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Radio & TV Martí: Democratic Inefficiency at its Best

January 5th, 2011 · 17 Comments

By Matthew Stieglitz As the new Congress gets to work, they’re faced with a daunting task that to date has defined the Obama Administration: repairing the economy. The 2008 economic crisis and its aftermath constituted a perfect storm, highlighting everything that is financially flawed with this country: consumer debt, materialistic tendencies, lax government accountability, corporate […]

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Seneca: The Latino State of the Union

December 13th, 2010 · 23 Comments

As the Yuletide approaches in the US followed by year’s end, the joy of the Latino celebration of these holidays is evident. This includes the sounds of villancicos, the stagings of the Posadas, accompanied by the season’s Hispanic gastronomical delights such as buñuelos, tamales, lechon asado, turrones and countless other delicacies from the different Latin […]

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It’s “undocumented” immigrant, not “illegal”!

December 13th, 2010 · 7 Comments

To Whom It May Concern: It’s “undocumented” immigrant, not “illegal.” As a classmate of mine justly said recently, people can’t be illegal. So I would greatly appreciate it if from now on, we used the term undocumented immigrant when discussing immigration. I understand that you are frustrated that undocumented immigrants are “taking your jobs,” but […]

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What Did You Major In?

December 8th, 2010 · 12 Comments

By Matthew Stieglitz This piece was inspired by a comment on my last blog post about abolishing Chicano Studies departments because “they doom aspiring minorities to a lifetime of poverty.” It reminded of the time-honored American tradition of emphasizing the necessity and superiority of certain fields over others. You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone […]

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Latinos, Poverty & Food Insecurity

December 6th, 2010 · 6 Comments

By Melissa Beatriz Skolnick The holiday season is always a time of giving. It is truly wonderful that people feel in a giving mood around this time and assist those less fortunate in any way that they can. I myself feel especially empathetic during the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and am conscious of […]

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A Bar Story: The Teacher, the Day Trader, and the Scapegoating of Public Employees

November 26th, 2010 · 5 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving LPB readers. We will be adding new blogs throughout the holiday weekend. Please check back for more. By Jude Soto So a teacher and a day trader walk into a bar….I know what you’re thinking, this is about to be one of those jokes where one of us turns out to be gay. […]

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A Letter to the Cuban Three

November 8th, 2010 · 10 Comments

The following letter from Matthew Stieglitz is addressed to the Cuban Three, a play on words of the Cuban Five (five Cubans convicted of espionage against the United States). In this instance, the Cuban Three are those politicians who Stieglitz feels have become the three most powerful Cuban-Americans in the United States: Senator Robert Menendez […]

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Yes on Prop 19: a “Yes” Vote is clear, particularly for groups being marginalized by current policy

October 20th, 2010 · 6 Comments

By Dr. David Bearman Barack Obama is trying my patience. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe he inherited a mess from George Bush and is doing the best he can to turn the ship of state around.  However allowing his Attorney General Eric Holder to come out against California’s Prop 19 is not only […]

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