New Data: GOP Can Make Inroads with Latino Voters on Immigration

March 24th, 2013 · No Comments

The folks over at Latino Decisions came out with a new poll a few weeks ago. Basically, immigration reform is now the most important issue for Latino voters, and the GOP has an opportunity to make gains within the Latino electorate if it is able to take on a larger role in passing immigration reform with a path to citizenship. You can read a quick synopsis of the polling here. In essence, the GOP doesn’t have to win a majority of the Latino vote to be competitive with Democrats again in capturing this growing voter block, but they just need to get back to the high 30 percentage mark again instead of only winning 27 percent as Romney did in November.

For more context on how the GOP can make some gains with Latino voters, check out this NPR interview with Gary Segura of Latino Decisions.

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Loretta Sanchez and Husband Appear in New Holiday Card

December 13th, 2012 · 1 Comment

It’s that time of the year again when Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez sends out her annual campy holiday card. This year’s card features the Congresswoman’s second husband, Jack Einwechter. Last year, she also posed with her husband next to the Christmas tree with Gretzky (her deceased cat) in the ornaments. When she was married to Stephen Brixey, he appeared on the cards along with Representative Sanchez.

This card makes light of the fiscal cliff situation currently going on in Washington, D.C.

The cost of producing the card is paid for by campaign funds.


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Free Documentary On Elimination of Mexican American Studies at Tucson Unified School District

December 2nd, 2012 · No Comments

The folks at the Nonprofit Network have put out a documentary that is fully viewable online about the censorship and elimination of the Mexican American studies program at Tucson Unified School District. It gives a pretty good overview of the closing of the Mexican American studies program and documents some of the clashes with local law makers and community members. Check it out here:

For more information about Outlawing Shakespeare: The Battle for the Tucson Mind, click here.

And in related news, TUSD is undergoing hearings to determine how to desegregate its schools.

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Why You Should Consider Attending #Latism12 or At Least Following Online

October 21st, 2012 · 1 Comment

This week the Latinos in Social Media Annual Conference will convene in Houston where Latino influentials across the internet will convene to network, learn new skills, and share tips about online engagement with the Latino community. This year there will be four tracks focused on business, technology, health and education.

I will be participating in the Technology track, discussing how social media is reshaping elections and influencing the Latino community in a panel on Friday afternoon. The panel’s formal title is: “Social Media-powered Politics: How Social Media is redefining the political game as we know it.” We will be tweeting tips, facts, and information in this panel and in others, so if you are on twitter, please follow the #latism12 hashtag.

Another reason to check out this year’s Latism conference is the involvement of the Adelante Movement, which will feature Sandra Cisneros and Nely Galan. This program aims to empower Latina entrepreneurs.

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Latinos, Religion and Politics

October 20th, 2012 · No Comments

Another survey was recently released showing that Latino voters may not be as conservative as the conventional wisdom suggests, especially in regards to same sex marriage. This new Pew Hispanic Center and the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life survey shows that half of Latinos surveyed support allowing gays and lesbians to marry with one-third of the community being opposed to gay marriage. Data that came out in April of this year from an earlier survey also showed Latino support for gay marriage outpacing that of the general population in the US.

This new Pew survey also revealed a bit more about Latino evangelicals and how they are the slice of the Latino electorate that seems to be most in play in terms of a larger portion of this group having strong support for Mitt Romney.

Check out What’s Faith Got to Do with It? The Role of Religion and the Latino Vote by Maegan Ortiz by clicking here.

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#Latism Tweet Up Tonight, October 11, Discussing VP Debate

October 11th, 2012 · No Comments

The good folks at Latinos in Social Media are going to be hosting a tweet up this evening to discuss the vice presidential debate that will occur tonight in Danville, Kentucky. The stakes are high tonight as polls between President Obama and Mitt Romney have become closer since the first presidential debate, and a new Pew poll shows that Vice President Biden’s unfavorability rating is actually higher than Paul Ryan’s.

Tonight’s tweet up begins at 8:30 pm Eastern (5:30 pm Pacific) and will use the #latism hashtag. I will be participating tonight from @LatinoPolitics, and we’ll discuss some of the issues that you think need to be brought up in this debate. We’ll also be discussing the many upcoming voter registration deadlines and issues related to turning out the Latino vote.

For those who want to do a little bit of pre-debate homework, check out these articles for context:

Stakes get higher in upcoming Biden-Ryan Debate

Will Biden-Ryan debate be a ‘Catholic smackdown’?



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Rep. Loretta Sanchez Officially Recognizes Local Scientologists

September 14th, 2012 · 4 Comments

H/T to Gustavo Arellano at the OC Weekly for writing this up.

Just when you think one of the Latino community’s fearless leaders had run out of important things to do, she took it upon herself to bestow a Congressional Recognition to the Orange County Church of Scientology Ideal Org. Yep, that’s Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez for you — the lawmaker who finds time to film “Call Me Maybe” parodies with her staff, hang out at the Playboy Mansion, and miss more votes than the average member of Congress.

As Arellano explains, “The snafu happened last August, while Loretta was taking a tour of businesses in downtown SanTana at the invite of Downtown Inc., the controversial group whom some say is leading the “renaissance” of the area while others blame for gentrification. While Loretta visited other businesses that day, her detour to the Ideal Org is simply bizarre. Who’s the pendejo aide who told her this would be a good idea?”

Now that she’s in a pretty safe district, it seems Congresswoman Sanchez has more room for error and can entertain things like Scientology. Scientology has been investigated by the FBI for human trafficking and has come under scrutiny for physical beatings and psychological torture of its members.

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Paul Ryan and Writing Off the Latino Vote

August 12th, 2012 · 5 Comments

This weekend Mitt Romney named his vice presidential nominee, Congressman Paul Ryan. Some in the Latino community may say that Mitt Romney has effectively written off the Latino vote with this choice — and that may be the case, especially given Ryan’s tone on the immigration issue and his opposition to programs that many in the Latino community favor.

Check out this piece on why voters of color will probably not warm up to Ryan.

Had Romney chosen someone like Marco Rubio, it might have signaled that he was making a more serious play for the Latino vote. But Rubio is still much of a regional candidate and might not have had as much influence out West and in key battle ground states. But right now, Romney’s VP selection shows us that he’s trying to solidify his conservative credentials and rally his base, which is largely white.

So where does this leave Latinos? While Latino support for President Obama is still high, many long time readers of this blog have expressed disappointment in his record, especially in regards to immigration and the record breaking deportations. Will those Latinos simply leave the presidential part of the ballot blank or will they consider voting for Romney-Ryan?

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