Latino Orgs Grade President Obama and Give Him a “C”

August 10th, 2011 · 5 Comments

I know many who are have taken to pointing out some of President Obama’s cruel and appalling immigration enforcement policies for months, but there’s also the realization that the Latino vote doesn’t necessarily turn on immigration, meaning that many of us will vote one way or the other based on other issues. I think that the Latino organizations, as part of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, took that into consideration in giving President Obama a “C” for his performance thus far.

How would you rate the President, and do you think the Latino organizations are representative of the community in issuing this grade?

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  • 1 Luis Alvarado // Aug 11, 2011 at 12:11 am

    If we are talking about his overall performance, then yes a “C-” seems more like it. First, the economy is his baby. And so far it is an ugly baby at that. His administration got away with blaming the Bush administration for the first year of bad economics, but I would argue that as he campaigned in 2008 he said “Give it to me, I can fix it” and felt very short on producing results. Yes I agree that there is very limited powers the president has at his disposal to fix the problems at hand, but like it or not, the healthcare reform could have not been implemented at a worse time. He should have made “Jobs” his number on priority and he did not.

    Recent studies indicate that Latinos are the ones that have suffered the most in this recession, that is because our community has been dependent on construction and manufacturing jobs for decades. when the president rolled out his jobs program, it was concentrated on green jobs, the kind of jobs that push Latinos back into poverty.

    But his most blatant insult to Latinos has been not including Latinos in his leadership team. Numbers do not lie and Bush had more Latinos in real leadership positions than the Obama administration. The only time we see Sec. Hilda Solis is when there is a political attack done against Republicans on Telemundo Spanish TV.
    If she is the Labor Secretary she should be on all networks selling a real Jobs plan. I watch all the Sunday shows religiously, not once have I seen her addressing the Jobs problem, just this last Sunday would have been a great opportunity for her to be showcased, but all we got was a steady diet of Obama’s campaign manager David Axelrod.

    I was rooting for the guy, really I was. Our country needs leadership, and all we got was the college profesor scratching his head saying “This should have worked….”

    President Obama still looks and sounds good, I give him that. Otherwise I would have said “F”. Thank god for teleprompter.

  • 2 Anna // Aug 11, 2011 at 10:51 am

    I give that joke an F. I wish another Democrat would primary him.

  • 3 Chicano future tense // Aug 12, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    I give Luis and Anna an A+ for brains!

  • 4 irma // Aug 13, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Yes, Anna is right- we need another candidate for the Democratic party. But, it won’t happen.
    The party will support the incumbent, no matter how hopeless he is. We had our opportunity- and Hilary Clinton was rejected for multiple sexist reasons. The worse reason was the fact that many women basically admitted that they would rather have a man (any man) as the Democratic nominee. Hilary Clinton would have had the best advisor in the world, a former president who left office with extra money in the bank. Now the Democrats will lose because they are stuck with Obama, and the country will led by either the current governor of Texas, Palin or
    Mitt Romney, Obama won’t be re-elected, because he spent too much time pretending to be president instead of BEING the president.

  • 5 Arturo // Aug 16, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    Obama has been blaming the Republicans for his failure to pass a comprehensive immigration reform, that is a bunch of “fertilizer”. When he came to office, he had the votes to pass almost anything that he and his fellow democrats wanted, but they chose to set their target on health care and for the longest they debated trying to get the Republicans on board, not because they wish to share good fortune, but rather to share the blame if the Bill, turned into a pumpkin, which it has. Obama and the democrats have never favor helping the Mexican immigrant for one second and they never will, because a large number of your congressional democrats are from Southern states and if the immigrant last name is of spanish roots, first thing out of their mouth is “Mexican”. I shall assume that if an African American has an English sounding name, that he/she is of Anglo Saxon stock, using their theory. What we of Spanish surnames with such ethnicity diversity need to realize, that we must cast our votes, not give either party a voice to trash us in the process, but to elect leaders that have an interest on the well being of the citizen of the United States and work diligently to remove from office those that spew hatred of non-anglo saxons of spanish surname. The Mexicans has never attacked an American Naval vessel( USS LIBERTY 1967), has never spied on their allied and neighbor, has never created conditions that have given rise to an armed conflict of foreign countries. We of Mexican descent have stood steadfast in the land of our birth and or adopted country, have served her well. Thus our voices shall and will be heard henceforth.

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