More Rumblings from Latino Activists about Obama Immigration Policies

November 11th, 2011 · 8 Comments

If you haven’t been following the continuing saga of the Obama administration and its defense of record deportation numbers, I’m going to provide some quick links in this post to get you caught up. There is some different of opinion in the Latino and immigrant advocacy community about the perceived targeted criticism of Cecilia Muñoz, the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs at the White House, who has been the spokesperson for the immigration policies.

There are some, who want Ms. Muñoz to set the record straight about the statistics she has been citing about the people who have been deported, and there are some folks in the community who feel that calls on Muñoz to clarify those remarks are unjust. Last night apparently, famed labor activist Dolores Huerta weighed in on this at the LATISM conference saying that the attacks on Muñoz are unjust.

How do you solve a problem like Cecilia?

Activists say Obama aide Cecilia Munoz has ‘turned her back’ on fellow Hispanics

Calling the Question: Why Cecilia Muñoz is not the issue (An interesting rebuttal to the first piece listed “How do you solve…” attacking a writer for being critical of Muñoz.)

Plainly, there is a credibility problem with the immigration issue in the administration.

What are your thoughts? Are the criticisms of Cecilia Muñoz and the administration valid, or should people ignore the messenger and just focus on the bigger picture and problems with the current immigration situation? Does Dolores Huerta’s message to “defend Cecilia Muñoz” resonate with you? Do you think Huerta would be asking people to defend the messenger of the administration’s policies if that person was not Latina or did not have a background in immigration advocacy?


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  • 1 Anna // Nov 11, 2011 at 4:06 pm

    Instead of arguing over a low level functionary like Cecelia Munoz, people need to register to vote in the GOP primary. They need to stop degrading themselves by begging Obama and instead take their power elsewhere. I am not a Republican, but one of those candidates is going to get the nomination and possibly win, and as bad as all of them are, they are not the same. It only makes sense that we have a say in deciding the nominee as that person might be the next President.

    Instead these morons are going to waste their time arguing over Cecelia Munoz. They always get bogged down in minutiae.

  • 2 Chicano future tense // Nov 11, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    I’d like to preface my commentary by first saying that I personally don’t much give a damn about the careers of white house minions,apologists,especially mouth pieces for the Obama administration,bureaucrats such as Cecilia Munoz and Julia Rodriguez.

    What I do give a damn about though are the issues and policies which they defend and advocate..that’s another matter altogether different which justifies a response.
    In general,I have little regard for elitist,petty bureaucrat careerists,opportunists,who being overly motivated,desire to climb the social ladder as far as they can get,frequently at the expense of others.

    As we approach election 2012,we see the Obama re-election machine,flush with over a billion dollars,beginning to charge full force out of it’s filthy stalls,places commonly known as the white house,Washington DC,cranking up their propagandist Fusion Centers,sending out en masse their legions of paid influence peddlars,political operatives,whose job it is is to attack and isolate on the internet those courageous,intelligent,elequent Latino Obama administration policy critics who have the guts and integrity to dare to critcize the Obama administrations outrageous,unjust,draconian,immigration policies.

    The PTB in DC,obviously feeling threatened politically by such elequent vocal critics such as Maegan Ortiz of and Roberto Lovato of, who,in my opinion are courageous Latinos who have the courage to go up against established Latino political elites tied to both parties,most especially the Democratic Party.

    Maegan and Roberto deserve our full support and admiration in their efforts to tell the truth.
    I think we all should let them know just how much we appreciate their efforts in exposing the lies,treachery and the deceit emanating profusely from the Obama administration policy team.Keep up the good fight!

    The Obama gang are mistaken in thinking Latinos are so stupid as to not see through their thinly veiled rag of sham excuses,rotten cynical sophistry and bold faced the last time their Patron conned Latinos into support back in 2008..”Just words,just speeches”,to which I would add an old saying to the mix..”Fool me once shame on you,Fool me twice shame on me”.Sorry,Obama we got your number this time..

    Honestly,how these Latino white house minions can hold their nose so long must be a miracle of modern medicine.Personally,I can’t understand how they can sleep at night after a days’ work of going out and defending a draconian fascist-like Secure Community Act,the mass deportations,encarceration in Gulag style privately contracted prisons made especially for undocumented workers.How they can square that is a mystery to me..but I guess we should never underestimate the power of unbridled selfish opportunism,greed,the quest for personal power,status and elitist privelege. It’s an old story…as old as time..

    In my mind,Obama administration/DNC/Democratic Party establshment Latino operatives and allies do not inspire me,nor do I believe do they deserve little if any confidence at all.

    As for “titere” elitiists,socialite wannabees,such as Angelica Salas and her phony DNC-Obama front organization,we can only wonder how she could possibly defend the hypocritcal duplicitous lies and backstabbing coming from the Obama adminstration,with it’s overly vicious,zealous,ambitious implementation of the Secure Communities Act,mass deportations in the millions,capricious and unjust imprisonment of undocumented Mexican workers,the breaking-up of their familes,the wholesale harassment of the Mexicano community..

    ?? Porque???

    One is led to ask themsleves…”Is career and social opportunism so important as to betray one’s own people?”.

    As to Dolores Huerta.We all honor her for her lifelong contributions to the struggle for human,civil and economic justice for Los Campesinos,for the Chicano community in general.

    We have the upmost respect and admiration for her,of course,she has her place in history.

    But having said that,for me it is very disappointing to me to see Dolores Huerta,who has done so much,for so long for her People,diminishing her direct spiritual contact with the humble people of the earth,the workers of the fields,those who till the soil and feed us..the Campesinos.

    Perhaps Dolores Huerta has lost some of her “soul” over the course of decades?… increasingly hobnobbing,socializing,rubbing elbows with the rich and famous Hollywood and Washington DC elites.It reminds me of what George Lopez once said in one of his hilarious comedy routines..”So now you think you’re too good for us?”.

    For me it is truly truly sad to see such a great historical figure such as Dolores Huerta descending into a pit of petty elitist cronyism,defending those who advocate and rationalize with lame excuses and base sophistry,the persecution,oppression,harassment,torment of her own Mexican people.

    Like I say..”Que Lastima”..

  • 3 Anna // Nov 11, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    Here is some video of Cecelia “collateral damage” Munoz from the documentary Lost in Detention. This woman is pretty vile. Just like her boss.

    I also read on Firedog Lake that they have a quota of 400,000 because that’s the number of bodies they need to fulfill their contracts with the private prison industry. Moreover, rarely do white illegal immigrants from places like Ireland and Russia get deported or businesses that hire them get audited. The administration targets Latinos and other minorities. Latinos make up 75% of illegal immigrants and 90% of deportees.

    Of course Obama’s illegal immigrant aunt who was living in section 8 housing got to stay here even though she ignored a judge’s previous order to leave the country. What hypocrisy. He also has another illegal immigrant in his family, an uncle Omar who was arrested for DUI. I’m sure he’ll get special treatment too even though he is what Obama calls a criminal “alien.”

  • 4 Anna // Nov 13, 2011 at 6:38 pm

    “The priorities did not apply for Neida Lavayen, 46, an American citizen in Elizabeth, N.J. After a three-year courtship, she had planned on Sept. 23 to marry Rubén Quinteros, an illegal immigrant from Uruguay. Mr. Quinteros, 43, had come legally to the United States, then stayed past his time limit. But once he and Ms. Lavayen married, he would be eligible for a permanent resident’s green card as the spouse of a citizen.

    Eight days before the wedding, Mr. Quinteros was arrested by immigration agents. His lawyer, Heather Benno, argued that he should benefit from prosecutorial discretion, since he was days away from resolving his immigration status. He had no criminal record, had paid taxes and had provided vital support for his fiancée, who suffered domestic abuse in her first marriage….”

    Have you ever heard of a Latino illegal immigrant being allowed get a legal work permit and drivers license while not being a US citizen or legal permanent resident?

  • 5 Dee // Nov 14, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    I agree that the President and his Administration has not done enough to pass CIR and the Secure Communities program has been awful and we do need to hold the President/Munoz accountable for their missteps. HOWEVER, given the wide chasm between what the Republicans are saying/doing/have done Versus the President’s lack of moving fast enough to correct many problems and keeping his promises is a very wide chasm. Many of those calling for Munoz to resign are not understanding the difference.

    The 2012 US Presidential election is going to be a World Changer. It doesn’t seem as if those who are condemning our President and Munoz are considering the consequences of demonizing them and rallying voters on our side to either not vote or to vote Republican in 2012.

    I think we should all step back and view this issue from the 50,000 ft level so we can all see the overall issue and what the ultimate impact of these demonization of our President and Munoz would result in: a Republican in the White House in 2012.

    Re: Detention Centers:
    We are not seeing the massive ICE Raids that occurred during the Bush Administration. Remember what occured in Postville, IA with 600 workers sent to Cattle Barns then whisked off to family detention centers in TX. Remember Laurel, MS when 700 workers were sent to Detention Centers in Louisiana. The Republicans and Bush were in bed with Private Prisons. They detained workers for a mandatory 180 days back then. That’s why the deportation numbers were lower. GEO Group, the private prison owers and friends of Bush saw their largest DECREASE in beds space in 2009, once the massive ICE Raids ended. These are the FACTS!

    While I agree we should hold the President and Munoz accountable, I don’t believe we should do this by kicking them out of office. I think we do this by demanding they fix it in a very organized way.

  • 6 irma // Nov 15, 2011 at 4:30 pm


    Your logic falls short. Here is why – Barak Obama took our votes and thus far has failed to address
    immigration reform in a real way. So, why should we give him our vote now? The 2012 election is not going to be a world changer. This president’s call for change in 2008 amounted to NADA. Until he actually DOES SOMETHING to
    secure my vote – he is not getting it.
    Republicans deport Mexicans so do Democrats.
    What is the difference?

  • 7 Anthony T // Nov 19, 2011 at 5:46 pm


    22% of all deportees have US children. There are thousands who have been left behind when their parents were deported who are in foster care. Once deported, government agencies try to terminate parent rights rather than reunite the parents. This is Obama’s ethnic cleansing. I can’t vote for the man.

    You want me to vote for him just because he’s a Democrat. I’m not some blind partisan. The Democratic party had two years control of government and could have done much to address immigration. The budget reconciliation process only takes 50 votes in the Senate to pass legislation. But they chose to not do anything.

    I think the Democratic party will never expend any political capital for us. If you think about it, the Democratic party is pro-union and pro-higher wages for middle class workers who have little skills. Immigration lowers wages. Businesses want cheap labor to compete with foreign products. Most business owners are Republican. There are pro-immigration policy makers in both parties. We just have to look for them.

  • 8 Anna // Nov 23, 2011 at 7:16 pm

    From the Colorlines article:

    OBAMA: “I think we have to keep putting pressure on those responsible for administering the program…”

    He says “we” have to keep putting pressure as if he’s still a community organizer, as if the people administering the program have nothing to do with him. He lies like a rug.

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