Ted Cruz, another Cuban-American poised to enter the US Senate

June 17th, 2011 · 2 Comments

When I think of Texas, I tend to “think Mexican” especially if I have on my Latino politics lens. Obviously, the proximity to the border, the food, and Tex-Mex music evoke feelings of Mexican-American nostalgia. And I know that the Latino population is diverse beyond the large Mexican-American population and that citizens can be well represented by someone from any particular group. But should Republican Ted Cruz win the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, he would become the third Cuban-American (and third Latino) in the United States Senate. And not surprisingly, he takes similar policy positions in regards to immigration as Marco Rubio. If you want to learn more, read this piece I wrote today.

What are your thoughts about Ted Cruz? Do you think the raza in Texas will come out to support him?

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  • 1 Stace at DosCentavos // Jun 17, 2011 at 10:06 am

    Cruz has been playing to the rightest of the right since he needs to get passed the GOP Primary. The GOP in Texas has a record of primary-ing out Latino Perry appointees in the past, so, he’s got that to conquer.

    On top of that, Dewhurst may announce; however, a fight over a bill to ban TSA patdowns at Texas airports with Texas Senator Dan Patrick gave Patrick some needed press to put himself out there for US Senate. A recent poll stated he would have a viable chance, but the poll didn’t include Dewhurst.

    There have also been rumblings of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott who has major fundraising power and has amassed a right-wing record to put forth to GOP voters.

    Cruz has been an appointee with no experience as a candidate, but I’m sure he’s well-trained and will have a Florida connection for money. I don’t know if that plays well, but in a race that will have right-wingers trying to out-right each other, I expect him to play the same game in that regard.

    Latinos are not avid GOP primary voters. Many are falling behind General Ric Sanchez who is treated by Latinos as the war hero and by Liberal anglos as a war criminal for Abu Ghraib. But Latinos may vote enough to get him passed the primary; plus, he’ll have DSCC and DNC backing.

    So if in November it’s between the war hero and the right-wing, self-hater, I see Latinos going for the war hero. If Latinos aren’t “allowed” to be at the top of the ticket in November 2012 by either Party, and Obama doesn’t do anything about CIR or if the jobs/economy situation is not strong, then I worry about what is going to excite Latinos enough to vote.

    And that’s a whole other discussion. (You asked my opinion and I wrote a blog post. I hope you don’t mind. ha ha!)

  • 2 Anna // Jun 17, 2011 at 10:07 am

    Cruz and Rubio represent the people who ruined Latin America, the dictatorial slime that millions of immigrants are fleeing from. No way will Mexican-Americans vote for them. The Republicans are HIGH if they think they will shove these people down our throats.

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