Senator Rubio Cautions GOP on Immigration Rhetoric

October 5th, 2011 · 7 Comments

Almost two years ago while in campaign mode, then candidate Rubio started to take a more conservative position on immigration talking about sealing borders. And recently, he has started to straddle the in state tuition issue for undocumented youth, which he was once a supporter of as a state legislator in Florida now indicating that he wouldn’t support in state tuition for all undocumented youth. Now it seems that he may consider focusing on those with outstanding grades. In addressing the Washington Ideas Forum on Wednesday, Rubio said the following:

“We cannot be the anti-illegal immigration party. We have to be the pro-legal immigration party. We have to be a party that advocates for a legal immigration system that’s good for Americans, good for America and honors our tradition both as a nation of immigrants and as a nation of law.”

This warning comes as Mitt Romney ramps up his criticism of Rick Perry for having supported in state tuition for undocumented youth in Texas back in 2001. Romney has already come under criticism for his latest ad:


Do you think the current crop of GOP presidential contenders will heed Senator Rubio’s warnings?

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  • 1 Chicano future tense // Oct 6, 2011 at 4:22 pm

    “Senator Rubio Cautions GOP on Immigration Rhetoric” ??

    Yeah,that logic is operative in the minds of those tame submissive Mexicans who wallow in a cesspool of “false consciousness”,who tamely accommodate themselves to political manipulation and exploitation,who continue to cling to childish illusions deception and fairy tales coming from both parties.

    To reflect the “real world” I would change the title of this article to say this..
    “the Tea Party,America’s racists and xenophobes,the GOP Caution Senator Rubio,the Democratic party,Obama on Immigration Rhetoric

    The GOP understands this clearly and from this have staked-out straight-up anti-immigrant,undocumented worker ( and by extension anti-Mexican-American) political positions.
    What you see is what you get with them because they do feel their agenda will carry them to political victory with the support of the majority of the American people.

    The Democratic party and Obama approach and MO,on the other hand will consist of manipulation,lies,deceiveing Mexicans with (yet even more) false promises,cynical,clever manipulation,duplicity and hypocrisy.

    The Tea Party,America’s racists and xenophobes have set the American national political agenda,they have in fact objectively moved the GOP,the Democratic Party,Obama gradually over to the reactionary conservative racist,xenophobic right wing of the American poltical spectrum.

    Much of this is politically profitable,expedient and valuable to them,embracing a racist,xenophobic political agenda based on “scapegoating” Mexican,immigrants,undocumented workers via hatred and resentment.

    Obama has proved himself to be a phony two-faced backstabbing opportunist,a fraud,a master of lies and deceptive rhetoric,treacherous hypocrisy through his cowardly gutless capitulation to American right wing racists and xenophobes. “Hope and Change” Obama has done more to harm and destroy Mexican migrant families more than any other president in US history.

    Hell yeah,for his own political career and expediency he has definitely and willingly “sold Mexicans down the river” because they are the politically weakest,most powerless,vulnerable,timid and submissive,non-vocal major group in America.Let’s get it straight …Obama is no friend to the Mexican People.

    And tragically,Mexicans have not responded to this duplicitous sell out treachery in any significant way,they continue to get beat up,used and abused politically without even making any significant pretense of defending themselves…(as a people..hardly a peep)

    In ferocious,vicious dog eat dog American politics such profound weakness and submission just invites more of the same,even worse… pity and disrespect…in American tradition nobody respects cowards and “chickens”..losers, who don’t even bother to defend themsleves..

    People who politically get the crap beat out of them over and over,but yet refuse to respond,to answer back,or defend themselves in any significant way..who run and hide,who will just get up ,walk away and smile sheepishly…..who believe any lies made to them like gullible five year olds being told about Santa Obama…..People,you know there are somethings seriously wrong in such a politically backward ignorant culture which teaches run and hide,non-confrontation in the face of injustice,which teaches political submission,timidity and fear,disgusting cowardly accomadation.

    Bluntly stated,whether you like it or not,In America, either you stand up and fight back,speak up for yourself, or else you keep getting your butt kicked,dissed and spit upon.

    It’s time long over due for Mexicans,they need their own political,cultural and social “cultural revolution”.

    Instead of of always fawning and following behind other American social groups like dependents or tame little puppies,sucking at their teat for protection and leadership,waiting to be thrown scraps,fed little morusas of “Hope and Change” to keep them happy fat and disgustingly ignorant.

    These are disgusting and highly shameful things which exist and exert a powerful influence in our culture.

    Things have to change,someone has to speak up and tell it like it really is..

  • 2 Anna // Oct 6, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Funny how there is no mention here of Occupy Wall St. or Occupy LA.

  • 3 webmaster // Oct 6, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    Anna, this post isn’t about Occupy LA or Occupy Wall Street. If you have gone to one of those protests, I welcome your report. I have had to work.

    If you want to read a good post about Occupy Wall Street, check this out:

  • 4 irma // Oct 7, 2011 at 9:18 am

    Well, I wouldn’t have thought that I would favor any of Perry’s views on undocumented immigrants.
    Romney’s ad will hurt his campaign and perhaps guarantee a second Obama term. Is this better for the country? I just don’t know anymore.

  • 5 Anna // Oct 7, 2011 at 2:13 pm

    Webmaster: Why are so many of your posts on immigration?! There are other issues at hand such as the economy, etc.

  • 6 webmaster // Oct 7, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    I know that there are other issues, but immigration is consistently a top issue for Latinos. In June of this year, an Impremedia/Latino Decisions poll found that immigration as an issue edged out job creation for Latinos polled. Even Latino citizens are affected by the current immigration situation to various degrees.

  • 7 Chicano future tense // Oct 7, 2011 at 7:27 pm

    “Romney’s ad will hurt his campaign and ….”

    And who says there isn’t any justice in this world?

    Now wouldn’t it be quite ironic (poetic justice) if Mr.anti-Mexican bigot Mitt Romney himself gets a little dose of his own “medicine”.

    Because of “bigotry” Mr.Romney could very well lose the GOP nomination ..Republican right wing religious bigotry..specifically anti-Mormon bigotry,which is very real and from what I understand quite prevalent throughout American society,so much so to the point that it could very possibly ruin Romney’s chances of getting the GOP nomination.
    Stupid,stupid Mr. Mitt Romney….how does it feel Sr Romney?

    As to the question “Is this better for the country?”
    For the country???

    The USA is not a monolithic entity,it is in fact a huge country made up of many different competing,sometimes antagonistic and hostile,social,racial,ethnic groups..etc..etc..
    AMERICA has always been,and always will be a zero-sum game built on ferocious Capitalistic dog eat dog competition..why do you think almost 98% of the Fortune 1000 CEO’s are white people???…..down from 100% since the seventeenth century!!

    And IMHO,anyone who fails to grasp this fact is living in denial,in la-la land.

    ..”the country”….what part of the “country” are you referring to?
    are you referring to the majority of Americans,many of whom are racists and xenophobes,who favor sealing ,militarizing the border with a “Tortilla Curtain” who favor mass mass deportations and vigorously support draconian immigration laws,legislation,fascist-like enforcement such as the Obama administration has championed and actually carried out,deporting over a million Mexicans,ripping apart,destroying hundreds of thousands of Mexican families.This is very real destruction,harm and human suffering we are talikng about here folks,pain which the Obama administration has put into practice,inflicting and punishing Mexican people with.I am sure most of them would consider this to be “very very good for the country”..

    And let us also realize that to a lesser degree,but yet real,can be added to this chorus of American xenophobia and racism significant numbers of people belonging to other racial ethnic groups (as well as Mexican-Americans,Latinos themselves) who fear,despise and resent Mexican competition over jobs,resources,opportunities (and success) in business,political power,government projects,funding and programs,contracts,employment…etc etc..

    In this same vein,Mexican-Americans should rightly ask themselves valid,honest questions such as..Cui Bono.. from mass deportations of millions of Mexicans.. how and why?
    Such vital important questions need to be answered,not hidden,avoided,swept under the rug out of fear or straight-up intimidation.

    As far as racially motivated hostility,aggresion,crime and violence against Mexican is in fact growing in America….just look at the latest FBI “hate crime” indexes and you will see Mexicans are up there at the top of the list of targets of hate crimes having surpassed blacks and asians.

    We urge Mexican-Americans to stand up,become more vocal,more resolutely oppose the many destructive and dangerous sentiments and attitudes of hatred which are on the increase,which lurk in the minds of Americans of all groups directed against Mexican people.

    At this time,a destructive and dangerous narrative running through the minds of too many Americans:
    …”We don’t care about Mexican lives,they don’t count,they are not Americans,they are subhuman,almost animals they need no defense,remedy or justice for crimes committed against them”..whether it be from executive draconian government immigration repression,or from street level criminal murder,rape and robbery.

    In some instances ,we seen outrageous and tragic results after Mexicans are victimized in atrocious crimes,more often than not they will be almost completely ignored by the authorities,law enforcement agencies,so called “civil rights groups” (“yeah sure,civil rights for whom?”) ,politicians,the Media and press.

    And actually we have seen at times,representated in all races,criminal perpetrators of abhorrent vicious crimes:murder,rape and robbery,being defended,protected by their respective political,social and civil rights groups,given refuge,compassion, a de facto defense and justification for the murder,rape and robbery which they have commited against innocent “illegal alien” Mexican people.

    The message this sends..
    It’s open season to shoot,kill,rape and rob “illegal alien”’s ok..the cops,the courts,the people,even some civil rights and political groups cover and protect criminals…they infact do not give a shit about “illegals”,justice is good (as long as it applied to them and for them).

    To such people Mexicans represent a threat as unwelcome competitors, who should be treated like social ghosts..non-existent subhuman beings,and further into this mind set we discover the attitude that nobody should do anything to defend or protect Mexicans, nor to bring them justice..they are easy targets..

    Once again,this sends a message..”don’t worry if you kill,rape or rob a Mexican we will defend and protect you because after all they are just “Illegal Aliens”…Mexicans..and in our eyes everything you do has a justifiable excuse,you are the victim with an excuse,they are the criminals because they even dare to exist..

    Gente..hermanas y hermanos Mexicanos,Mexicano-Americanos,Chicanos,this has to change.. because if we don’t care about our own people.who else can we expect will??..answer..NOBODY!!

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