    That’s a great observation Anna! hit the nail right on the head..

    It is true,the Obama gang is setting up a scenario here that once again abuses,manipulates and uses Latinos,especially activists and vocal critics of adminstration policies…..but this time in a significantly different way..they’re going to overtly and publicly scapegoat Latino critics in order to appease racist xenophobic americans-win their support and votes ..

    They will carry out their treacherous back-stabbing campaign by using usful Latino idiots,flunkies.. such as Eva Longaniza,Latino Democratic party loyalists, polticians,Media,Artists.. and others,in an attempt to isolate,discredit and demonize vocal Latino critics casting them as troublemakers,outside agitators,GOP spies,radical activists..etc..etc..

    To Latinos I recite this famous ageless aphorism..

    “Fool me once,shame on you..fool me twice shame on me”

  • 8 irma // May 9, 2011 at 2:23 pm

    So, Obama thinks that actresses like Eva Longoria
    represent the political interests of Mexican Americans? The fact that she was even invited to White House to be consulted on such an important topic is an INSULT to the Hispanic community.
    Why didnt Obama invite our academics, our scientists etc? I guess he thinks the only kind of talent we have simply involves a pretty face…….

  • 9 Anna // May 9, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    He just thinks that people in the media, such as Longoria, can best communicate his message (lies). The media/government always have a “head Mexican.” For a long time it was Edward James Olmos, then for a while it was George Lopez, but now it looks like they’re going with Eva Longoria.

    I think she’s means well, but she’s being used.

  • 10 Anna // May 10, 2011 at 12:26 am

    President’s Council on Fitness–not a single Hispanic person included. Unbelievable.

  • 11 irma // May 10, 2011 at 9:01 am


    The fact that the President thinks that an actor/actress could represent Mexican American
    political interests speaks volumes about what he thinks about our community. We are apparently uneducated idiots who spend most of our time watching television.

    If Eva Longoria wants to do something for our community, then she should speak up and say what I just said. Surely, growing up in Corpus
    Christi, she was aware of a a few Mexican Americans better suited than herself to promote our interests? If any of you guys knows her- please send her this message.

  • 12 webmaster // May 10, 2011 at 9:38 am

    Yesterday Julianne Hing of Colorlines wrote this letter to Eva Longoria:

    If you look at Eva’s twitter feed, she did acknowledge that she read it and will express those concerns outlined:!/evalongoria

  • 13 Anna // May 10, 2011 at 10:52 am

    Irma, he doesn’t think she “represents our political interests.” He thinks she can best communicate HIS political interests.

    The people in that meeting were there to get their talking points from the White House, and that would have been the case had they been actors or scientists.

    But something tells me Irma, that if a scientist or some other educated person came out of the meeting spewing the same talking points that you might have been convinced. You’re offended that he used an actress becasue you think it’s dumb. I would be more worried about he message than the messenger.

  • 14 irma // May 10, 2011 at 3:08 pm


    Being an educator, I am not impressed just because someone is “educated.” There are plenty of educated people who shall we say, are just plain stupid. That being said, on the average, most educated people are not naive and have learned enough not to get snowed by politicians. Scientists by the way, question each other all the time. Take the current Director of the NCI, Harold Varmus and another Nobel prize winner, He and his Nobel Prize winner Boss ( Obama) are making some incredibly stupid decisions regarding the future of biomedical research in United States. So, you are mistaken in thinking I would give an educated person a free pass……….

    I am worried about the message, the messenger and most all the audience.

  • 15 Cindy // May 10, 2011 at 6:25 pm

    We do not have to settle for Obama or a GOP. I voted for Obama but no longer trust him. He will cut SS, medicare, and medicaid and say he was blackmailed by the Republicans to raise the debt ceiling, just like he did on the Bush tax cuts. We need to get Obama and as many as the GOP’s out of office in 2012. The dream Act and nothing else will get done as long as we have corrupt government working for special interest groups.

    Join us in our fight for real hope and change! We have just funded a bus ad to primary Obama and we need to get another one funded. The ad that we got funded today, will start running in 2 wks or less in Washington DC.

    And contact Adam Green and tell him we want a challenger to Obama!
    “Adam Green,”
    We can do this if we all work together! Do not listen to what they tell you about an incumbent president cannot be beat. That might be true if its a good president but not one that lied to get elected the way Obama did. He ran on stopping wars, stopping Bush’s tax cuts to the rich and promises of the Dream Act. He lied on all of them. He is no different than a Republican and this country is screwed if we don’t act now!

  • 16 irma // May 13, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    Eva Longoria said ““We like to blame Obama for the inaction, but he can’t just disobey the law that’s written.”

    Hmmm. In 1860, US law upheld slavery in the United State . I guess Obama and Longoria
    both would have SUPPORTED slavery in 1860?
    Sometimes the law is WRONG from a moral standpoint – Obama’s argument falls FLAT…..

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