Sen. Marco Rubio Co-Sponsors E-Verify and Faces Latino Backlash

June 16th, 2011 · 4 Comments

This week new E-Verify bills were introduced in the House and in the Senate, which would require all employers in the United States to utilize an electronic system to determine worker eligibility. In most states, the system is voluntary with some exceptions for work on federal contracts.

The E-Verify system has already been criticized by many as being costly and riddled with errors. Mandatory use of this system could be especially problematic for workers in landscape and agriculture:

“Craig Regelbrugge, senior director of government relations with the American Nursery and Landscape Association, emphasized agricultural and seasonal workers will be hard hit under mandatory E-Verify. It will lead to unintended consequences: less overall production, fewer jobs, more reliance on exports and will drastically affect the industry that provides the foods we eat everyday, he said.

E-Verify routinely fails to detect good-faith documents and will ultimately screen out the most experienced farm workers, says Regelbrugge. “Over the years E-Verify has failed miserably.”

Growers will not survive under E-Verify and will have to switch to lower-value crops or leave farming all together, notes Regelbrugge. “It will suck the economic life blood out of the agricultural industry and negatively affect those that work to feed us,” he said.”

Well, Senator Rubio has gone ahead and co-sponsored the Senate version of the E-Verify bill introduced by Senator Chuck Grasseley. Already Senator Rubio is feeling the heat from Representative Gutierrez and advocacy organizations for his position. But this was to be expected. Senator Rubio was a tea party darling, and for at least the past year, he has been expressing a more hard line position on immigration.

While Senator Rubio likes to tell the story of his family and how his parents came from Cuba to the US to make a living, he doesn’t explain that his family benefited from an “amnesty” program. It’s hard to be “illegal” and be from Cuba because of the Cuban Adjustment Act. So in essence, the sentiment that Rubio expresses is one that Cuban exiles (immigrants) = good and other immigrants = bad.

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  • 1 Chicano future tense // Jun 16, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    We see the forces of bigotry and hate- both Democratic Party as well as GOP on the one hand taking the offensive,sponsoring and supporting anti-immigrant,anti-Mexican racist and xenophobic legislation and policy,and on the other hand actually physically carrying out on the ground vicious draconian Obama administration policies which have proved extremely destructive to the families and lives of Mexican immigrant workers,and by a spill over effect to Mexican-Americans themselves..

    Marco Rubio and Barack Obama ain’t no friends to Mexicans,and in my opinion you’re a damned fool if you believe that baloney..
    Your only true friends are your people..and don’t forget it.

    It is up to us Mexican-Americans especially to stand up and defend our people,to fight for human and civil rights thereby also defending Democracy.

    Let us never forget that we come from a people who were conquered and dominated by white europeans,who took half of Mexico,put up a fence and treated Mexicans and their future generations living here as inferior second class citizens..we have become strangers in our own land..and yes it is our land that has our soul and spirit in them..California,Colorado,Nevada,New Mexico,Tejas,Arizona..el Rio Colorado,los sierra nevadas,el Rio Sacramento,Los Angeles,San Diego,San Francisco,Las Vegas,San Antonio etc etc etc..
    This is our land.

    We know and beileve in our heart of hearts this is our land,not theirs and we have the moral and historical right to reclaim our stolen land,our dignity and self-determination..

    They are the aliens,not us…
    and sooner or later with our exploding population and growing sense of power things will change in a big way..if you know what I mean..when we wake up like the sleeping Giant we are..

    As for politicians such as Marco Rubio,or for that matter Barack Obama.. who attack harm and destroy the interests and lives of our people -they can go to hell!

    Hopefully,one day we Mexicans can hang a big neon sign outside our cities and states telling them..
    “Go Home,No estan bienvenidos aqui”..
    Now that’s Power!

    You don’ think these things can’t happen in our future?If you just dare to open your eyes,become a visionary,look at all the signs out there you also will see it and believe it is possible..

    I’m telling you Gente Mexican Power is the future..

  • 2 Rob // Jun 16, 2011 at 9:16 pm

    Cudos to Senator Rubio and his standing with the American people on the rule of law. E-Verify will do wonders to bring our illegal immigration problems under control. As to the previous comment by Chicano Future Tense I might add that this is the United States and no it is not Mexico and it never will be, get used to it.

  • 3 Anna // Jun 16, 2011 at 9:31 pm

    Under the Cuban Adjustiment Act Cuban immigrants who wash up on the beach are automatically eligible for automatic citizenship and immediate social security payments and welfare benefits. I want to know if Rubio’s family benefitted from any entitlement programs. Frankly, why is this law still on the books? No more Cuban Adjustment Act. I’m emailing my Congressman and telling him to repeal it. Enough with this BS. These people poach off our numbers, through this fake “Hispanic” category, and I am sick of it.

  • 4 irma // Jun 20, 2011 at 9:17 am

    Chicano future tense,

    Political power is not in the future of Mexican
    Americans if we as a group continue to remain uneducated. I have a PhD but most of my relatives didn’t finish high school. They are the norm among our people, not me. Forget about protesting the Cuban Adjustment Act, Mexican- Americans need to focus on getting an education and avoiding becoming parents in their twenties. The political power will come, when our people educate themselves.

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