Hispanic Caucus Takes a Stand

May 8th, 2011 · 3 Comments

There is a glimmer of hope in the administration immigration enforcement madness, as last week the Congressional Hispanic Caucus called for the end of the Secure Communities program. I had blogged about Secure Communities and the annoyance of having to go through a checkpoint back in March. But there seems to be some momentum from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to call for DHS to put a moratorium on the program, especially given the recent calls to investigate by Rep. Lofgren and governor of Illinois’ statement last week about not participating in the program. You can read about that here.

In San Francisco, California, the Sheriff will begin releasing low level undocumented people from its prisons beginning on June 1. San Francisco Sheriff Michael Hennessey cites the city’s local sanctuary law:

“The new policy, set to begin June 1, is meant to uphold San Francisco’s sanctuary ordinance, which prohibits local officials from assisting Immigration and Customs Enforcement with enforcing immigration laws unless it involves a felony.

“I’m trying to enforce San Francisco’s city of refuge law,” Hennessey said. “The city of refuge law says we are not supposed to comply with federal officials except with felonies. I’m just doing our best to enforce local law. That’s my job.””

President Obama is scheduled to deliver a speech on immigration in Texas this week. It will be interesting to see if advocates turn out to protest and raise awareness about the confusion and inconsistencies of the administration’s Secure Communities program.

What are your thoughts? Do you think President Obama will receive a warm and receptive crowd in Texas or will activists turn up the pressure? Or do you think that the President will respond more to the anti-immigrant crowd with more “boots on the border” rhetoric?

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  • 1 Anna // May 8, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    I thinh he will use boots on the border rhetoric, and if activsts are out there, it will just feed into the image he wants to portray. I hope they don’t take the bait.

  • 2 Chicano future tense // May 9, 2011 at 10:52 pm

    Make no mistake about it..
    Let us not be confused,deceived -duped as to the true intentions of Obama and co. latest “on the road “..”immigration snake oil sales tour”..
    Come on Gente,this is all about politics- “Obama re-election in 2012″,and not about Immigration reform ..

    CIR to Obama and co is just one more poltical issue which can be used,exploited and manipulated for political gain for crony politicians and their parties..that’s’s as simple as that..even a clear thinking child could figure that one out..

    Hate to say it,Mexicans at this time for the most are part lacking in leadership,desperate,weak,powerless,
    disorganized,confused,unsophisicated-all factors which lend themselves to disorientation,fear,anxiety,insecurity.

    Mexicans are easy pickings for Obama and co…easy a wolf licking his chops waiting on top of a ridge until the herd of sheep come round the corner..
    easy prey..essentially Mexicans aint got no shepherds.. no shepherd dogs to look over them..
    you know Obama is gonna have all the mutton and lamb chops he wants to eat for election 2012..

    I’m gonna tell you exactly how all of this is gonna come down..
    Obama will come to Texas with his show..more bs,lies and phony promises.Basically he will tell Mexicans “too damn bad” what you folks ain’t gonna happen because Obama is talkin “boots on the border” ..”Securing the border”,business as usual carrying out draconian fascistic immigration policies and laws..but maybe just maybe if you folks vote for me I will try “something” but I”m not gonna tell you “what”..because it’s a big “secret” just vote for me in 2012 me just like you did in 2008.. ..don’t worry.. Papa Obama will take care of you..ok,huh.Mexicans??

    What a shame..The Obama gang has the Mexicans number..don’t fool yourself..they know our leaders are gutless disgusting boot licking cowards who will bend over for him whenever he needs them,all he just needs to snap his fingers..bunch of useless self-centered freaks..

    Notice the change in shading and tone of Obamas rhetoric to Mexicans from the time of his campaign as compared to now after he’s POTUS..
    Being the great fraud and phony con-man that he is,he played the good cop role before being elected promising Mexicans “swearing up and down” that he would place their issues as his “number one” priority if elected..number one? it turned out he wound up treating Mexican issues like number two!

    What happened????
    Now we hear on the News talking tough “texas ranger border patrol hombre” rhetoric to please the racists and xenophobes of america who consider Mexicans as desert rabbits to be shot and rats to be exterminated along the border..
    Total disrespect and contempt for Mexicans.
    He doesn’t give a damn now because he knows Mexicans ain’t gonna do a damn thing about it and their leaders will just peep like little chickens and squeek like scared little mice..
    So Obama and co will just go ahead and rub it in their face and tell em “grin and bear it”..” too damn bad Mexicans,what are you going to do?..nothing!!”

    Thank God we have some valiant Mexican critics who have the guts and courage to stand up and speak out against horrible Obama immigration policies and practice.Such critics will be marginalized,isolated.. exiled by the MSM news media to
    “siberia’..blotted out ..erased..out of sight ..out of mind.. they will say…”protest??? what protest..we didn’t see any protest,only one grande Love Fiesta!”
    Of course the MSM and establishment Mexican media,personalties and politicians are in Obamas hip pocket!

    You can bet if there is any protest at all during Obamas speech in Texas the MSM news will immediately manipulate,scramble,squelch, minimalize,trivialize protest to create a News image of unanimous support for Obama..
    They will make up a hollywood style production for the News and MSM portraying Obamas speech to Mexicans as some kind of overwhelming “sermon on the mount”..

    The only presence Mexican critics of Obamas draconian immigration and other policies have at all will mostly be found on the internet,locally in community news outlets,grass roots organizations and groups..

    Obama owns the MSM,establishment Mexican Media,personalities,and Latino politicians..
    and thats why I predict they will in fact successfully co-opt once again Mexican support and votes for Obama 2012..just like they did in 2008…as long as Mexicans keep falling for more Obama lies and false promises they will be kept corraled as slaves on the Democratic Party plantation in perpertuity..

  • 3 Anna // May 10, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you. Undocumented workers are screwed, that’s true. They have been screwed by both political parties and by two countries.

    But the rest of us have a choice and no way am I trapped into voting for Obama.

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