Footage of Yesterday’s Immigration Speech + More Reaction

May 11th, 2011 · 1 Comment

This is what the President said yesterday, and reactions have been lukewarm. I actually like Steve Lopez’s take on it in today’s LA Timesdon’t expect much change, but immigrant rights advocates will continue speaking out against current DHS policies.

Yesterday in a press release, NCLR commented:

“…we hope and expect that the White House will go beyond speeches and meetings and take meaningful action. As record levels of detention and deportation continue to soar, families are torn apart, innocent youth are being deported, and children are left behind without the protection of their parents. Such policies do not reflect American values and do little to solve the problem. We can do better.”

The National Day Laborer Organizing Network added:

“Like Congressman Luis Gutierrez though, we all want to feel the same sense of hope and optimism we felt in 2008. However, words alone will no longer be enough. The President must earn Latinos’ support through actions that move the country toward a policy granting us political equality, through the regularization of our immigrant families’ status. The goal contained in Arizona’s SB1070, the criminalization of immigrants, is mutually exclusive with the goal of legalization. While Republicans have coelesced on a nativist position that will be shamed by history, it is not sufficient for the President to simply blame Congress for inaction. The President must lead by example, and we will measure his commitment to immigration reform by taking stock of his actions.If the President seriously wants to move the debate forward, he can start by answering the Congressional Hispanic Caucus’s call to freeze the misguided Secure Communities as a first step.”

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  • 1 Anna // May 11, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    Re: “Daniel said immigration agents entered a supermarket in Riverside recently and asked shoppers for their papers.”

    Did they ask the employees of the supermarket for their “papers” or did they ask everybody in the supermarket? Unbelievable. So US citizens (with brown skin of course) have to show immigration authorities proof of their citizenship upon demand? Just like Germany in the 1930s!

    Do they ask the illegal Irish and Russians in New York to do the same thing?

    On election day, I am voting “Present.”

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