McCain Defends Wild Fire Remarks — Is Now “Puzzled”

June 21st, 2011 · 2 Comments

Today Senator McCain is clarifying his statements about the Wallow Fire and undocumented immigrants starting it. He says that according to the Fire Service and Border Patrol that sometimes fires are caused by undocumented border crossers but that he wasn’t referring to this specific fire over the weekend. You can hear the Senator explain this in the following clip:

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I still am of the opinion that McCain could have better qualified his initial statement. If he doesn’t have evidence that can be released to the public about who started the massive fire, he shouldn’t try to place blame publicly.

Randy Parraz, who was the Democratic candidate challenging McCain last year, offered this:

“He could have said that Boy Scouts of America started this fire. When you claim that there’s substantial evidence, you need to be able to produce that and he did not do that.”

And even if this current massive fire was started by an undocumented person, a case probably could be made for immigration reform that allows the US to better track who enters the country. If an immigrant can cross at an official point of entry, there would be no need to start a fire for warmth.

The Phoenix New Times summed it up pretty succinctly here:

“Keep in mind that Senator McCain was asked generally about Arizona’s current wildfire epidemic, and he generally answered that these argued for a “secure border” due to all of these illegal border crossers setting fires.

Right. As if building the “dang fence” would somehow stay Sand Land’s triple-digit heat, low humidity and the wind itself, leaving the yearly plague of forest fires a bitter memory.”

What are your thoughts? Does Senator McCain make any more sense on this issue today?

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  • 1 JC // Jun 22, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    He should resign for what he said.

  • 2 Felix J // Jun 24, 2011 at 3:19 am

    Senator McCain’s, comment’s at Republican Press Conference, indicated the strong possibility that illegal aliens were to blame for the fires on Arizona’s southern border. The allegations by the prominent Senator and his colleges Senator Jon Kyl and Representative Paul Goser, ignited yet another wild fire of anti Hispanic sentiment through out the country.

    McCain’s newly acquired psychic ability, plays an important role in their plan to initiate a new line of fire against the Hispanic community. Although there is no conclusive evidence to prove any of the allegations to be true, McCain and his associates persistent endeavor to refuel the hate reservoir erected by Republican State Senator Russell Pearce of Arizona, remains to be the top priority on their agenda.

    Whoever,or whatever was responsible for starting the fires in southern Arizona, may forever remain a mystery and open to speculation, but the hate generated by Senator McCain’s allegations against the Mexican American community, will remain a fact for years to come.

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