Guest Post: ImpreMedia US Largest Spanish Paper Ignores Obama Snub to NALEO

July 1st, 2011 · 4 Comments

Webmaster’s Note: The following is a guest blog post by Luis Alvarado expressing his thoughts on the Spanish language media’s response to President Obama not showing up to last week’s NALEO conference. I’m not particularly surprised by the lack of coverage of this snub especially by La Opinion (ImpreMedia) since Monica Lozano, the paper’s publisher, sits on the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Additionally, President Obama has already calculated how far he can “push” the Latino community, and when it comes down to making decisions at the voting booth, I’m not sure that attendance at this conference will make much of a difference. Therefore, I don’t think that the Spanish language media thought this was a big deal to its audience.

By Luis Alvarado

Last Week one of the most respected Latino organization in the US, (NALEO) National Organization of Elected Officials and Appointed Officers held their annual convention in San Antonio Texas.  In 2008, NALEO invited then Presidential Candidate Sen. Barack Obama to speak, and Obama addressed NALEO promising to return and address the members if he became President.  This year President Obama was invited to attend and once again has declined.  Juan Zapata, President of the Education Fund of NALEO said on Univision’s show  “Al Punto con Jorge Ramos” that the first year he did not show was understandable, the second year was also understood and now on the third year his absence is clearly disrespectful.

The media picked up the tensions between NALEO and Obama, and soon there was media frenzy.  I wanted to see how the Spanish-Speaking media were characterizing this riff, so I Google’d “Obama+NALEO” and found over 350 articles under the News tab.  Surprisingly very few Spanish-speaking articles were written on the story.  ImpreMedia, which claims to be the leading Hispanic News and Information Company in the U.S. in Online and Print, did not write on the riff at NALEO, they just talked about the importance of the Latino vote.  Not a peep on the repeated request to address the convention.

As the 2012 election enters into full swing, there is no question that Spanish-speaking media will once again play a large roll in how candidates communicate with the Latino voter, Latinos will be heavily courted and campaigns will spend fortunes to win their vote.  During the 2008 Presidential race, there was a love fest between the media and Obama’s presidential campaign, even more evident with the Spanish-speaking media, which has demonstrated great resistance to calling the President out on his record or lack of participation with the Latino Community.  Hence why I conclude the subject did not receive any ink on any of the ImpreMedia periodicals.

Another motive to understand this behavior is that of economics.  On the last election cycle unions and Democratic candidates spent millions of dollars attacking Republicans and painting them as anti-Latinos, thus enraging Latinos in hopes of punishing Republicans and raising voter turnout.  Feeding a captive audience with the anti-Latino strategy has propelled Democrats to public offices in heavy Latino districts as well as increased profits to Spanish-speaking media corporations.  Introducing an anti-Latino message against Obama dilutes the formula and both Democrats and Spanish-speaking media lose out.  In the end, ImpreMedia‘s silence on the main issues that mater for Latinos to understand and participate in the political process is deafeningly silent, my hope is that Latinos soon learn to use new information media and join mainstream America in how they select their candidates.

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  • 1 Anna // Jul 2, 2011 at 11:21 am

    What difference would it make if he had attended? None. He’s useless on every issue. If he had any sense, he wouldn’t run in 2012.

    If (when) the GOP defaults on the debt payment none of this will matter anyway.

  • 2 chicanofuturet // Jul 2, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    Obama doesn’t respect Naleo,Impremedia ..and by extension Latinos?
    Gee,I wonder why?

    I mean,should Latinos respect organizations such as Naleo,Impremedia?

    In general Latinos are no different than most other americans in that they too have little respect for congress and elected officials,Latino politicians are no exception to the rule.

    American politics is a game based on aggressiveness,intelligence and daring.

    Like it or not we do live in an extremely competitive capitalist society which is the economic foundation to the superstructure of American society.

    Zero sum..ruthless competition exists on all levels in america,from the micro -individual all the way up to the macro-level ..ethnic and racial groups.

    In the Political and cultural context,America respects winners,fighters,thinkers.
    America holds nothing but contempt and pity for unintelligent,weak,timid,submissive mediocre players.

    Unfortunately for Latinos,they have been socially type cast politically as Americas pathetic “bumblers, fools and losers”.

    Latinos are perceived by society as being mediocre,unimaginative,lacking in brilliance and intelligence,scarcely showing daring and boldness.
    All essential ingredients for success in American politics.They have become americas Rodney Dangerfield..” I never get any respect”..

    Why should it surprise Latinos that Obama,the Democratic party/GOP….American society in general,disrespect Latino politics?

    Who can respect spineless sycophantic mediocre politicians or spineless money hungry corporate media entities such as Impremedia whose bottom line is profits and to whom Latinos are just a “convenient” means to an end.All they are essentially interested in is exploiting Latino culture and Spanish language for making money..forget all the noble socially consious sounding rhetoric BS they give as their raison d’etre..make no mistake about it they look at Latinos as fattened sheep to be butchered and sheered..bahh bahh bahhh..

    IMHO,these entities do not deserve respect.. rather I believe they deserve contempt and even to a certain extent hostility for their blatantly ugly selfishness,greed and opportunism..

    Unfortunately it is a particularly hideous aspect of Latino culture and politics which discourages intellectual creativity,new ideas and instead promotes a culture of stifling,stagnant conservatism-maintaining the status quo,attracted to ignorance and crude conformity in submission to brutal force and power.

    Politically and intellectually Latinos eat their young,have a centuries old history of political cannibalism,self-destruction, paranoid culture of suspicion,jealousy and extreme envidia…anarchy ,lack of discipline as organized forces whether that be militarily or politically.
    Any people or culture which clings to such backwardness will never rise to greatness in the world.
    The winners of the world are those reject mediocrity,who respect their intellectuals,promote intellectual excellence,independent and creative thought…peoples who basically represent the exact opposite of critical Latino values and culture.

    Latinos are prisoners of their history and partly of their culture.

    If they are to advance as a people Latinos need a “cultural revolution” of their own,they need to break old negative and self-destructive cultural habits.Otherwise Latinos will be regarded in the USA as the perpetual “sick man of America”.

    Latinos should encourage,not discourage excellence in intellectuality,innovative creative thinking and independent thought.

    Latinos should not tear down independent thinkers who dare challenge the status quo or established political paradigms.

    Do Latinos want brilliance and excellence in thinking or do they prefer mediocre and blind stagnant conformity that leads to nowhere?

    It is my belief that organizations such as NALEO,IMPREMEDIA are basically self-serving opportunist entities who have no guts,spine,daring,brilliance nor political intelligence..

    they are just entities built on foundations of crude selfish greed and egocentric petty opportunism who use Latinos as stepping stones to position,power and wealth..

    As much as I despise Obama we have to hand it to him in a political context he is a “winner”..
    ..(winning the presidency,actually reaching the pinnacle of political power in the USA,succesfully martialling the vast overwhelming support of his own black people to electoral political victory-a truly inspirational demonstration in practice of organized political power and intelligence) ..

    from Obamas perspective as a “winner” he doesn’t respect Latinos politicians for his own reasons,just as many Latinos don’t respect them for their own reasons..

    Does NALEO and IMPREMEDIA really deserve to have our respect?

    I don’t think so…

  • 3 Anna // Jul 3, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Obama’s Police State

    “VIPR operations are now even targeting freight trucks on highways. In addition to the random checks on public transit systems, it makes you wonder: can private vehicles be far behind? Will there be any mode of transportation beyond the reach of the TSA?

    UPDATE: According to at least one news report out of Brownsville, Texas, TSA/VIPR has already conducted unannounced inspections of private passenger cars and trucks. Thanks for the tip, reader @jwindz.”

  • 4 Fay Paxton // May 30, 2012 at 11:24 am

    To Chicanofuturet:

    I so disagree with your assessment of how Americans view Latinos. I, for one, admire your tenacity and think others (politicians) fear it.

    I still remember your impressive turnout in support of the Dream Act. You can’t let up, nor do I think you should be so hard on the President. When the mills shutdown in East Chicago, putting so many out of work, no one fought harder for jobs and the rights of Latinos than a little skinny guy named Barack Obama.

    You have to remember, he only had 60 Democratic senators for 4 months. Any President needs a Congress that wants to govern; a party that supports his platform and supporters who will stay engaged.

    I listen to the endless declarations about “disappointment” in the president and wonder how disappointed he is in his supporters who went home and watched their hopes drown in “tea”.

    Martin Luther King, Jr said it best, “Change doesn’t roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.”

    Please stay engaged.

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