Monday Round up in the Latino Political World

June 13th, 2011 · 7 Comments

In case you have missed it, President Obama is scheduled to visit Puerto Rico tomorrow. He becomes the first President since John Kennedy to visit the island (aka the US’s colonial possession). Already the locals are criticizing his visit. You can read more about that here.

Speaking of Obama, last week his campaign hired a new political director, Katherine Archuleta from Colorful Colorado. She’s coming off of serving as the chief of staff to Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis.

Alabama lived up to its discriminatory past in passing its new immigration law, which is most likely going to be declared unconstitutional.

Latinas are now “being targeted” by anti-abortion advocates. Arizona has another interesting law for women seeking medical care.

And finally, a recent poll shows that immigration is the key issue for Latino voters, and moreover, Latino voters in both parties would like to see some executive action on the immigration issue minus Congressional action.

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  • 1 Chicano future tense // Jun 14, 2011 at 10:33 am

    LPB’s use of the word “Round Up” is a fairly accurate characterization of the Latino political World.

    Here we see the Democratic Party/DNC/Obama administration out there in action out there busily “Rounding Up” la manada de Borregos(sheeple) Latinos/Mexicanos “corraling” them for a good “shearing” on the Hacienda Democratic Plantation.

    Typical Obama BS..he goes to Puerto Rico trying to sucker bait Los Borinquenos with promises.. “more” “Reports’ and “Commisions” to deal with the islands worsening problems.Where have we heard this same BS before? just ask the Mexicans how Obama pulled the same trick on them with more clever lies and slick con-man games with respect to CIR..Like Obama once said..”Just words,just speeches”.

    Obama seems to think Latinos are a really stupid people running these tired old games over and over on Latinos..

    Latinos..keep this old saying in mind..”Fool me once shame on you,Fool me twice shame on me”..

    There are legions of professional Latino careerist opportunists out there running around for hire..anything for a buck ya know.

    Job descriptions include lying,making excuses,pushing more “change and hope dope” on Latinos,fronting more BS for the lying,backstabbing con-man from Chicago under whose watch has out done by a mile all previous administrations in destroying more Mexican families and lives,mass deportations,enacted draconian,near proto-fascistic immigration policies which treat Mexicans no better than animals to be hunted down,immigration laws,workplace raids,community dragnets,legislation…etc etc..the list goes on and on of “Hope and Change” in action..

    This smily faced “Amiga”,highly paid “poliltical consultant” K. Archuleta from Colorado contracted out by Obama to get him relected in 2012….I’m sure she will earn her pay by doing a really professional “Job” on her own people.

    A really “Good Job” …that is, fronting for Obama with more Hope and Change BS rhetoric,more false promises,more dangling the ever useful carrot of CIR in front of their faces….just more more deception and slight of hand trickery..

    It always amazes me how some Mexican opportuntistic carrerists can so cleverly rationalize selling their own people down the river for some “chicken….” position in some campaign, in some bureocracy or another…for a few silver dollars…these ever photogenic “smiling nice people” are like the proverbial “pigs with lipstick”,people who in actuality are nothing more than glorified highly paid political pimps and procurers.Hey it’s a job right?

    But yet even after all that,these people have the nerve to dig down deep in their pool of BS in order to fool us, finding good sounding rationales and justifications for their actions.No tienen verguenza.

    The Alabama passed anti-Mexican legislation.

    A very bad sign of things to come for Mexicans.Recently the Supreme Court gave racists and xenophobes a huge victory by giving Arizona SB1070 the green light by upholding Arizona’s “business death penalty” for employers who hire undocumented workers.The 5-3 decision said Arizona may also deny employers a license to do business for hiring Los sin papeles.
    Also upheld was Arizona’s requirement that employers check with the federal E-Verify program before hiring new workers.This is bad,really bad news..

    It doesn’t take much to understand why they call it the “business death penalty” because it also slams the door shut to jobs for undocumented workers.

    With no job.. undocumented workers are dead..the intended victims of the Supreme Court approved “business death penalty” ..

    Now after this Supreme Court decison other states will follow suit and you can bet they will all attempt to create similar insidiuous variations, “death penalties” built upon their Supreme Court victory.

    Now they at a minimum can shut undocumented workers out of the local job market by a combination of business death penalties and the mandatory enforcement of the dreaded E-Verify system which is becoming a highly efficient (and cheap) hi tech Migra….

    Many States one way or another will attempt to undermine and sabotage the constitution,civil and human rights of Mexicans.

    Brick by brick,stone by stone they will with the rabid support of their own citizen racists and xenophobes come up with unique innovative methods of running undocumented Mexicans out of their states..The Supreme Court decision breathed life into their cause..

  • 2 Luis Alvarado // Jun 14, 2011 at 10:51 am

    As a Latino political consultant, I would like to comment on the findings of the poll you refer as having Immigration as Latinos key issue. As I read the conclusions, I did not see any methodology indicators that tell me this is a credible poll. If so, it would have had to be measured against the big boys in the block such as Pew Hispanic or Rasmussen. If they were referring to a recent poll that Latino news giant Imprime is using for their latest articles, I must protest and indicate that the company being utilized is “Latino Decisions” a company who lists the SEIU as one of their clients out of Washington State. And has not yet proven to have accuracy in their polls.

    Now I certainly believe that immigration weighs heavy on all Latino voters, yet as our economy is in a Funk and house prices are free falling I assure you that for Latinos, those family perils will weigh more heavily that the Immigration issues.

    In 2010 Democrats used the anger of Arizona’s Anti-immigration laws and Millions of Dollars from Union coffers to propel voters to the polls and reached their objectives in key races. I have no doubt that they are hoping once again to duplicate the same scenario. I just don’t think Latinos will fall for this tactic again.

  • 3 HispanicPundit // Jun 14, 2011 at 9:29 pm

    Finally, Arizona is doing something right!

  • 4 Anna // Jun 15, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    Unless the economy undergoes a miraculous transformation, Obama is one term.

    And yes, he mistakenly thinks we’re stupid enough to vote for him again. Good luck with that.

    He said that his family was “not invested” in him being President. He doesn’t seem too invested in it either. He should let another Democrat get the nomination in 2012, somebody with a passion for the job and for public policy.

  • 5 Chicano future tense // Jun 15, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Well shucks Luis Alvarado..

    of course Latinos Consider both issues Immigration and Economic as crucial to their lives and don’t need a poll for that..

    Darn,I’m not a paid political consultant or anything like that and I could have given you that information for free!

    Luis,I’ll bet ya I got it right and you got it wrong .. Latinos will most assuredly fall for Obama tactics once can take that to the bank Mano! and guess what??
    I’m giving you that information for free!!

    Anna sez..“Unless the economy undergoes a miraculous transformation, Obama is one term.
    And yes, he mistakenly thinks we’re stupid enough to vote for him again. Good luck with that.
    He said that his family was “not invested” in him being President. He doesn’t seem too invested in it either.”

    hehe,Anna you just fell for more of Obama BS. Obama is clever like a fox and you fell right into his “Mexican trap”..

    God Bless you Anna, I’m sure Obama must think you are precious..!

    Get it through your head.. Obama is extremely invested and wants more than anything in the world to win a second term..

    And yes,he the Democratic Party/DNC do think Latinos are stupid enough to vote for him again!

    Mark my words,Obama will win a second term and Latinos will vote in droves for him..

    Ok? and I’m not charging any of you for this information!

  • 6 Anna // Jun 16, 2011 at 9:42 am

    Luis, US citizens are being detained and in some cases deported. A American truck driver was stopped by ICE and asked for his birth certificate. When he could only show them a drivers license, they detained him in a private for profit- prison, and would not release him until his wife provided his birth certificate. An American man was accused of being an illegal immigrant from Russia. The man spent time in jail and had to go to court to prove he was an American!

    When incidents like this are sanctioned by Obama, then immigration becomes the number one issue because his failure to solve the problem as he PROMISED to do, jeopardizes all of our rights. He’s one of the worst presidents we have ever had.

    This is not just the unions trying to rile people up. Get a clue!

  • 7 Anna // Jun 16, 2011 at 10:13 am

    Re: “Obama is extremely invested and wants more than anything in the world to win a second term..”

    Oh, I know he wants to win. Nobody wants to be one a term President. He also has to prove to his nemesis Bill Clinton that he’s just as good as he is. lol

    But he strikes me as more interested in the perks of the job than in the job itself. That’s what I meant when I said that he doesn’t seem invested. Look how slow Obama was to respond to the Gul oil spill. Didn’t it take him six weeks to respond with a lame speech? Remember when he left Bill Clinton alone at the podium taking questions from reporters because he said that he had to attend a party? Who does that?!

    Health care was about passing something that Bill Clinton couldn’t get passed. Obama didn’t care if his plan was nothing more than a payoff to the health insurance industry.

    No fire in the belly except to “win.”

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