The Tequila Party Revisited

June 6th, 2011 · 2 Comments

I have a new piece up about the Tequila Party, which has been in the news again. I just can’t take any group with this kind of name seriously in politics. Sure, the Tea Party has a historical context in reference to the Boston Tea Party, but tequila?!

Here’s a clip describing the group’s latest efforts featuring it’s fearless leader, Dee Dee Garcia Blase:

Does this group inspire confidence and make you want to join their effort? Or does the name and “fiesta promoting” turn you off?

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  • 1 Chicano future tense // Jun 7, 2011 at 12:10 pm

    I’d like to echo LPB’s take on the Tequila Party thing..

    To me these Tequila people are actually sort of pitiful.

    Of course they’re trying to be cute,pretending they are non-partisan and all that.
    Talk about damn idiotic can any group of Latinos be to present their organization to the public wrapped up in such outrageously pernicious racial stereotypes!

    Stupid,really stupid…

    But anyone who has any brains can see through this disingenuous front…(I hope)..

    The truth is the Tequila party is nothing more than a thinly veiled facade thrown together by conservative GOP Latinos who having been compromised and shamed into some type of response due to the repulsive racist xenophobic policies of their own GOP party,therefore,in order to save face,they need to show some semblance of dignity or backbone to their people, measures taken in order to avoid risk being disgraced in the eyes of Latinos.

    Due to being trapped in this spiders web of contradictions these conservative GOP Mexicans/Latinos have resorted to assuming goofy political contortions trying to square the unabashed anti-Mexican,anti-undocumented Mexican worker vicious attacks being promoted by their party as well as their surrogates the Tea Party (ironically being currently “executed” on the ground by the their supposed political opponents the Democratic Party establishment/DNC/Obama administration.)Talk about a cynical Tweedle-Dee Tweedle dum con game..

    So we can clearly see here the duplicitous treacherous hidden alliance and bad intent BOTH parties have contra Los Sin papeles (and by extension Mexican-Americans.)

    That is why I suspect they have invited “Obama the backstabbing lying con-man” to come speak at their event.

    Moving on here to another point..I just read LPB’s article linked to “The Daily Grito” website…

    LPB was going along just fine in their cogent analysis of the Tequila Party,most of which I heartily agree with.
    Until,in my opinion,they ran head-on into a brick wall where they got into this thing of implying that somehow it was insensitive and callous to other “Latinos” for the Tequila people to use the name “Tequila” as their parties name.

    Tequila,as we all know is a Mexican alcoholic beverage drink which being ancient in origin has existed in Mexican society and culture for thousands of years..

    So,come on LPB lets get off this trivial petty,nit-picking PC kick which implies that a Mexican named Latino organization is offensive and insensitive to other Latinos..
    because such an implication is downright silly and ludicrous..

    Just to add a dose of reality to this issue,like it or not,the significant majority of Latinos in the US are in fact Mexicans,and add to this the reality Mexicans are the one ethnic Latino group which is presently bearing the brunt,being singled out,getting hit the hardest politically and all fronts with vicious racist attacks by american racists and xenophobes..

    Most mass Latino political movement,on a national scale,is coming from the Mexican people..(witness the millions of people who flooded the streets of america for immigrant,human and civil rights)..

    Respectfully,LPB,I honestly think the supposed offense you are designating as a problem doesn’t exist-it is mostly coming from your own mind.

    I think the vast majority of Latinos, if you asked them, wouldn’t have absolutely no problem whatsoever in a Latino group using a Mexican themed title for their organization..

    And,just for the sake of argument, suppose there were to be some Latinos who have a problem with Mexican themes or names for Latino organizations or whatever else..then I would think such Latinos themselves have some type of negative petty hang-up which has the potential to become divisive and unhealthy to La Causa..

    I think this supposed problem LPB infers is for the most part non-existent.

  • 2 HispanicPundit // Jun 10, 2011 at 8:53 am

    I know Dee Dee personally, I was just at her house in Arizona during my pass through that state a week ago. I could see both sides. The side that argues that the name promotes a stereotype of Latinos. But she makes a good point. She says that Tequila in itself is not bad, it’s also a great Mexican addition to the United States culture. It’s made in Mexico and appeals stronger to the younger generation.

    I don’t have any strong opinions one way or the other though.

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