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Seneca Adumbrates the New Year

December 28th, 2011 · 6 Comments

By Seneca 2012 could be the actual beginning of the long expected Latino political awakening. Why? Perhaps sheer numbers, the reaction to the dire economic costs the community has endured, the evaporation of Latino family wealth in the housing bubble and great Mortgage scams, high unemployment and under-employment, continuously high drop out rates for high […]

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“It Gets Bluer” in California’s Inland Empire

August 4th, 2011 · 3 Comments

By Fera Dayani Right now CA Dem staff and volunteers together with local Democrats in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties are hard at work setting up the first-ever joint (state and local) Latino Voter Registration Project in the Inland Empire. This week, we’re launching the “It Gets Bluer” online and social media campaign to spread […]

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Guest Post: ImpreMedia US Largest Spanish Paper Ignores Obama Snub to NALEO

July 1st, 2011 · 4 Comments

Webmaster’s Note: The following is a guest blog post by Luis Alvarado expressing his thoughts on the Spanish language media’s response to President Obama not showing up to last week’s NALEO conference. I’m not particularly surprised by the lack of coverage of this snub especially by La Opinion (ImpreMedia) since Monica Lozano, the paper’s publisher, […]

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Dems Need to Field Better Latino Candidates (& more of them)

June 12th, 2011 · 1 Comment

File this recent piece in the LA Times under “stuff we already know”, but it is particularly timely given the rise of Senator Marco Rubio and Governors Sandoval and Martinez in the southwest: “”The Republicans, by electing three national Latino leaders, have really challenged the Democratic Party,” said former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, until recently […]

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I’m In, Should You Be?

April 18th, 2011 · 9 Comments

By Matt Stieglitz For those who have avoided a computer for the past few weeks, President Obama’s social media team is gearing up for his 2012 run with his ‘Are You In?’ campaign on Facebook. Essentially, one clicks that they’re “in”, gets bombarded with options to help with the campaign, and it’s off to the […]

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Seneca: The Tea Party Phenomenon

April 12th, 2011 · 7 Comments

And unfortunately, crumpets and finger sandwiches are not served. The Tea Party stems from the following : this so-called conservative resistance is plainly white Americans who borrow from several historical trends like the Boston Tea Party of the 1770s, but perhaps more importantly from the Know-Nothing Movement of the 19th century. But today add to […]

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While OFA Blames the Republicans for DREAM Act loss…

December 20th, 2010 · 19 Comments

…the young leaders at tell it like it is. This morning, Organizing for America, the grassroots offshoot of President Obama’s campaign (now housed within the DNC) sent out the following message with the subject heading, “This is not the end of DREAM”: “This weekend’s vote on the DREAM Act was a disappointment. Republicans voted […]

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DREAM Act Loses in Senate Today + Some Info on Vote Breakdown

December 18th, 2010 · 8 Comments

Today the US Senate voted against the DREAM Act 55-41. However, the Senate did succeed in repealing “Don’t ask, don’t tell” that would allow gays and lesbians to serve more freely in the military. Some of the notable Democratic no votes on the Senate side today included: Nelson, Baucus, Tester, Pryor, and Hagan. The Democrats, […]

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