Create Jobs for USA: Why Latinos Should Take a Look

November 1st, 2011 · 1 Comment

Entrepreneurial activity in the Latino community is nothing new, even political candidates often bring up the fact that so many new businesses are started by Latinos (remember former CA GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman talking that up?). A few weeks ago, a new book by Melvin Delgado titled Latino Small Businesses and the American Dream: Community Social Work Practice and Economic and Social Development came out on the subject of Latinos and small businesses and how theses institutions help enhance on communities.

BlogHer is teaming up with to provide grants to select Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs). These CDFIs will then provide loans to under-served community businesses. One of the biggest issues in the current economic climate is a lack of access to capital; and this is an even bigger challenge for Latino entrepreneurs. Check out this link for more information, and please share it with folks you know who have businesses that are struggling to get off the ground.

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  • 1 Chicano future tense // Nov 9, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    Small business is good for the Mexicano/Chicano Community!

    Hands down,Latino small business is a win-win situation for all of us living in the Comunidad..

    I’d also like to add,Small Businesses are natural allies of the Mexicano/Chicano working class, as most of us are often in the same boat,many living in the same communities,sharing similar problems and interests which affect all of our opportunities:our purchasing power,stable jobs,salaries,working conditions,local community small business projects and development which help elevate the overall quality of life in our local communities..

    It is to be hoped that Latino small business will begin to step up to the plate and act to reinforce a greater political solidarity with the Mexicano/Chicano working class.

    After all small business provide important goods and services vital to the life of the Latino community,through this we can see that there is a mutual reciprocal relationship involved here.They are the ties that bind..

    Extremely important for all of us to understand in many relevant ways we benefit as a community,if we as a can forge a unity of GENTE UNIDOS coming from ALL ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL LEVELS based on Mexicano-Chicano nationalist sentiment..

    Small businesses make many positive contributions to the spirit of the Comunidad,they keep the comunidad feeling alive,as an encouraging environment they add so much to better the public morale,after all small business means opportunity,jobs and money,and money..and yes,buying things which we all love to do..verdad?!

    It is safe to say that small business is one of our strengths we should encourage,build and amplify for political and social leverage.

    We Mexicanos/Chicanos may be lagging and deficient in other areas compared to other ethnic groups.
    But If you look at all the stats you can see that Mexicano/Chicano business is one of the few bright spots where we do stand out and shine,as we are a people with abundant enterprising talent which can be harnassed to actually leverage power through economic power…let’s face it here in the capitalist USA Money talks and bullshit walks..verdad?

    Maybe it’s time we Mexicans in a united effort call that bluff and see what happens.. the reactions will be interesting I think..I suspect we will learn some truths..

    If our people are working and making money,buying goods,looking for services from local Mexicano/Chicano businnesses.. like I said before..IT IS A WIN-WIN PROPOSITION for the Raza.

    Never forget,one must always take adavantage of their the max..

    Another important thing… appearance wise….small business look a lot better in the commmunity
    than boarded up abandonded structures surrounded by piles of filth,litter and garbage,covered with violent,hateful disgusting tags and gang graffiti.

    Message..all of us Mexicano/Chicanos should heartily support our local Latino small business people.

    Hopefully one day Mexicanos/Chicanos will be rowing in the same direction politically and culturally ..that is
    TCB for our Gente..building up our people,making better,more productive lives for all of the Raza,and last but not least PROSPERIDAD POR TODOS NOSOTROS LA RAZA…
    Through our unity shall be our strength!

    We had better start thinking about our own people,because sure as hell the other social groups ain’t gonna..that’s for sure..they’re too busy thinking of their own people’s interests first.. and if you don’t think so you’d better stop believing in the tooth fairy and santa claus!

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