“It Gets Bluer” in California’s Inland Empire

August 4th, 2011 · 3 Comments

By Fera Dayani

Right now CA Dem staff and volunteers together with local Democrats in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties are hard at work setting up the first-ever joint (state and local) Latino Voter Registration Project in the Inland Empire. This week, we’re launching the “It Gets Bluer” online and social media campaign to spread the word and let Democrats in the Inland Empire know that Democrats across California stand with them as they work to turn the tide in one of our state’s final remaining GOP strongholds.

Check out the dedicated website

Christopher Guerrero, Field Director for the California Democratic Party, described it this way:

“We’ve set up shop in the Inland Empire and together with our Democratic partners in San Bernardino and Riverside we’re going to register as many Latino voters as we can between now and November 2012,” said Christopher Guerrero, Field Director for the California Democratic Party. “We are taking the fight right to the GOP’s doorstep here and in what’s considered a red (GOP) area a lot of Democrats and potential Democrats may feel like they’re the only one in the area. That’s why we’re coming together to announce to the whole community and to Democrats across the state that It Gets Bluer, and together we will work to turn the Inland Empire a bright shade of Democratic blue.”

Before initiating the project’s field component, the CDP’s field and data teams analyzed recently released Census data and past voting trends and cross-referenced the data in the Party’s voter contact file. Using geospacial tools, the results were then overlaid on detailed maps of the San Bernardino and Riverside areas to determine potential Democratic voter “hotspots” in the Inland Empire. Joint CDP and local field teams were then created in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties to register potential Democratic voters in those “hotspots.”

“We’ve got a great team in place with our lead organizers, the county parties, the local clubs and we’re even getting interest from Democrats outside of the area who are excited to see this kind of project get off the ground,” said Guerrero. “We need more volunteers and whether you’re in the area and want to help us canvass or table events with other local Democrats, or you’re outside of the area, we’ll find a way to use your help.”

To volunteer for the Inland Empire Latino Voter Registration Project, click here.

Be sure to check for updates on the project including stories from newly registered voters and activists in the Inland Empire and beyond.

Follow @CA_Dem on Twitter and for additional updates and remember: It Gets Bluer.

Fera Dayani is an online content producer with the California Democratic Party. 

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  • 1 Chicano future tense // Aug 4, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    “It Gets Bluer” in California”…

    talk about a Freudian Slip…the Democratic Party at last telling Latinos some “unintended” truths here..

    They are right!
    Californians especially Latinos are getting “Bluer” every day..that is,they are becoming more depressed with the “Blues” because they are constantly being used,manipulated,lied to and deceived by a treacherous two-faced hypocritcal Democratic Party ..

    The GOP are up front and straight out wolves.It’s easier to deal with the wolf you can see..but the Democratic party?..they are nothing but the “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.

    Case in point..The Democratic Party,Obama and “Hope and Change”…remember all that rhetoric back in 2008? …what a bunch of BS!

    Just open your eyes..what happened to all that Hope and Change they promised Latinos?..Where is it?..
    Nothing but a pack of damnable lies!

    They made total fools out of Latinos in 2008 and most Latinos fell for the con-game fronted by Obama and Co.

    What “Hope and Change”..the only change Latinos have seen has been the virtual collapse of their economic and social well being,higher unemployment,erosion of social services,more poverty,hopelessness and despair etc etc etc short..more “Blues”.. “Getting Bluer” every day!

    And let us not forget that it is under Mr. Hope and Change that mass deportations,neighborhood dragnets and checkpoints,racial profiling, police harrasesment have skyrocketed to historically high levels never seen before in US History.

    Under the Obama administration draconian near fascistic policies have been enacted and executed upon undocumented workers.
    Caged in an “American Gulag Archipeligo” of hidden private contractor prisons,mostly held incommunicado without due process and legal representaion, and in some cases actually tortured not so unlike those other prisoners being held in Guantanamo Cuba.

    This is “Hope and Change” for you…
    This is the Democratic Party in action for you..

    Oh yeah,and you can definitely expect Latino Democratic wonks “peanut” operatives to come out for 2012 yapping hysterically endlessly..”But the GOP” “But the GOP”..”they want to take your kids and eat them, and then they will put you in gas chambers”..etc etc..more BS scare tactics to play on the hapless,frightened,confused Latino electorate out there who don’t know what the real deal is here.
    My suggestion… tell all those GOP and especially Democratic operative fools to shut the hell up with a”new improved” “Hope and Change” BS for 2012!
    Lies.lies and more lies..

    It’s called Good Cop vs Bad Cop con-game..and it is one of the oldest political con jobs in history..

    Each side needs each other ..GOP vs Democratic Party..they use eachother as foils to play of of peoples fears and concerns.Yet, on major decisions and issues they are lock step and united in the protection and defending of their paymasters interests..that is the Corporate elite..( and yes there really is in existence a class or group of corporate owners,CEO’s ,executive boards who are the ones who really run america,who really make the big decisons and issue orders for their paid political hired help to carry out).

    This ruling class ( again,yes there really is such a thing as a ruling class in this country) you really think your votes have any real power to change the structure of wealth and economic resources??..because if you do,you are in serious denial and extremely deluded.. the Corporate class owns both parties and employ politicians as hired help in both parties to represent their interests.

    You want to continue to live in a fool’s paradise” then keep falling for the electoral con-game..keep voting Democratic or GOP every election cycle..and you know what in the long run ultimately it won’t make a dime’s worth of difference!

    We have had in the last 30 years of poltical musical chairs..both Democratic and GOP adminstrations in power..

    All the Census and labor department stats (as well as private statistical research firms) tell us one thing.. real income,employment,the quality of life for Latinos has been gradually eroded in the last 30 years to approximately 70% actual levels of buying power Latinos had way back in the late 70’s.. that’s a 30% drop in the overall quality of life in the last 30 years!

    . especially in the last decade we have seen Latino wealth and income drop 66% ..
    And yet Latinos are hustled every election cycle with the same old BS hustle and scam game..
    GOP vs Democratic Party..each side playing off each other in some type of devious treacherous “synergy” using scare tactics and lies to deceive.
    Latinos are voting for what?

    To see the quality of life inexorably going down the tubes every election cycle..

    Latinos need to tell both parties to go to hell..they will not continue to fall for this crooked con-game,they will not vote for either set of crooks and liars..
    “Hope and Change”.. what a filthy sick trick and joke..

  • 2 irma // Aug 5, 2011 at 6:47 pm

    So you suggest we go back to Mexico?
    What we need to do is learn how use our votes
    effectively. We need to learn how to lobby.
    Somehow I managed to
    get a nice private education (high school,university and graduate school) all paid for by those you call the “ruling class.”
    Now, I am doing my best to work from the inside to promote Latinos in education,one student at a time.

    The ‘ruling class’ is not the enemy. The enemy
    is the belief that hope and change is a joke.

  • 3 A. Ferrer // Oct 27, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    The rant by Chicano Future Tense is quite snark and cynical for sure. Things have really changed over the past few months and I truly believe that the middle/working class, regardless of ethnicity, is waking up from a deep coma.

    On interesting tidbit of news I recently read was how the California Chamber of Commerce lobbied against private companies using the E-Verify system to check the legality of job applicants. I am convinced it is because they want to keep wages and benefits down by keeping a certain percentage of undocumented workers in the mix to achieve that goal. Cynical on my part? I don’t think so. Who is out to destroy unions? What party is pushing to privatize everything under the sun and hand it over to corporations and wall street? The list goes on and on. We have to push back; there is no other way but forward.

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