Senators Menendez & Rubio Oppose Debt Deal

August 2nd, 2011 · 4 Comments

The two Latino Senators in the Senate have come out in opposition to the debt deal, but for different reasons. You can read my take on that here. Menendez felt that the current deal that was struck was not balanced in its approach for lacking any new revenues, and Rubio took Democrats to task for using the term “tea party extremist” while digging in his heels expressing that he doesn’t want to compromise (yet saying that would love to).

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  • 1 irma // Aug 2, 2011 at 4:45 pm

    Hmmm, I think Mr. Rubio should simply express his opinion about the debt deal. Why should he care how some Democrats label Tea Party members?

    Why do the Republicans ignore the fact that to make money, one must spend money?

    This is as true at the race track as it is in running a business. Indeed, all Americans at some point in their lifetime, spend more than they have.
    Educational loans, mortgages, car loans and of course – credit cards. A balanced budget amendment would be disastrous for our country.
    Fiscal restraint is necessary, but it should be done intelligently. Unlike Mr, Rubio, if my house was burning – I would be pragmatic, and save some of it instead of letting it all go down in flames.

  • 2 Chicano future tense // Aug 3, 2011 at 12:27 pm

    VP??….give me a break!!
    that’s about the biggest put down I can ever imagine anyone laying on their own people..
    talk about a self-loathing colonized mentality wishing a Hispanic as VP? ..I would’t wish the VP position on a dog..

    Actually,the only Hispanics whom would ever really stand a chance of even getting near that pathetic VP job would more than likely be some GOP conservative Cuban politician allied with,willing to do the bidding of the Tea Party.

    IMHO,A Mexican american will never be elected President of the USA nor selected as VP.
    The majority of American voters just plain do not like Mexican american politicians (or for that matter Mexican americans).
    From national polls conducted in recent times,Mexican american politicians were ranked below all other racial groups amongst non-hispanic americans as their personal preference for President of the USA.

    Mexican americans are not even a blip on the radar of national economic debate,they are essentially invisble non-actors,non-players,almost powerless,absent in the narrative of a future USA nation’s finance and economy decision making process.

    Any high level decisions made as to which direction,manner in which the powerful corporate (same thing as all white) elite manage the economy,whether related to national debt crisis,budgets,international finance,stimulus,bail-outs,tax restructuring etc etc.
    …no matter which way they cut it…it will ony turn out bad for Mexican americans.

    The only “ceilings” Mexican americans have been relegated to are the more mundane negative lower ceilings.. low wage jobs,food stamps,jail cells,unemployment,welfare lines,emergency rooms,pending home foreclosures etc etc..

    For Mexican americans it all boils down to them being handed a choice of which economic “poison” to take.
    The powers that be have demonstrated that they have selected Mexican americans especially to be sacrifcial lambs thrown to the wolves of an escalating economic depression.
    In great part this is due to the fact that politically,Mexican americans are a highly disorganized,disunited,divided,apathetic,vulnerable,dependent,powerless bloc. In other words..”easy pickings”..

    Politically the american power structure perceives them as the lowest ranking group in the american social hierarchy,the least sophisticated,most gullible,mislead american demographic group.
    A highly apathetic people,almost masochistic in nature,who do not have the will to fight back nor defend themselves,and whose leaders basically stink to high heaven.

    Respect.If you understand american culture,you will know that it respects fighters,americans love the underdog who has the courage,daring,intelligence and guts to fight back for their civil rights,and to put it bluntly,the american people do not respect those whom they perceive as submissive, indecisive,timid,weak,cowardly “Chickens”.
    That’s just the way it is..

    The message here is that Mexican americans,if they are to have any chance to advance and progress as a people, must first stand on their own two feet,stand up for themselves,fight back,get out of denial,not run,hide or pray for some messiah like “Papa” or “Patron”,whether they be the Obamas or the Clintons of the world,to rescue them.

    That’s for little children,not adults.

  • 3 Anna // Aug 3, 2011 at 2:35 pm

    They want it to fail. This is not the America they grew up in, so they have no trouble working with the greedy top 1% to dismantle it.

  • 4 irma // Aug 5, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    A dog wouldnt have been able to work behind the scenes and get the budget deal passed. This kind of ” that position is not good enough for me” attitude is what holds us back as a people. E

    The VP of the US is actually a very powerful position -but not officially. The right person would use it to lobby for us. Joe Biden pulled that budget deal together – not Obama. Joe Biden is probably getting a lot done for his home state – he has the ear of the president. Joe Biden is not a dog.

    Further, to suggest that a Mexican American will never be the Vice President of the United States is simply ludicrous. I grant you that they will be one of us who has a milk white complexion –
    but we will get there.

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